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If you are wondering what is good out there in the universe then come here for me to inform you. Here you get to know a lil bit ofeverything like art, culture, entertainment, music, fashion, movies,anime ect. So if its 5 star worthy it will have a place in this blog.

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    Edmund Blair Leighton,genre painting,love

    Edmund Blair Leighton Historical Genre English Painter 1852-1922

    Today, I wanted to review the paintings of Leighton. He specialized in genre paintings. His genre scenes went from current subjects to medieval times. Leighton took pride in his work. He would spend days on the decorations of the painting. Everything he did was both beautiful and highly realistic. I think that is everything worth mentioning. The first painting features a maiden giving a flower to her lover. Based on their attires, these folks are part of the upper Burgess class. The maiden's dress ,though simple, has some lovely white patterns. In any case, this lovely genre painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    Edmund Blair Leighton,cute girl,genre

    In this painting, a maiden is about to head out. A flaneur that is passing by is checking her out. The outdoor scenery is pretty. What is interesting is that the girl is looking at us. It almost seems that the viewer is the source of admiration. The maiden herself is stepping back to let us pass. Truly, this genre painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    parade,Edmund Blair Leighton,english painter

    This painting is about the years that pass by. A entire generation of weirdies are on top of the balcony. The ones closer to the foreground are a boy and a girl. The dresses of this group are really pretty. Bellow them, an army officer is looking up at this cheering crowd. It must feel great to have such support. Troops need to be reminded of what they are fighting for... Aside from the realism, this image is very well cropped. It has the look of a photo. In any case, this lovely genre painting by Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    courtship,Edmund Blair Leighton,genre

    In this painting, we see a maiden playing the Piano. Her teacher is trying to court her. The indoor scenery has a lot of lovely details. What I like best are the details of the music sheet. The painter took care to make certain that we know what music the maiden is playing. This painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    Edmund Blair Leighton,cute couple,genre painting

    In this painting, we see a couple entering a boat. Judging by their dresses, this must be their first date. Behind them, we see their future. A fat elderly couple are also looking for a boat. Everyone has fashionable attires. The scenery is pretty realistic. This lovely painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    Edmund Blair Leighton,genre painting,lady

    Since the old days, ladies had toy dogs. This elegant lady has a pet dogie. The gentleman entering his home is admiring his new neighbor. The maiden  too is glancing at us. Both their dresses are quite fashionable. This lovely painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    salesman,Leighton,Edmund Leighton

    This painting features a common sight in the old days. This guy is a door to door salesman. The titled of this painting is his sale pitch. The laces that he is selling are very pretty. I find cute that each girl has a different colored hair. They represent three different kinds of beauty. This lovely painting by Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    elopement, Edmund Blair Leighton,genre painting

    This painting is very cute. Two lovers are running away together. The girl is very well dressed. It seems that she is running away with a guy from a lower caste. The Greek garden is quite realistic. Truly, it deserves 5 stars rating.

    where there is a will,Edmund Blair Leighton,genre painting

    In this painting, we see another couple running away together. This one focuses more on the girl. She is looking at us with a frightened expression. It is as if she is begging us not to rat her out to her parents. Behind them, we see a chapel. This lovely painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    Edmund Blair Leighton,wedding,Catholic church

    In this painting, we see a Catholic wedding. You can tell that it is a Catholic church because of the stained glass windows and the ornamentation. The bride does not seem to happy about marrying that old geezer. The maidens on the left seem sad. A younger guy on the husband's side is looking rather tense. Overall, this painting is everything, but merry. This last genre painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked this genre painting a lot.

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    Duty,Edmund Blair Leighton,Knight

    Knight Genre Paintings by Edmund Blair Leighton

    Here we have the next Leighton paintings. These featured paintings focus on the life of medieval knights. In this painting, the husband received a draft letter. He seems troubled by the prospects of returning to war. His young son is bringing him his gear. On the meantime, his wife is trying to question him about the nature of the letter he received. The decoration of his house is truly medieval. In any case, this lovely painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    accolade,Knights,Edmund Blair Leighton

    In this painting, a Queen is knighting her new follower. The ornaments in their attires are pretty realistic. It must have taken forever to paint that chain mail. The maiden herself is very pretty. This lovely medieval genre scene has earned 5 stars rating.

    call to arms,draft,Leighton

    In this painting, a guy has been called to arms. He has just gotten out of his wedding and he must go to war. His joyful day has turned very sour. Their family too seems shocked. It is a real pity that this general was not able to enjoy his pretty wife before going to war. What I like best is the wedding dress of his pretty wife. This lovely painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.


    This painting is about the spoils of war. This general is walking through the city that he has taken over. Behind him walks his trophy wench. The maiden seems very miserable. Beside her, a guy is picking up more loot. In the background, we see more feudal burning. Truly, this lovely medieval painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    Edmund Blair Leighton,godspeed,Medieval painting

    In this painting, we see a maiden saying goodbye to her lover boy. He is going off to war. The scenery and the ornamentation are rather lovely. As usual, the maiden's dress is very pretty. Leighton is not making stuff up. He went to a lot of museums to design the dresses of his characters.  This romantic painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    Edmund Blair Leighton,peril,family

    In this painting, a knight, his family and his servant are trying to escape. They went to a monastery to seek sanctuary. It is cute how the boy is looking back at his pursuers. Anyhow, this family is talking to the monk. While fleeing, they took all their wealth. In any case, this lovely painting by Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    dedication,Templar,Edmund Blair Leighton

    This painting features a young Templar. He is offering his sword in service to God. Beside him, his lady is praying. She is the earthly reason why he fights. Piety and love combined, both one deadly combination. It is cute how his gaze looks a bit crazed. By the open door, we see his squire. This lovely genre painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.


    In this painting, a lady is painting the shadow of her knight. Her knight is trying very hard to stand still. During feudal times there was hardly anything to do. Therefore, this was an original take for a date. Both the couple's attire are quite realistic. This cute genre painting deserves 5 stars rating.


    The first crown is the one worn by the king. However, the crown above him is the crown of thorns of Christ. While his citizens celebrate his return, the king is offering a silent prayer to his savior. This is the ideal Feudal society. This beautiful parade by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    vanquished,jousting, Edmund Blair Leighton

    In this last painting, we see a very depressed knight. Based on the titled, he has just lost his jousting match. On the background, we see the victorious knight talking with the ladies. He was the one who gained the favor of the king. This lovely painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked these knightly paintings.

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    genre painting,medieval romance,Edmund Blair Leighton

    Cute Genre Paintings by Edmund Blair Leighton Review

    These are the last painting worth reviewing. In this painting, we see the famous medieval romance between Abelard and his Heloise. Abelard was a french philosopher, theologian and logician. Apparently, when he met Heloise his logic went out the window. He seduced the beautiful maiden and had a kid with her. Her father forced them to marry. Long story short, Heloise ended up as a nun and her husband got castrated. You know, a classical medieval tragedy. In any case, this painting shows the start of their romance. Abelard with his amassing logistic skills has popped the question. The maiden seems to be considering his proposal. The monastery scenery is pretty realistic. Truly, this painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    Alain Chartier,the kiss,Leighton

    In this painting, one of the medieval princess is stealing a kiss from a sleeping visitor. Her friends are also laughing in the face of this scene This cute romantic scene deserves 5 stars rating.

    charity,Edmund Blair Leighton,saint

    In this painting, the saint is giving out the daily to the poor. Behind her, we see more of her attendants. The first woman receiving the bread is an old widow. The next one in line is a single mother, with a baby. These people represent the poorest of the poor. The saint herself looks cute with her halo. The ornamentation on her dress are quite fine. Truly, this saintly painting by Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.


    This painting is something that all musicians are familiar with. In the foreground, we see an old bard. He is no longer in style. Right now, the famous one ,with all the chicks, is the boy in the background. This painting shows that fame is transitory. There comes a time when you are old and no one likes your music. They say experience makes you a better person. However, when you lose your quickness and your grace, your fame departs with it. It is very rare for you to be famous, until your old age. In any case, this depressing painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    tryst,cute couple,Edmund Blair Leighton

    In this painting, we see a maiden in the forest. She is looking around for her lover. Forest Tryst are still pretty popular even today. The forest scenery is pretty lovely. This cute couple by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    lady godiva,Edmund Blair Leighton,cute painting

    In this painting, Lady Godiva's husband is telling her what she must do to lower the taxes. The maiden is holding onto the ledge of the table to keep herself from falling. What really drew my attention is the polar bear pelt. It is a bummer how they got two pelts, considering how little merchants used to travel during medieval time. Still, decoration wise, they work pretty well. In any case, this lovely painting by Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    my fair lady,Edmund Blair Leighton,medieval

    This painting is based on musical. The musical was based on Pygmalion. In that story, a flower girl was taking speech lessons so that she could pass for a lady. Here she is walking with her female escorts. The guy beside her is her teacher. In any case, this lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    Edmund Blair Leighton,stitching,medieval girl

    In this painting, we see a maiden sticking a flag. The maiden looks cute with her dress. The medieval castle scenery is pretty realistic. This painting by Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    Edmund Blair Leighton,pink dress,harp

    After the song, the musician started flirting with the lady in pink. Her husband ,the king, is just arriving. This alludes to the awkward moment that will soon follow. If the musician is lucky, they might not hang him. It is a pity when damsels were forced to marry against their will. In any case, this cutie in pink deserves 5 stars rating.

    the king,the beggar,romance

    In this painting, the king is offering his crown to a beggar. He loves her so much that he is willing to give up his kingdom for her. The beggar is flattered by his offer. In the corner, we see one of the king's advisers glaring at him. The throne decorations are really pretty. This lovely painting by Edmund Blair Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    siren,cute couple,Leighton

    In this painting, we see a cute couple. This siren sank this fisherman's ship to make him her lover. The way she is hugging him is very cute. Her blonde hair is very pretty. This cutie deserves 5 stars rating.

    hostage,medieval painting, Leighton

    In the old days, girls used to get kidnapped for political reasons. This maiden is looking outside. The ladies of the citadel are keeping an eye on her. It must really suck to be in a hostage situation. In any case, this depressing medieval painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    angel,angel of death,baby

    This is the only know record of this painting. It is located in an unknown land. Anyhow, this painting is about the angel of death. It has taken the baby of this sobbing mother. Interesting enough, the boatman is Charon. It is a lovely mixture of catholic and pagan symbols. In any case, this depressing painting by Leighton deserves 5 stars rating.

    Regency,Edmund Blair Leighton,little prince

    In this last painting, we see the new crowned king. He was the prince that helped to transition from the Jacobean era to the Victorian age. Anyhow, he ruled as a proxy king. Here his mother is showing off to the people. All the decorations are very pretty . Truly, this deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked this last review of Leighton's work.

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    Jesus,latin bible,bible

    The Bible 5 stars worthy Holy Book Review

    After much thinking, I decided to write a bit about a review about the Bible. I will not spend my time simply preaching to you. I wish to bring the Bible to a modern understanding. The first thing I want to mention is the Introduction to the Bible. In my Latin American Bible begins with a bit of an introduction.

    It gives you a brief overview of the history of the Bible. It makes certain that you understand that the Bible did not fall out of the sky. It is a book written by men. It has been collected and composed throughout the centuries. Another interesting detail is the overview on Genesis. The writer of this Bible wants you to understand that Genesis is simply metaphors.

    Garden of Eden,bible,adam and eve

    The same way that the Greeks had their creation myth, we took have our own. This Bible intro admits to Darwin’s theory of Evolution. The author wanted to reiterate that 7 days for God are different than 7 days for men.  Think about it, seven days for god went from the big bang to the birth of man.

    Speaking of the big bang, let us not forget that God’s first creation was light. It can be interpreted as the light shot out of the big bang. I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Long story short, the Catholic Church now accepts Darwinian Theory of evolution.

    king solomon,queen of sheba,bible painting

    The last interesting fact is about the book of Genesis. It is placed at the beginning for of the Bible for mystical reasons. However, the book was written during the reign of Solomon. It had not one, but several authors. The stories of Abraham were written by a single author. He compiled the stories from oral tradition and legends.  Also, some additional paragraphs were added when the Israelites returned from their exile in Babylon.

    Aside from speaking of the Bible, this book has an apologetic section. Here the writer spoke in a roundabout way about the Coquistadors. They praised their missionaries, but spoke baldy of the Conquistadors. This book also spoke well of Martin Luther. He praised his initiative at translating the Bible to the Vernacular language.It also apologized for some of their lost black sheep. We all know what I speak of. It is best not to dwell on evil people. Like we all know, the devil can be found everywhere.

    greed,digital art,digital art earth

    Aside from that, this book mentions Catholic missions to communist countries. Thanks to the communist, the Catholics received a new wave of martyrs who died for their religion. Modern day people think that the Catholic Church is stiff and antiquated. However, it would never have survived if it did not adapt to the changing times. Think about it, they survived the Romans, the Barbarian Invasion, Islam, Protestantism, the Enlightenment, the industrial Revolution, Communism, and the Digital Age. 

    The Church had always been willing to change, when pressed enough. We simply must be patient. For this reason, after everything, I have not lost my faith in the teachings of the Catholic Church. As my Catholic priest once said, the church is a reflection of society. If society changes so too will the Catholic Church. In any case, the Bible is still a 5 stars worthy book.

    Easter Mass,catholic,painting

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    Holy Spirit,sculptures, catholic

    Come Forth, Creative Spirit! Prayer Review 5 stars 

    Come, creative spirit,
    Visit the soul of your worshipers
    And fill our hearts with your divine grace,
    Fill the hearts that you created.

    You are our only consolation,
    Gift of the lord most highest,
    The source of life, fire, charity
    And spiritual union.

    Holy Ghost, pour over us your seven gifts;
    You are the finger of god;
    You are the Father’s promised one;
    You, who placed in our tongue the gift of your Word.

    Enlighten our senses with your glow;
    Fill our hearts with your love;
    And with your perpetual help
    Turn our weak flesh to iron.

    Keep away our enemies,
    Give us peace, quickly,
    Be yourself, our guide,
    And keep us away from harm.

    Thanks you, we know the Father,
    And also the Son,
    And you, the spirit that dwells within both,
    We believe in you all the time.

    Glory to the God the Father,
    And his son who resurrected,
    And his consoling spirit,
    Till the ends of times, Amen.

    The Short Version:
    Let us pray,
    Oh God, who has illuminated the hearts of your children with the light of the Holy Spirit; make us docile to your Spirit so that we may always do good deeds. Let us, forever feel his consoling presence. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

    Creative Spirit,catholic prayer,holy spirit

    Brief Overview:

    I find it interesting that people rarely pray to the Holy Spirit. One hears most often, prayers to the Father, the Virgin Mary or the Son. The key issue is that the only sin that the Pope cannot forgive is a Sin against the Holy Spirit. For this reason, he seems to be a bit unapproachable. The second reason is that he is the most impersonal of all the members of the Trinity.

    He does serve some key roles, in addition to the other functions carried out by both the Father and the Son. For example, his Spirit allowed for the Apostles to speak in tongues. Meaning that their words where understood by people from different nations, who spoke different languages. As such, the Holy Spirit is a good source of knowledge.

    Therefore, many of the Holy Ghost related prayers ask him for knowledge. I think that is enough of an overview on this prayer. Frankly, I choose it because it was the late Pope John Paul the II’s favorite prayer. He started praying it since he was eleven years old. His father recommended it to him when the Pope was having a hard time learning math.  Therefore, if you are a having hard time learning something say this prayer. 

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    adam and eve,bible painting, genesis bible

    The First Creation Story Interpretations Essay

    God’s first creation was the heavens and the earth. I found very interesting the way God flapped over the water. This is the first hint of the form of God’s body. He might have wings or fins like a fish. God’s second creation was light. He separated the light from the darkness and thus a day passed. According to the commentator, light represents goodness. This shows that God can only create make good things. It is interesting that darkness or evil was preexistent. Before God created the light, only darkness existed.

    After his two creations, the rest of the plants and animals followed. It is interesting how God made humans the masters of all races. Before Genesis, all the polytheists were afraid of angering their deities. They were always subjected to the whims of their Gods. In a way, their Gods were made in the image and likeness of their whimsical rulers.

    Adam and Eve,genesis painting,religion

    In the case of Genesis, we were made in the likeness of our God. Both men and women are manifestations of God. Needless to say, this shows that God has a female aspect. My favorite part appeared in the commentaries. The commentator was confident about the challenge of science. They usually get rebuked by scientist for the inaccuracy of the Genesis.

    Their response is that Genesis is a poem. You have to be a fool to take Genesis literary. Everything written there is meant to enrich the soul, not the mind. Now, I wish to mention some interesting mystical interpretations of Genesis. My favorite is the Kabbalist interpretation. Apparently, God tried to make the world six times. Each time, it came out too perfect. The worlds he made always ended up getting swallowed up into his divinity. In essence, he kept making perfect replicas of himself.

    Adam and Eve,auguste rodin,catholic religion

    In order to fix this problem, he drew his divinity into himself. In the emptiness he created the seventh world and shot it with a beam. From the resulting blast, he created something different then himself. You know, like the universe and our home world; mixed in within the imperfect fragments laid holy sparks. From these fragments, the human spirit was born; imperfect flesh with the divine spirit.

    What is interesting about this concept is that this creation process describes a singularity. A singularity is a kind of major explosion. Its concept was used by Einstein to create the A Bomb. This is definitely a lot of food for thought. Think about it, this interpretation is more than 2300 years old.

    temptation of eve,eve,garden of eden

    The second interesting revision is the Gnostic interpretation. You see, Genesis had a lot of polarities. There was always the heavens and the earth, birds and animals, man and woman, ect. The Gnostics imagined that each polarity stood for a major heavenly being. The final pair was man and woman. The divine man was the messiah. The divine woman was Sophia or Wisdom.

    Sophia wanted to know the father. However, she did not want the help of her partner. By accident, she created the God of the Old Testament. He in turn created out imperfect world. The Father felt sorry for the human creations and thus sent Sophia and the messiah to save them.

    Eve,garden of eden,religious painting

    As for the Catholic interpretation, God created humans to rule, not to serve. It is interesting the commentator’s interpretation of God commanding humans to multiply. He did not want an armada of children. Rather, he wanted humans to have good kids. This is noted in all the preliminary steps God took before making his first two humans. He waited six days before making humans.

    As such, this first creation story asks parents to be responsible adults. It is better to wait to have the proper conditions for having kids, than to have them starve to death. Can you imagine how differently things would have been if humans had evolved during the Jurassic Era? We certainly might not have survived with so many dinosaurs. Therefore, the take home message is that humans are not servants, but dominators. Lastly, we must be responsible adults when it comes to procreation. 

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    Useful Prayer in the Face of a Natural Disaster 

    May Jesus Christ Govern in his glory,
    Lord of the heavens and the earth.
    God became man
    The Verb became flesh.

    Christ was born of a pure Virgin,
    He suffered and was crucified.
    He died only to resurrect from death.
    Christ then rose to the heavens.
    Christ won, Christ governs.

    Christ, save us! Let your will be done.
    Protect us from the furious storm.
    Jesus Christ is our savior
    And the Virgin Mary dwells with us.

    Lord Jesus Christ, protect us from evil spirits.
    Jesus has won,
    He is the lion of the tribe of Juda,
    the seed of David,
    the lamb of God,
    God Almighty,
    God Omnipotent,
    Our Immortal God!
    Have pity on us! Amen.

    Short Version:
    God, quiet down the furious storms,
    So that its rage may turn
    Reasons for us to praise your name. Amen.



    This bad weather prayer is pretty old. This is well noted in the evil spirit reference. In the old days, people thought that poltergeist were to blame for bad storms. As such, the long version asks Jesus to protect us from evil spirit. The huge preliminary praise is standard of old prayers. First, you must humble yourself to God before asking anything. After all, he is God.

    This prayer is also very similar to the creed of belief. Usually, most Jesus prayers make reference to the Virgin Mary and his resurrection. This anti storm prayer is also dedicated to Jesus because it was one of his famous miracles. You remember when he walked on water to his apostles during a storm? Twice in the Bible, he calmed the fury of the storms. The short version I learned it from my Grandma. She used to cut tornados while saying this prayer. She would slice them with a knife as they started forming. The scary thing is that her prayers were answered so quickly. I miss my Grandma…

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    reading, ivan kramskoy,realism painting

    The Dangers of Reading the Bible by Yourself Essay

    We all know that the priests always want you to read the Bible. Certainly, that is a proper practice. However, there is the right way of reading the Bible and the bad way. First, I want to tell you a little story. When my brother was in middle school he felt like reading the Bible. He wanted to compare notes with his Jehovah witness friend. Anyhow, when he first read the Bible, he skipped over the commentaries.

    Eventually, he got to Leviticus. When he read it he was shocked to read so many ridiculous commandments. He figured that since they were in the Bible, he had to follow them. Whenever he found something interesting in the Bible he would share that info with me. He brought to light these new commandments.

    frederic leighton,girl reading the bible,bible reading

    In our house we had a stuffed animal. One of the commandments said that you were impure if you touched a dead body. To cleanse ourselves, we had to wash our clothing. After he read this, we threw our clothing under the faucet and poured Clorox over them. By the time mother had arrived, we had ruined two of our best outfits.

    Take this lesson into consideration. When the uninstructed read the Bible they come up with very bad conclusions. Another point to consider is the commentaries. Each Bible has its own unique commentaries. Each translator or editor puts their own interpretation into the Bible. Therefore, the writing in the Bible is subjective.

    Abraham van Strij,genre painting,bible reading

    Allow me to explain, I have read over the top a Catholic Bible, a Jehovah Witness Bible and a Protestant Bible. Putting them side by side, I realized that each translation was tilted in the favor of their representative religion. A translation is an art form. It is not too uncommon for writers to stretch the meaning of words. This I learned in my religious classes in Collage. There, they told me of the history of the King James Bible. Needless to say, he commanded that his Bible translation be more protestant sounding.

    The final lesson has to do with the context of the Bible itself. You either take it literary or metaphorically. Based on my understanding of the Bible, it is a book about God’s relationship with his creations. The way it is written it appears that God is always interfering with our lives. However, when you put a timeline in the middle, you realize that he only acts out when things are going really bad.

    Boris Grigoriev,woman reading,bible

    Plus, his miracle working periods only last for a very short time. He also works through others. The problem is figuring out who is for real, or whose is a fraud. Even within the Bible, there are some discrepancies. In the Old Testament, the prophets of God are always rebelling against the temple authority. This is well noted in the book of Jeremiah.  He complains that the priest have made their church a house of Thieves.

    As for the New Testament, Jesus also got in trouble with the temple. As a matter of fact, he was ordered to be killed by the temple priests because he undermined their authority. Consider this; Jesus was an unschooled genius that knew the Torah better than those who taught it. Time and time again, he pointed to the faults of their teachings.

    Gerard Dou,reading the bible,5 stars

    They priest thought themselves safe by following the laws of Leviticus. They focused too much on the laws and forgot to take care of the orphan and the widow. They were so caught up in structured religion that they forgot the works of charity. In essence, they were ritually pure, yet they were rotten on the inside.

    After the Gospels, there are a few odd books here and there. The first one worth discussing is Paul’s letters. I studied them in my feminist Bible study class. My teacher had made it her life ambition to change the Catholic Church from the inside. Using the power of history, she showed that Jesus had many female followers. Word wise, follower or disciple are other words for Apostle.

    genre painting,reading the bible,priest painting

    Anyhow, she pointed at some discrepancies among the letters. There were those written by Paul, those supposedly written by Paul, and the letters that were edited. Needless to say, all the letters that told women to shut up were not written by Paul. Many of his female followers held mass in their houses. They also gave the Eucharist, which was the earliest Catholic ritual.

    You see, in the old days, there was the office of widows and the bishops. Both were competing for authority. We all know how that story ended. When the Romans got involved in the Catholic Church they made certain that the Catholic creed went well with their social values. Needless to say, women had authority, but the misogynist Romans ruined it.

    old woman,portrait,bible painting

    I also want to mention the conflict between the apostles and Paul. Paul was the odd man out. He knew Jesus better than the apostles. Think about it, Jesus might not have recruited Paul had his apostles done a good job. In many of Paul’s letters, there appears some tension between Paul and Jesus’ apostles in Jerusalem.

    The heart of the matter was that Jesus’ followers wanted to keep the keep Leviticus. However, Paul knew that Jesus had thrown Leviticus out the window. After all, he summarized it in two commandments. Jesus simply wanted you to love god and to love each other. Jesus demanded love. He did not want to burden his followers with needless rules that distracted them from love’s works. Paul knew this and was hated by Jesus’ followers.

    This is well noted in the Acts of the Apostles. The writer of the Acts of the Apostles and of Luke liked Peter a lot. He made efforts to make him look awesome. However, in the other Gospels Peter appeared like an idiot. Anyhow, in those Acts Paul appeared like the dutiful follower of the apostles. The reality was another. When you read the Bible keep these discrepancies in mind. 

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    garden of eden,fall of man,bible painting

    The Second Tale of Creation, the Original Sin and God’s Sentence 

    The second tale of creation starts with Adam’s creation. He was made in God’s image and likeness. God then created the Garden of Eden for him. In there, God housed the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. Again, we see two binaries. It seems that life and knowledge are mutually exclusive. Anyhow, Adam was feeling lonely so God made Eve from his ribs.

    The ribs was a bad translation. In the Hebrew version, Eve was born from Adam’s side. You know, kinda like how two cells splitting. While they were splitting Eve got more chests and Adam got his member. Needless to say, men and women together are the true image of God on Earth.

    expulsion from paradise,angels,adam and eve

    In the Catholic interpretation, the fact that women was born from Adam does not make her his inferior. Adam must respect and love women like himself. After all, she is flesh of his flesh. It is interesting that God felt bad for men because he was alone. He made women for men to cure his loneliness. It is interesting that the commentator mentions that God does not know solitude. He claims that God separated the genders not for procreation purposes, but to promote love. Humans are a social creature. As such, they hate to be alone. In the same way, God created something different than himself in order to be social.

    The Protestant interpretation uses these passages to justify priestly marriage. They say that God commanded humans to love and multiply. It is unreasonable to demand celibacy of their priests. They see it as defiance to God’s will.

    Adam and Eve,garden of eden,temptation of adam

    The Kabbalist have an interesting interpretation of this tale. Originally, Adam had a bride named Lilith. Adam hated her because she was his equal. One day, he asked God for a new bride. God thus made Eve. She was inferior to Adam. From Eve, mankind came into being. From Lilith, there emerge races of beings considered demons. They are always ought to get the children of Adam. This was Lilith’s punishment for saying the name of God in vain. She gained her divorce from Adam, but it came with a price.

    In the Gnostic interpretation, the first man and women were Sophia and the Messiah. The second creation story focused on Adam and Eve. They were created by the blind God Sameal. They call him the blind god because he was blinded by his ignorance, power and arrogance. He thinks himself the only God because he does not know that there are other beings above him.

    adam and eve,bible painting,5 stars

    The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are a different problem in it of itself. In the second story, God forbids Adam from eating the fruits. Later, Adam transmits that commandment to Eve. Interesting enough, he did not forbid Adam from eating from the Tree of Life. He only warned him that if he ate from the Tree of Knowledge he would die.

    The Kabalistic writers did a lot of Emphasis on these trees. Apparently, they were the machine that God used to create the world. They were in harmony until Adam took a fruit from the Tree of Life. In order versions, Lilith gave the Forbidden fruit to Eve. Eve then shared it with Adam. Since Eve ate the fruit first she matured sooner than Adam. Biologically speaking, this explains why women reach puberty before men.

    eve's temptation,surrealism painting,garden of eden

    The Catholic interpretation states that Adam’s sin was his disobedience of God. It had nothing to do with procreation. After all, in the first creation story God had ordered men and women to multiply and populate the world. In the early days, God provided everything for Adam. He only asked for one thing in return. When he ate the forbidden fruit, Adam was punished for being a thankless brat.

    The whole thing about men dominating woman is a punishment for disobedience. It is interesting how the New Testament redeemed women. In Genesis, women doomed mankind. Via the Virgin Mary, mankind was redeemed. According to the writer, this passage refers to the strong dominating the weak. In a savage world, ruled by Sin men dominates and oppresses women. This ill treatment of women was not part of God’s original design. Mankind’s disobedience brought this imbalance in the world.

    temptation of adam,adam and eve,5 stars

    The Kabalistic interpretation of this passage is rather odd. Apparently, Adam was kicked out of paradise for breaking God’s creation machine. The fruit he took created an imbalance in God’s feminine side. The fruit he took balanced out God’s Justice Side. It kept in check his infinite selfishness. When the fruit of knowledge was taken, this created an imbalance that brought evil upon the world. God perpetrating Justice is the source of all evil in the world. The Muslim too sees evil as the work of God. Everything is part of God’s plan. What we perceive as Evil is part of god’s master plan.  

    The Gnostic interpretation blames the fall of man on Samael. The Blind God raped Eve and later abandoned her. From his many abuses, came evil into the world. He introduced death into women. He tainted her and now all her off springs will die. Her descendant Norea was later comforted by Sophia. She told her that her body may be tainted, but her spirit comes from the Father. As such, her descendants will never die.
    Lastly, there is the expulsion passage. In this section, God spoke to other beings like himself. He did not want Adam to eat the fruit of Life. If he ate it, he would become like God. Considering all that occurred, it makes sense that God would not want a disobedient brat to become God like. As such, he kicked the pair out of the Garden of Eden.

    According to the Catholics, in Judgment Day the just will finally eat of the fruit of life. Once again, they will be welcomed into the Garden of Eden. The Gnostics did not make a big deal about that passage. They simply used it as a metaphor for Sophia’s mistake. The Kabalists also saw this passage in a Sefirot tree mindset. God kicked Adam out of the Garden of Eden out of fear that he might screw up his machine even worst. The Sefirot machine was the means that God used to interact with the world. When Adam broke it, he created an infinite Gulf that Separated God and Man. Since then, their relationships have been strained. As for the Angels, it is the Gnostics, the Kabalistic and the Muslims opinions that they have no free will of their own. Humans are superior to the angels because we have freewill, for better or for worse. 

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    Lebrun Charles, exorcism, ring of solomon

    Exorcism Prayer: Greek Edition

    Kyrie Eleison:
    Our Lord God,
    Oh! Supreme Ruler of the heavens.
    Oh! Sovereign of the ages, omnipotent and all powerful;
    You, that made everything
    Your will be done;
    You, whom in Babylon, turned the cauldron fire
    Into water, seven times;
    You, that protected
    And saved three saintly youths;
    You are the doctor
    And healer of our soul,
    You, who are the savoir of those that walks toward you,

    We ask you, we invoke you:
    Weaken, expulse and make flee all the diabolical potencies,
    Expulse all presence and satanic machinations,
    All malignant influence, all curses or evil eye
    Sent by maleficent and wicked people
    Who have cursed your servant…

    Remove the envy and the curse
    That has befallen him,
    In exchange give him
    Abundances of gifts, strength
    Success and charity;

    You Lord, who love all humanity,
    Extend your powerful hands
    And with your powerful
    And most highest and potent arms
    And come to our aid.

    Please visit this divine image of yourself,
    Send over him your angel of peace.
    He is the strong, protector of our souls and our body.
    Keep at bay and expulse every evil force,
    Every deadly poison
    And wicked witchcraft of a corrupt and envious person.
    Hear our plea, so that your protected, your supplicant
    May sing with gratitude:

    “The Lord is my savior
    And I have nothing to fear.
    No man may harm me.
    I will not fear evil
    Because you are with me.
    You are my God,
    My strength,
    My Powerful Lord.
    Lord of peace, Father of the Future.”

    Yes, My Lord God!
    Take pity on your image
    And save your servant…
    Keep him from harm
    Or powerful, maleficent threat.
    Protect him by helping him rise above all evil;
    Via the interception the most sacred
    And holy lady: The mother of God
    And forever Virgin Mary.

    Help him, via the interception
    Of your divine archangels
    And all your Saints. Amen!

    Paradise Lost,lithograph, 5 stars

    Commentaries on this Exorcism Prayer

    This prayer is pretty old. It was said during the early history of the Catholic Church. Originally, it was written in Greek because the early church fathers spoke Greek. They spoke that language because it was the universal tongue in the Roman Empire. It is a bummer how they later switched to Latin. Anyhow, since the early days exorcism was a common service provided by the Church. Even in his days, Jesus used to expel demons. He was so efficient at exorcism that many people thought he was akin to the demons.

    As for this prayer in specific, it was part of a long list of prayers used by a powerful, modern day exorcist named Father Gabriele Amorth. He used to say this prayer during his exorcisms. It was very effective. Like most anti demon prayers, it starts by invoking the name of God. It seeks to call him to our presence, so that his divine light may expel the demon. For added strength, around the end of the prayer it calls the angels, the Virgin and all the Saints. The Kyrie Eleison part means, Lord Have Mercy, in Latin. It is featured in many Catholic songs or prayers. I think that is everything worth mentioning about this prayer. It is proven to be very effective when fighting demons. 

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    aroma,surrealism painting,wojtek siudmak

    Wojtek Siudmak Blue Surrealism Paintings

    Today, I wanted to review the amassing paintings of Siudmak. Siudmak is a surrealism painter from Poland. He is still active, even today. Many of his paintings are featured as covers for science fiction and fantasy books. The first paintings I will review will feature the color blue. The first painting is called Aroma of Night. The maiden looks like a tree growing from a cloud. This cute maiden deserves 5 stars rating.

    blue dream,surrealism painting,5 stars

    In this painting, a maiden seems to be having a nightmare. The way she is contorting herself is rather cute. The castle over her is rather odd. In any case, this lovely surrealism painting of Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    blue wallpaper,surrealism painting,adorable

    In this painting, a maiden is performing magic. The figures she is casting is something else. Her magic is truly original. This lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    reincarnation,surrealism painting, cool painting

    In this painting, a maiden is reincarnating into a flock of birds. You can see her face, over the blue sea. Truly, she is quite magical. This lovely painting by Wojtek Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    Jesus, surrealism painting, wojtek siudmak

    This painting is pretty cool. Jesus seems to be manifesting on paper. You can see the crown of thorns. On the wall, we see the three nails of the cross. Its a pretty odd revision of the Crucifixion of Christ. This cute painting by Wojtek Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    wojtek siudmak,diamonds, surrealism painting

    In this painting, we see a row of maidens. They are trapped inside crystals. Each one is more beautiful than the last. This lovely painting by Wojtek Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    Waves of Time,Wojtek Siudmak,5 stars

    This painting is about the waves of time. Everything goes in circles. Its kinda like a blue depiction of the cycle of samsara. Truly, this lovely blue painting by Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    Idylle, Wojtek Siudmak, love painting

    In this painting, we see two surrealism lovers kissing. The blue guy seems to be turning into birds. This cute painting by Wojtek Siudmark deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked this short painting review.

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    poems,surrealism painting, wojtek siudmak

    Surrealism Landscapes by Wojtek Siudmak

    In this painting, we have a lovely surrealism landscape. Beyond the trees, we see the face of a maiden. Over her, there are other maidens with their arms crossed. It is a very eerie illustration. This little number by Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    Energy,surrealism,wojtek siudmak

    This painting is about energy. The guy in the circle is generating a lot of powers. It is raising some of the rocks toward the sky. He also looks like the atom personified. In any case, this cute red illustration deserves 5 stars rating.

    space,folding of time,Wojtek Siudmak

    In this painting, we see a nut in out of space. Within it, we see a city. The out of space scenery is quite lovely. Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    surrealism,wojtek siudmak,cool painting

    Here is another odd surrealism painting. A guy on horse back is passing through a ledge. For the background, we see a black and a blue horse. There is also a chick in the background. This cool painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    matter,surrealism scenery,wojtek siudmak

    In this painting, a maiden is hatching from an egg. The yolk is falling on the water. All over the place more eggs are floating about. In any case, this painting is about matter and how it begets new life. Truly, it deserves 5 stars rating.

    pretified, surrealism, wojtek siudmak

    In this painting, we see a lot of petrified figures. The first one looks like a petrified ship. Bellow it, we see other weirdos. This lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    Eiffel tower,Wojtek Siudmak, 5 stars

    In this painting, we see a surrealism vision of the Eiffel Tower. It is suspended on the checker board pattern floor. It looks very eerie. 5 stars for Siudmak.

    surrealism landscape, wojtek siudmak,5 stars

    In this painting, we see a guy trapped inside a crystal. He looks like a giant. This is further emphasized by he elephant beside him. 5 stars for this tower.

    surrealism landscape, wojtek siudmak, 5 stars

    This illustration is pretty odd. It is a surrealism personification of New York. At its tip, we see the Statue of Liberty. The sunrise is a lovely detail. I hope that you liked this painting. Truly it deserves 5 stars rating. 

    0 0

    wojtek siudmak,surrealism painting,adorable

    Original Surrealism Paintings by Wojtek Siudmak 

    In this lovely painting, we see some leafs maidens. They look like they are withering up. They are all pretty original. This painting by Wojtek Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    Wojtek Siudmak, 5 stars, painting

    In this painting, a maiden is entering the source of the water. This painting is about suffering. Here, Siudmak wants to portray the source of all human suffering. Truly, this lovely surrealism painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    surrealism painting, wojtek siudmak,5 stars

    In this painting, a boy is talking with himself. His reflection seems to be melting into himself. It is very strange and eerie. 5 stars for Siudmak.

    messenger,original painting, wojtek siudmak

    This painting shows a surrealism messenger. He has fallen from the sky like a bolt of lightning. The lightning in his hand is his message. He is the prelude to a storm. Needless to say, he is both gagged and blindfolded. The scenery too is quite mysterious. Truly, this painting by Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    Metamorphosis,Wojtek Siudmak, 5 stars

    In this painting, this dead guy has changed form. Now he has become an angel. The colors are all brownish and somber. It really conveys a mysterious mood. 5 stars for Siudmak.

    revolt,surrealism painting, siudmak

    In this painting, we see a maiden revolting. Her rebellion is manifesting in the form of an eagle. It is really quite the passionate painting. 5 stars for Siudmak.

    wojtek siudmak, 5 stars,surrealism painting

    This painting is a bit matrix themed. Here this maiden is sleeping in a cradle made of metal. It looks cold and inhumane. I am all for futurism. However, I do not like much the bed of the future. In any case, this painting by Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    wojtek siudmak,princess,magic

    In this painting, we see a surrealism princess. On one side, she has her court wizard. On the other, we have a guy with a fan. Behind her, her mirror reflects other worlds. There is a strange smoke coming her way. Only she is looking at it. In any case, this lovely painting by Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating. I hope you liked this Siudmak painting review.

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    nebula,new star,surrealism painting

    Wojtek Siudmak Surrealism Paintings 5 Stars

    In this painting, a new stars is coming into this world. That centaur is a personification of the horse nebula. You can see it bellow him. The new stars looks really cool. In any case, this cute painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    dragon,wojtek siudmak, surrealism paintings

    This painting we see the cover of a fantasy book. The fountain is really pretty. The dragons are more of chameleons. 5 stars for Siudmak.

    daily bread,wojtek siudmak,surrealism

    This painting is an interpretation of God giving us our daily bread. Bellow the bread, we see several figures who receive its blessing. It is quite the eerie image. 5 stars.

    equestrian statue,enigma,surrealism painting

    This is one lovely maiden in white robes. Beside her is a creepy knight. The walls with the eyes are also bizarre.

    genisis,god,planet earth

    This painting is about Genesis. A God the size of a Galaxy is bringing life into planet earth. It is cool how his hair looks like some nebula. This cute space illustration deserves 5 stars rating.

    seasons, still life, wojtek siudmak

    This surrealism still life has to do with the passing seasons. One clock has a rose, that stands for spring. The other has a skull that stands for winter. This lovely painting by Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    wojtek siudmak,surrealism painting, 5 stars

    Well, there are three weirdoes. The title of this painting just about tells you what this illustration is all about. 5 stars and lets move right along.

    Vanity,falcon, 5 stars

    This last featured painting is about Vanity. A lot of painters attack such a theme. For Siudmak, Vanity is shown by an falcon, a skull and floating book. Like such themes, it shows the transience of human life. In the end, we all become part of history. In any case, this lovely painting by Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.
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    siudmak,surrealism painting,5 stars

    Last Wojtek Siudmak Surrealism Paintings Review

    The first painting shows a flag bearer. His hat is pretty odd castle of sorts. If you look closely you may find a weird angry face in the flag. Anyhow, this guy is looking at the desolate scenery. Overall, this painting is pretty depressing. It deserves 5 stars rating.

    wojtek siudmak, surrealism painting, night

    This painting is about the night. It is taking an odd creepy form. In the darkness, faces take odd forms and birds acquire fantastic shapes. Franky, I cannot tell what I am looking at. It goes from a flock of birds to something very bizarre with creepy eyes. This surrealism painting about darkness deserves 5 stars rating.

    From Time to Time,Wojtek Siudmak,surrealism painting

    This painting is all about clockwork. It is very freaky around the edges. Overall, it is a very creative surrealist bust. 5 stars for Siudmak.

    patterns, wojtek siudmak, surrealism painting

    This painting is about the intricate patterns of God. His hands are shaping a new web. His blessings are pouring down to earth, creating ripples. This means that even something that looks simple has a lot of intricate patterns. In any case, this painting by Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating.

    Wojtek Siudmak, 5 stars, surrealist

    This painting is all about roots. These forefathers are feeding their roots to the next generations. What I like best are the odd reddish colors. 5 stars for Siudmak.

    wojtek siudmak, 5 stars,surrealism painting

    In this painting, we see a maiden wearing an fancy suit. Its just a fancy surrealist portrait. 5 stars and lets move right along.

    time,wojtek siudmak, surrealism paintings

    The last painting shows a time wizard of sorts. Its just a guy with a hourglass face. The castle crown is also very pretty. In any case, this lovely painting by Siudmak deserves 5 stars rating. I hope you like these Siudmak reviews.
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    James Bond, The World is not Enough,movies

    My Two Favorite James Bond Movies Review

    Recently, I decided to review movies again. To get the ball rolling, I wanted to review my two favorite James Bond movies. These movies are "Die Another Day" and "the World is not Enough". The best part of both movies were the opening credits. Like we all know, James Bond movies require a good opening song. These movies had some of the best sequences. One was about oil and the other about fire and ice chicks. Special effects wise, they were pretty original.

    Storyline wise, they were pretty interesting. In the World is not Enough, James Bond's prowess blinded him to the identity of the true bad guy or in this case bad girl. The final fight sequence in the submarine was pretty cool. It had just about the right amount of exaggeration. Needless to say, James Bond could hold his breath underwater for a pretty long time.

    the world is not enough,james bond,movies

    As for Die Another Day, Jinx was pretty cute. She was James Bond's romantic interest in that movie. She was kinda like the American chick version of Mr. Bond. Like in the previous movies, the bad guys were major cliches. They looked as if they came straight out of a comic book.

    My favorite exaggeration was when James Bond was able to elude the lazer bean of Ikarus. Originally, the fancy satellite was called Ignorance. I know because I saw the movie in theaters. It is a bummer why they changed the name to Ikarus.

    James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, Die Another Day

    Another thing that I liked about this movie was the sword fight sequences. Truly, it was amazingly choreographed. It was cute how Mr. Bond and the final boss kept upgrading weapons. They went from fighting with sabers to fighting with claymores. Truly, it was quite entertaining. Another thing that I liked was when Bond told the final boss, "So you live to Die another day." That phrase was well place.

    Before I finish, I wish to speak a bit on the new James Bond movies. Frankly, I do not like the new James Bond, Daniel Craig. The old James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, looked a lot more like the original comic book character. Also Craig is less charming than the previous James Bond.

    James Bond, die another day, jinx

    Speaking of which, Craig's first appearance in the James Bond movie was really, really bad. From all the James Bond movies I seen, Casino Royale was horrible. It was a real torture to watch. Trust me, I had a front row seat in the theater were I saw it. Speaking of torture, the torture that Bond experience in this movie was pretty silly. Frankly, I found more creative Die Another Day's torture system. I guess that is what happens when you leave it to amateurs.

    The Quantum of Solace was a pretty decent James Bond movie. The opening Sequence was visually appealing. However, I did not like the chosen opening song. As for Skyfall, Adele sang quite the beautiful theme song for the movie. I have still to watch Skyfall. However, my mother said not to bother because she had already seen it. She claims that the movie was pretty bad. Could this be the end for the James Bond movies? Regardless, the mentioned films  (except for Skyfall and Casino Royale) are all 5 stars worthy.

    the quantum of solace, james bond,cool movies
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    The Borgias, Showtime shows,cool series

     The Borgias The Original Crime Family Showtime Series Review

    About a month ago, I started watching The Borgias. I only watched the last season. For being such an interesting historical show, it is a bummer how I kept missing it. During the summer, I had nothing else to do. Thus, I gave chances to random T.V. shows. This was one of such shows that peaked my interest.

    Frankly, I did not know much about the time period portrayed in this show. I only knew two characters in the entire show. Historical wise, I knew Cesare Borgia and Machiavelli. Frankly, I knew about them both because of the Prince. I did not know that Cesare had an unhealthily love for his sister, Lucretia.

    The Borgias,showtime series, 5 stars

    Aside from the random history lessons, I liked a lot the costumes. The dresses of the maidens were always very pretty. I always had a weakness for such pretty dresses. Aside from the dresses and the drama, the romances in the show were pretty messed up. I suppose such graphic scenes must be a strategy for selling the show.

    In the end, some things cannot be helped. Overall, the Borgias was a pretty interesting Showtime series. I cannot wait to see what new episodes they have planned for the show. Truly, the Borgias is a 5 stars worthy historical show, despite their unhistorical fancies.   

    Cesare Borgias, The Borgias,showtime show
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    Nurse Jackie,5 stars,showtime series

    Nurse Jackie Showtime Series Review

    I suppose it is a good a time as any to review TV series. The next one on the menu is Nurse Jackie. For those that have not seen it, Nurse Jackie is a show about a nurse who has drug problems. Her job in emergency care is very stressing. Thus, she takes drugs to relax. Unlike most doctors, Nurse Jackie really cares about her patients.

    In many episodes, we see how well she treats her patients. I started watching the series around the end of season 4. I think that was the season were she got divorced. In the last one that followed, she tried to treat her drug problems. She almost made it through a whole year without taking a single pill. However, problems forced her to take her chill pill.

    Nurse Jackie, showtime series, funny wallpaper

    In the end, this show takes a down to earth approach to drug addicts. It shows you that not all of them are rotten teenagers. Among the new characters introduced to the show, I liked a lot the police officer and the blonde student. The officer was Jackie's new romantic interest. The blonde girl was an intern.

    Overall, the show gives you an insider's perspective on how a hospital is run. From all the jobs available, being a doctor is pretty stressing. It is even worst for those that have hearth. In the end, doctors must create a balance. If they get too attached to their work they get depressed. If they become too unattached, they might neglect their patients like the blonde intern. In any case, Nurse Jackie is a 5 stars worthy showtime series.

    Nurse Jackie,showtime series, hd wallpaper
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    boardwalk empire, HBO, tv series

    Phi Stars: Four HBO Shows that are 5 Stars worthy Review

    The first HBO show worth reviewing is Boardwalk Empire. I have watched the show from the very beginning. For those that have not seen it, Boardwalk Empire is a show about the Prohibition period. There you see the works of all the greatest gangsters of their day. Nucky Thomson is the main character of the story.

    Based on the presentation, Nucky is trying to ride this Prohibition wave to make money. He knows that this period will not last forever. He cannot waste this business opportunity. The storyline also covers the lives of a lot of characters. It starts with just some regular liquor smuggling. Eventually, it expands to some major gangster violence.

    family tree,hbo,tv series

    From the seasons, I like best the first one and the third season. The even numbers are peachy.  In the first season, it introduces all the main characters in a witty fashion. In the third season, the violence begins to escalate. There Nucky almost gets arrested. I think that is everything worth mentioning. Now let us move onto the next showtime show.

    The next show worth reviewing is called Family Tree. Family Tree is a show about a British guy who is curious about his family. One day, when one of his relative dies, a photo sends him on a soul searching quest. Via this first clue, he starts building up his family tree. His quest takes him all over Britain and even to the US. So far, HBO has only made the first season. From what I seen, Family Tree has a 5 stars worthy show.

    Vic hbo,documentary, series

    Following, I want to review Vice. Vice is a documentary show. Basically, the Vice crew goes around the world reporting on interesting news. So far, I have seen some documentaries on dating in china, wresting in Africa, guns in school, and the Economic Crisis in Europe. All the reporters have been very interesting. In any case, Vice deserves 5 stars rating.

    The last HBO show worth reviewing is Veep. The show is about a Vice President chick. She kinda reminds me of Sarah Palin. Anyhow, this show is pretty funny. It shows you how hard it is to be a Vice President. Overall, there is a lot of yelling involved in this show. For some reason, everyone seems angry all the time. In any case, these HBO shows deserve 5 stars rating. I hope that you like these short reviews.

    Veep,HBO series, 5 stars
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    life of pi,richard parker,movies

    Life of Pi Beautiful Movie Review

    A few days ago, I watched the movie Life of Pi. The movie is based on a book. The movie is about a Hindu castaway. Like most castaway movies, it is totally depressing. The main character, Pi, must surviving alone in the Pacific. To make matters worse, he is stuck on a boat with a Bengal Tiger. The movie begins with the writer of the book interviewing Pi. A friend told him that Pi had a very interesting story for him.

    From then on, the movie begins. I thought it was cute how Pi kept changing religions. He started with Vishnu, then he met Jesus and lastly Allah. His father told him that he was a fool to believe everything. He should pick one religion and stick to it. The writer also thought Pi was being silly for practicing so many religions. Even in the present, Pi had taken up some new religions, like Judaism.

    life of pi,anime wallpaper,5 stars

    The movie gets pretty depressing when the family is forced to sell their Zoo. The father wanted to transport the animals to American to sell them. One night, Pi's whimsical nature made him get up to watch the storm by the sea. While outside, the ship's alarms goes off. He tries to warn his family. Yet, the ship is going Titanic really fast.

    Pi manages to get into a life boat. While struggling, he manages to see the ship sunken bellow the water. The scene was visually appealing. When the storm passes, he gets several unlikely passengers: a zebra, an orangutan and a hyena. Once they croak, the tiger, Richard Parker, enters the scene. I found interesting the story of how the Tiger got a human name. I think I said enough about the plot.

    life of pi,life of pi meme,meme

    I do not want to spoil the ending. Speaking of the ending, it is a bit baffling. It leaves you wondering what truly happened to Pi. Regardless, I prefer the version with the Tiger. Visually speaking, it was a masterpiece. My favorite part was when Pi went through a second storm in the Pacific Ocean. After the storm died, the sea was calm, flat as pancake.

    The movie made you feel small in the face of nature. Speaking of nature, the island that looked like a sleeping person was most mysterious. What most freaked me out were the cute lil animals. I forget what they are called. Plus, I am feeling a bit lazy. The ending credits were pretty interesting. The making of this movie created a lot of jobs. In any case, the Life of Pi is a 5 stars worthy movie. I recommend it to all the family.

    life of pi, 5 stars movies
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