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If you are wondering what is good out there in the universe then come here for me to inform you. Here you get to know a lil bit ofeverything like art, culture, entertainment, music, fashion, movies,anime ect. So if its 5 star worthy it will have a place in this blog.

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    La Hora Cero, La Parca, 5 stars

    Four Random Spanish Movies that are 5 Stars Worthy Review
    reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    The first spanish movie worth reviewing is called La Hora Cero (Zero Hour). It is one of those gangster films. Basically, the gangster leader aka La Parca (or Grim Reaper) is trying to get his girl to the hospital. She had been shot while well advanced in her pregnancy. To make matters worst, no hospital will take care of her. Apparently, all doctors in the country are on strike.

    To help his girl, he kidnaps a bunch of doctors. At gun point, he forces them to perform emergency surgery. This is the whole bulk of the movie. La Parca must try to maintain the kidnapped situation under control. For him, failure is not an option. Throughout the film, he undergoes one of those last minute redemption moments. He becomes a hero to the people.

    Love for Rent,movie poster,5 stars

    Overall, the movie is pretty depressing. Like most gangster films, it did not have a happy ending per say. Still, the action around it is pretty cool. There are a lot of social commentaries in the movie. For example, La Parca critiqued one of the doctors who was famous for letting without money die. To him, both were one and the same. In any case, La Hora Zero deserves 5 stars rating.

    The next movie worth rating is called Amor Se Renta (or Love For Rent). The movie is about a latino girl who is an illegal immigrant. She was studying in the university. One day, she has a pretty bad day. Her designated driver ended up crashing her car. This event helped her meet a cute British couple.

    Love in Times of Cholera,amor en tiempos de colera

    Since her ex husband had canceled her insurance, she was not able to pay for the damages. The couple agrees to pay for the damages under one condition. They want the girl to become their surrogate mother. That is everything worth mentioning about this movie. It deserves 5 stars rating.

    The following movie worth reviewing is called Love in Times of Cholera. It was based on a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The book is about a man named Florentino Avilar. He falls in love with a rich girl. Since he was poor he could not marry her. For the rest of the film, Florentino tries to deal with his love. Despite many years, he cannot get over his love.

    Un Cuento Chino, 5 stars, movies review

    The last spanish movie is called Un Cuento Chino ( a Chinese Tale). The movie starts with a Chinese guy about to propose to his wife. Suddenly, a cow falls on top of his girlfriend and she dies. The movie is about the absurdities of life. From time to time, stupid things happen to people that changes their lives forever.

    Anyhow, the main character, Roberto, runs into a Chinese man. He feels sorry for him because he is in a foreign country and does not speak the language. Roberto is broken between his desire to help him and his desire to live alone. Truly, the Chinese man is messing with his simplistic lifetime. Via this Chinese man, Roberto opens up to the world again. In any case, this movie deserves 5 stars rating. Hopefully, you enjoyed these featured movies.
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    casper, kids movie, 5 stars

    Cute Kids Movies Reviews by Teresita Blanco

    The first movie worth reviewing is Casper. Casper is a movie about a little ghost boy. He lives in a haunted mansion with his uncles. One day, a girl and his father arrive at his mansion. Her father wanted to study and exorcise the dead. He was sent there because a rich woman wanted to look for the treasure inside the house. However, the ghosts kept getting in the way.

    Anyhow, Casper is a delightful depiction of the after life. It still maintains some of the tragedy of dying. Comedy wise is not half bad. It is what you would expect from a little kids movie. In any case, the Casper movie deserves 5 stars rating.

    jumanji, 5 stars, movies
    The next kids movie worth reviewing is Jumanji. This movie features Robin Williams. There he plays a man who has been locked up inside a board game for years. When he was small, he found the Jumanji game. When he played it, the hazards of the game came to life. He can only be free of the jungle world, until another player rolls a certain dice number.

    It took many years for him to get out of the game. By then, most of his family had died. Some other children had found the game. Now, he must help them compete the dangerous Jumanji game. The ending is rather hopeful, yet depressing as well. In any case, this action kids movie deserves 5 stars rating.

    jumanji, 5 stars, movies

    Jumaji had a second part. This one revolved the game space game Zathura. Frankly, it was a bit of a half backed movie. The cartoon version of Jumaji was entertaining. Each episode was a move performed by the kids. In any case, the cartoon and the movie deserve 5 stars rating.

    horton hears a who,dr. seuss, 5 stars

    The next movie worth reviewing is Horton Hears a Who. The movie is based on a silly Dr. Seuss book. The book is a bit more poetic than the movie. Then again, that book was far too short to serve as a whole featured film.

    Anyhow, the movie makes some interesting commentaries. In a strange way, Horton was the only one who perceived the world of the who's.  Just because you are the only person who hears something does not make you a lunatic. In a strange way, this movie validates religion, parallel worlds, ect.

    horton hears a who, dr. seuss, kids movie

    If you think about, both the book and the movie represent Einstein's Theory of relativity. Reality depends on your frame of reference. Because Horton was an elephant, he could hear the world of the Who. As for the others in the forest, their ears were not sharp enough to listen.

    Another thing that gives one food for thought is the Kangaroo chick. The way she perceived the world was also akin to the communists. Her emphasis on materialism was quite communistic. Plus, the whole assembly thing was also done by the communists. Needless to say, Horton Hears a Who was throwing rocks at the communist materialistic perspective. Truly, Horton Hears a Who is a 5 stars worthy kids movies with political overtones.

    happy feet, 5 stars,cute movie

    Another great kids movies is Happy Feet. The movie is about a little penguin, named Mumble, who likes to dance.  The only problem is that dancing is not fashionable among his pack. For the emperor Penguins, singing is the only way to go. This movie throws rocks at religious organization. At a certain part of the movie, Mumble is accused of angering the spirits because of his heretical dancing.

    Long story short, it is the humans who are to blame for the fish shortage. Another issue tackled in this movie is over fishing. It shows from a penguin's perceptive how these animals are suffering because of the humans. A lot of other things happen in the Happy Feet movie. The songs featured in the film are quite pleasant. In any case, Happy Feet deserves 5 stars rating.

    anime wallpaper, how to train your dragon,5 stars

    The last kids movies worth reviewing is how to train your dragon. The movie is about a Norse boy, named Hiccup. His tribe is always fighting dragons. He tries hard to fight them. However, he is weak and feeble. One night, he creates a device to try to catch one from the sky. The one he manages to catch is called Night Fury. When he tries to kill his dragon he feels sorry for it. To him, the captured Night Fury was just like him, weak and helpless. He ends up freeing the dragon.

    For the rest of the movie, he forges a friendship with the dragon. He must balance his life as a Norse with his friendship with the dragon. Overall, the movie is about finding one's place in society. If you do not have a place, then you make your own. It also shows you that one should not be quick to judge others by appearance. Plus, even someone who acts evil might have a reason for doing so. In the end, we are all victims of circumstances.  In any case, how to train your dragon is a 5 stars worthy movie.

    how to train your dragon,anime wallpaper,dragons
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    Pan's Labyrinth,Guillermo del Toro,anime wallpaper

    Seven Very Depressing Movies Review by Teresita Blanco

    A few years ago, I watched Pan's Labyrinth. It was directed by Guillermo del Toro. The movie takes place during the Spanish Civil war. During that time, the dictator Franco was trying to solidify his powers. The main character is a little girl, named Ofelia, whose mother married a Captain. Her name has great significant. She alludes to the ill fated nutcase of Hamlet. Like Shakespeare's Ophelia, Ofelia lives in her own little dreamworld to deal with the harsh reality.

    Needless to say, her stepfather hates her guts. Like most captains of his day, he was a corrupt bastard. He once killed a teenager by smashing his face with a bottle. When he is not killing civilians or terrorizing Ofelia, he spends his time stocking the maid. The guy is a genuine machista prick.

    Pan's Labyrinth, 5 stars,movies review

    Fantasy world wise, Ofelia was contacted by Pan. He tells her that she is really a fairy princess. She must undergo several tasks to recover her true fairy form. Each task is more gruesome than the last. To help her, Ofelia gets several fairy sidekicks.

    Anyhow, the Pan demon is a personification of the horror of life. In order to reach paradise, we must prove ourselves in the world of the living. The movie is also about the loss of innocence. Ofelia's childhood ended when she met her stepfather. She created a fantasy world in a vague attempt to regain her childhood.

    pan's labyrinth,ofelia,movies

    Aside from that, the movie is about reality and illusion. At the end of the film, you wonder if the girl's dream was true. Frankly, I found the movie really depressing. Then again, no movie that takes place during a Civil War has a happy ending. In any case, Pan's Labyrinth deserves 5 stars rating.

    Big Fish,Big Fish movie, 5 stars

    The next depressing movie to review is Big Fish. The movie is about a man who likes to tell odd stories. His son never knows if he is telling the truth. The movie takes place while the father is dying. Therefore, the movie has a gloom and doom feel about it. Regardless, the man's life was pretty interesting.

    I could say a lot about the plot of the movie. However, I don't want to spoil it for those that have yet to see the film. Needless to say, the Big Fish man met a giant, a town of seers and some Siamese twins. What I found depressing about the movie was the ending. In any case, Big Fish deserves 5 stars rating.

    edward scissorhands,johnny depp, tim burton

    The next movie worth reviewing is Edward Scissorhands. Johnny Depp acted as Edward. It was directed by the creepy Tim Burton.  Anyhow, Edward is a homunculus of a scientist. His creator died before he finished Edward's hands. One day, a saleswoman discovers Edward inside a mansion. She felt sorry for him and brought him home.

    Because of his oddness, Edward has a hard time fitting in with regular humans. It is a lot worst due to the daughter of the saleswoman, Kim. Kim's lover hates Edward and makes it his ambition to cause him problems. The moral of the story is that society has not changed much. They still judge others' by their appearance, they are the first to believe the worst of one another. Lastly, the exception is still the exception. In any case, Edward Scissorhands deserves 5 stars rating.

    sling blade,5 stars, movies

    The next depressing movie is sling blade. The movie is a about a crazy man, named Karl, that is sent back into the wild. When he was a young boy, he killed his mother and her lover with a sling blade. A sling blade is the blade piece of a lawnmower. For most of the movie, we are left with the expectation that he will do something crazy.

    The movie shows you that even crazy people can be productive members of society. Throughout the film, we understand more of how he went insane. Needless to say, his parents were anything but good. They kept poor Karl hidden underground. They even made him throw into the garbage his own aborted baby brother.

    sling blade,drama,movies

    The movie makes you question your own sanity. Behaviors that we consider normal are placed under a new light. In a strange way, we are all insane. Aside from the craziness, I thought it was cute the friendship that Karl made with a boy. They both had just about the same level of education.

    Plus, Karl was seen as non threatening. For the boy, Karl was the ideal father, that would never hurt him. Plus, Karl came during a bad time. The boy's mother had to date this drunkard who kept threatening to kill them if the mom broke up with him. I think that is every worth mentioning about Sling Blade. Truly, it deserves 5 stars rating.

    KPAX, movies, alien

    The next depressing movie worth reviewing is KPAX. The movie is about a man inside an insane asylum. The man claims that he is an alien on an observation mission.  At first, the psychologist thinks he is just another nutcase. However, as time passes, he starts believing that the crazy guy is truly an alien from KPAX.

    Long story short, the so called alien, changed the lives of the people he met. The story of the host body is also pretty depressing. It is a pity when bad things happen to pretty good people. At the end of the movie, we wonder if the guy was truly an alien or not. Certainly, the ways he kept alluding the doctors was food for thought. In any case, the KPAX movie deserves 5 stars rating.

    powder,jeremy reed, 5 stars

    Powder is another depressing movie. It goes along the same line as Edward Scissorhand. The freak in this movie is a boy, nicknamed Powder. Jeremy has that offensive nickname because he is an albino. It would not be a big deal if he did not have telepathic powers. Anyhow, he spent most of his life at home. One day, a social worker brought him to the real word.

    Like we all know, life as an orphans is a hard life. His first encounter with other kids was quite unsavory. Kids can be so cruel. The way that others treat powder makes one feel pretty depressed. In any case, the Powder movie deserves 5 stars rating. The final movie worth reviewing is Castaway. Nothing else needs to be said. We all know that it is a pretty depressing 5 stars worthy movie. Wilson!!

    Castaway,5 stars,movies
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    save the last dance, 5 stars,dancing

    Dance and Music Random Movies Review by Teresita Blanco

    The first music movie worth reviewing is Save the Last Dance. The movie is about a teenager who wants to be a dancer. The movie stars with a flashback. While she was dancing, her mother was trying to get to her audition. Suddenly, she had an accident and died. The girl has been feeling guilty about her mother's death ever since.

    Now, she has to live with her stepfather. Since her mother's death, she has stopped dancing ballet. A boy she met in school helped revive her passion for the art. Dancing wise, the movie was pretty interesting. It had a healthy blend of hip hop and ballet. The last dance too was quite entertaining. This movie deserves 5 stars rating.

    flashdance,dancing movie,movies

    The next movie worth reviewing is Flashdance. Flashdance is about a lady, named Alex, who dances in a club. When she is not dancing, she works at a construction site. She wants to enroll in a regular dance academy. However, he lack of funds has kept her from trying out ballet. In a sense, she is a self taught artist. She has her own studio.

    In the film, she forms a relationship with her boss. She feels awkward with him because he is filthy rich. She likes the guy, but still wishes to retain her independence. You know how it is, even poor people have their pride. Storyline wise, the movie is not half bad. It shows you what effort can do for you.

    To succeed, you must be the best that has ever been. Now, onto reviewing the dancing. Alex's dances are pretty entertaining. The best ones were her audition dance and her Flashdance. It was pretty intense.The final song," Flashdance...What a Feeling" was also went well with the dancing. Truly, Flashdance was a 5 stars worthy music movie.

    Sweeney Todd,The Demon Barber, movies

    The next music movie worth reviewing is called Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It was based on a musical with the same name. The movie was directed by Tim Burton. The movie is a tale of vengeance. Sweeney Todd had a beautiful wife and a little girl. An evil judge fell in love with his wife. To get to her, he sent Todd to jail.

    When Todd returned he heard tales that his wife was dead. To make matters worst, his daughter was being raised by his mortal enemy. His plan for vengeance was drawn with the help of his accomplice. He will build his reputation as a barber to lure the judge. When the judge lies before him, he will slice his throat with his barber knife.

    Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, romantic movie

    One the meantime, Todd spent his time killing random people. He would slay those that would not be missed. His accomplice needed meat for her meat pies. She would discard the bodies by feeding them to his costumers.

    Overall, the movie was pretty disgusting and bloody. Then again, it had a romanticism theme. Nothing in the romantic world is beautiful and glamorous, except when it comes to lightning storms. Music wise, the singing was rather pleasant and depressing. Truly, the Demon Barber deserves 5 stars rating.

    The Soloist,music movie,movies

    The last music movie worth reviewing is the The Soloist. The Soloist is about a homeless man who likes to play the cello. One day, a reporter got into an accident. He was forced to walk to his work. While wondering outside, he met a homeless man playing music. He was playing a violin that had only two strings.

    He felt bad for the man and decided to write an article about him. The sappy article got one of the readers to give a cello to the homeless man. The cello was the original instrument of the homeless man. From then on, the movie gets more depressing. It brings to light the homeless problem. Truly, it was a very beautiful music movie. 5 stars for the soloist.

    The Soloist,movies,5 stars
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    savages 2012,savages movie, romance movie

    Time For Romance or 5 Stars Worthy Love Movies Review
    by Teresita Blanco

    The first romantic movie worth reviewing is Savages. Most would think that movie was more action than romance. Still, I want to throw it in the romantic bind. Frankly, I have not seen that many lovy, dovy movies. For the sake of longevity, i.e. for the sake of making this a long blog, I will put Savages with the romantic movies.

    In any case, the movie Savages starts with a girl narrator. She alludes to the fact that her story might not have a happy ending. From there, we see a huge flashback of bad events. In any case, Savages is a movie about a girl and her two boyfriends. Throughout the movie, others consider this couple to be nothing, but savages.

    savages 2012,screenshot, movie wallpaper

    The irony is that those that refer to the couple as savages are even worse. In any case, the cute couple makes its money with drugs. One of the men is more of a hippie, while the other is a gangster. According to the narrator, together they make one complete being. Like most drug stories, one of the bigger cartels wants to buy them off.

    The couple decides to call it quits and move to Indonesia. Yet, they fear that the cartel will not like it. It turns out that they were right. Angered at the refusal of their offer, the cartel kidnaps the narrator. For the rest of the movie, the guys are trying hard to rescue their girlfriend. They commit terrible acts all for the sake of love. Truly, Savages is a great 5 stars worthy romance/ action movie.

    hitch 2005,hitch, will smith

    The next romantic movie is called Hitch. Hitch stars Will Smith. There he plays the main character, Hitch. Yes, I know I am being a bit redundant. In any case, the movie starts with Hitch having an idyllic romance with a girl he met in collage. He referred to himself as a late bloomer. Since it was his first girl, he got a bit needy. Long story short, she left him for another guy.

    Ever since then, Hitch had a reality check about women. For him, they were always looking for their Prince. Yet, they hardly ever realized that prince charming was standing before them. Hitch started a consultant service to help men woo the women of their dreams. He gave them overall tips from manners to hygiene. The movie itself is very critical on women. It points out to how judgmental women have become. I think that is everything worth mentioning about Hitch. The film deserves 5 stars rating.

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith,angelina jolie,brad pitt

    The next romantic movie is Silence of the Lambs. Yes, you heard me! Silence of the Lambs... The movie is about a cannibal in love with detective. He is helping her find another killer all out of love. In the sequel ,Hannibal, he saves the girl from a flock of hungry pigs. If you can put up with the gore, you will discover a beautiful film about unrequited love... and cannibalism. I hope that by now you have noticed that I was simply pulling your leg. Still, you must agree that both gory nightmares were 5 stars worthy.

    The real review is about Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The movie stars with the couple meeting. Later in the movie, we discover that both were trained assassins. For all their skills, they never noticed that both had the same line of work. All those secrets and lies were creating tension in their marriage. The action part begins when they discover the truth. In the end, they discover that they had more in common than they had realized. For this reason, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a 5 stars worthy movie.


    The last movie worth reviewing is Crazy, Stupid, Love. Like Hitch, this movie is a romantic comedy. The movie begins with a couple having their anniversary dinner. During the dinner, the wife appears distant, removed from the conversation. While ridding back, she unburdens herself. She tells her husband that she had an affair.

    The husband's reaction was to jump out of a moving vehicle. Like we all know, humans have two reflexes. They will either fight or flee from a problem. Needless to say, the husband chose the latter option. A lot of other comical things happen in the movie. However, I do not want to spoil it for those that have yet to see the film. Take my word for it, Crazy,Stupid, Love is a 5 stars worthy romantic comedy.

    crazy stupid love,dirty dancing,movie parody
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    Forgetting Sarah Marshall,comedy,movies

    My Favorite 5 Stars Worthy Movie Comedies
    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    The first comedy movie worth reviewing is called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The movie is about Sarah's ex boyfriend, Peter Bretter. The movie starts with Peter going through his home routines. He later turns on the TV and sees Aldous Snow's new music video. He thought the character was pretty ridiculous in the music video. There, Snow was singing while kissing random people getting off the airport.

    Peter did never imagined how Snow was going to intrude in his romantic life. Later in the day, Sarah calls Peter. Peter takes a bath, thinking that she wanted to hangout with him. Little did he imagine that she asked him out to break up with him. Since their break up, Peter cannot get over his depression. His stepbrother tries to take him on a night out.

    forgetting sarah marshall,movie poster, 5 stars

    However, sleeping with many other women did not alleviate his suffering. Eventually, he decides to go on a vacation to Hawaii. Somehow, the presence of Sarah follows him like a shadow. For example, the intro video of the airplane featured her. To make matters worst, when he arrived to Hawaii he saw that Sarah was staying in the same hotel.

    Sarah was vacationing with her new lover, the singer Aldous Snow. From then on, the movie gets even more hilarious. Somehow, Peter must forget about Sarah Marshall while being forced to see her with her new lover. My favorite part was when Peter sang his count Dracula song. Truly, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a 5 stars worthy movie.

    Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock, Gracie Hart

    The next comedy is Miss Congeniality. The movie stars Sandra Bullock. In the film, she plays a tomboy named Gracie Hart. The movie opens up with a little flashback. A boy is getting bullied by some bad kids. Gracie stands up to the bullies and helps the boy. She said she wanted to help him because she liked him. Instead of saying thanks, the boy started insulting her. Even nerds have their pride. Seeing his negative reaction makes Gracie punch the boy.

    That incident marked Gracie's relationship with men. Because she was a tomboy, the men did not like her. Needless to say, Gracie became a success in her FBI career. She focused all her energy in her work and never had time for love. One day, she screws up a mission and ends up behind the desk.

    Miss Congeniality, Gracie Hart, Sandra Bullock

    A new killer helps her advance in her career... in ways she had not imagine. To catch the bad guy, Gracie must go undercover in a beauty Padget. In order not to stand out, they give her a serious makeover. Overnight, Gracie goes from tomboy to beauty queen. From then on, the movie gets even more hilarious. Truly, Miss Congeniality is a 5 stars worthy movie. The second part, not so much.

    Blades of Glory, Will Ferrel, Jon Heder

    The next hilarious movie is Blades of Glory. Blades of Glory is a parody of the rivalry between two ice skaters. Chazz Micheal Micheals parodies Evan Lysacek. Jimmy MacElroy parodies Johnny Weir. The starring actor was Will Ferrel, who played the part of Chazz. Jimmy was played by Jon Heder. Now onto the storyline.

    The movie starts with Jimmy getting adopted. Since he was a small child, he had a lot of talent for skating. His adopted father invested a lot of money into Jimmy. As for Chazz, he had to learn ice skating on his own. As such, Chazz embodies the passion of ice skating and Jimmy the technique.

    Blades of Glory, 5 stars, comedy

    Anyhow, both end up winning the gold medal. Since they were unable to share, Chazz and Jimmy got into a fight. Because of that fight, both skaters were banned from competing in the man's single competition. After they were banned, both lost everything. Jimmy's father disowned him. As for Chazz, he was forced to work in a kiddy ring.

    One day, Jimmy was contacted by his former stacker. He read the rule book and told Jimmy the he could still skate if he got himself a partner. With this faint hope, Jimmy went to a local skating ring to look for a female partner. It so happened that Chazz was working in that skating ring. When they saw each other again, both got into a fight.

    blades of glory,fire an ice, 5 stars

    Their fight made it to local news. Jimmy's formal coach saw the fight and had  brilliant idea. He paid the skaters' bail. He proposed to them that they become male dance partners. From there, the movie gets even more hilarious.

    Needless to say, it did not humor these formal rivals to dance together. Via their dance, they were able to forge a strong friendship. They went from being rivals to brothers. Dance wise, the Flash Gordon dance was pretty cool. However, I liked best the one with the Aerosmith song. Truly, Blades of Glory is a 5 stars worthy comedy.

    my cousin vinny, 5 stars,movie comedy

    The next movie worth reviewing is called My Cousin Vinny. The movie is starts with two collage students stopping at a gas station. After they buy the food, they noticed that they accidentally took an extra bag of chips. Minutes later, their car gets stopped by the police. Since they were in the deep south, it did not surprise them that they made a big deal about the bag of chips.

    During the interrogation, they found out that they were wanted for murder. To represent them, one of the kid's family member sends Vinny. Vinny is a novice lawyer. At most he has done insurance claims. He is forced to learn years of law to help his family. The trail is quite hilarious. Truly, My Cousin Vinny is my favorite court movie. It deserves 5 stars movie.

    Bruce Almighty,Jim Carrie,Comedy movie

    The next movies worth reviewing are Bruce and Evan Almighty. The God of both series is played by Morgan Freeman.  In Bruce Almighty, Bruce was played by Jim Carrey. In the first movie, Bruce starts cursing God. He felt that God was bully and that he was not doing his job. Annoyed with his complains, God gives Bruce his powers. In exchange, Bruce must do the job of God. Hilarity ensues, when Bruce starts playing around with God's powers.

    In Evan Almighty, Evan, a character from the first part become Senator. He said he wanted to change the world. God was pleased by his initiative. He asked Evan to build him an ark. For days, Evan refused God's calling. Eventually, he yields to God's command. His new pass time caused strains in his job and in his family. The moral of both movies is that God is black and he works in mysterious ways. In any case, both Almighty movies deserves 5 stars rating.

    The Invention of Lying,romantic comedy,movies wallpaper

    The next comedy worth reviewing is The Invention of Lying. The movie takes place in a fictional world, not so different from our own. The only difference is that people do not lie. Everyone is always brutally honest. The main character is script writer. He has been tasked to write about the Black Plague. Naturally, such movies do not sell well. We all know that the Black Plague is really depressing.

    His day goes from bad to worst when he gets fired and dumped by the girl he likes. That same day his landlord asked him for rent movie. When he goes to the bank to get his money, there was a mistake in the machines. His first lie was said when he claimed to have more money than he actually had. Naturally, everyone assumed he was telling the truth. From that first lie, his lies grow to epic proportions. They go as far as inventing God. This hilarious take on lies is a 5 stars worthy movie.

    Dracula dead and loving it,mina harker,dracula

    The next hilarious comedy is Dracula dead and loving it. This Dracula movie is a parody of all the Dracula movies that have ever been made. The movie starts with Renfield visiting Dracula's castle. There he gets attacked by Dracula's weird sisters. Via his powers, Dracula makes Renfield his servant.

    Later, Renfield gets sent to the nuthouse. The movie parodies how this nutcase used to eat bugs at random. The true reason was clearly stated in the book. However, in the movie they simple made it seen as something random that crazy people do. Later, we see Dracula at the Opera, where he meets his first victim.

    dracula dead and loving it,van helsing,bram stoker

    In that film, they make several jokes about Dracula's hypnosis. When he has spellbound more than one person, he has a hard time issuing commands. When Van Helsing is introduced, he is doing a hilarious autopsy. He is making it extra gory to keep his record straight.

    From all the weird things of the film, there were two scenes that I liked the best. The first one was the killing of the Lucy vampire. Jonathan is forced to stab her with a stake. They sorta went overboard with the blood. The next funny scene took place in the dance party. In the mirror, they showed you how weird it looked when Dracula was dancing with the girl. In one scene, it looked as if she was flying. I think I said enough on the film. Truly, Dracula Dead and Loving it is a 5 stars worthy comedy.

    Mrs. Doubtfire,Robin Williams,comedy movie

    The next funny movie is called Mrs. Doubtfire. The movie stars Robin Williams. There he plays a voice actor named Daniel. The film opens with Daniel doing a cartoon. However, he is shocked when he sees that the character he is playing is smoking. He quieted his job because he could not endorse a cartoon that featured a smoker.

    Since he was home early, he arranged for a surprise birthday party. The children made quite a mess. When the mother arrived, the mess was a wake up call. She decided to divorce the husband. The judge too agreed that Daniel was too immature to take care of his three kids. He would not be able to see them until he got a home and a day job.

    Mrs. Doubtfire,Robin Williams, 5 stars

    Casually, he heard that his ex wife was looking for a nanny. He altered the add to divert the calls. He then used his voice acting skills to pretend to be a lot of odd chicks. His final form was supposed to look wonderful in comparison. Via this idea, he created the character of Mrs. Doubtfire. Mrs. Doubtfire was an ideal British nanny.

    This charade caused Daniel many problems, the first being that he was not an old woman, from Britain. The second problem had to do with regular housework. Up until that day, Daniel had never helped around the house. Now he had to improvise all solutions, or else lose his only chase to see his kids. This movie shows how far a father would go to be near his kids. Truly, it deserves 5 stars rating.

    Forrest Gump,historical comedy,movie

    The next 5 stars worthy comedy is called Forrest Gump. The movie is about a man who is a bit slow in the head. He is the narrator of the story. The way he tales his story is colored by his mental impairment. Ironically, his slowness was well liked in the army. To his superiors, they thought that Gump was a genius. Well, I am getting a bit ahead of myself. When Forrest Gump was small, his mother tried hard to get him enrolled in a regular kids school. However, the ture defining factor is Gump's romance with Jenny. Jenny was his first friend.

    They met inside the bus. Jenny had a very bad father. She got along with Gump because he was the only man in her life that could never harm her. Via both their lives, we see a lot of critical events of history. The movie covers the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War and then some. Truly, this heartwarming historical comedy is 5 stars worthy.

    The Mask, Jim Carrie, 5 stars

    The next hilarious movie is The Mask. The Mask is based on a comic book. The main character, Stanley Ipkiss, was played by Jim Carrie. The personage of the mask was the ideal role for this actor. He was truly sublime. His romantic interest in the film was Tina. She was played by the beautiful Cameron Diaz.

    The movie starts with Stanley talking with his friend at his workplace. Suddenly, a stunning beauty walks in. She is Tina, the lover of a mob boss. She came there to spy on the bank's defenses. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. Stanley thought it was his day when he met her.

    The Mask, Jim Carrie, Cameron Diaz

    However, things went from bad to worst after he met Tina. Things started looking up for Stanley when he found the mask. He first discovered its powers thanks to a T.V. show. There a very boring guy said something like: "We all wear masks, methodically speaking..." As a joke, he tried on the mask.

    That was when he discovered the mask's powers. From then on, the movie got even more hilarious. My favorite part was when the mask danced with Tina. It was quite original and elaborate. Truly, the mask is a 5 stars worthy comedy.

    bedazzled,movies, demon

    The final comedy movie worth reviewing is Bedazzled. I watched both versions of the movie. I can honestly say that both movies were 5 stars worthy. In the first movie, the devil was a guy. He granted seven wishes to someone who wanted to woo a girl he liked. He kept making up random scenarios. Somehow, the devil made things in such a way that the wish was ruined. For you see, the devil would harvest his soul once the last wish was granted. During that period with the devil, the main character developed a strange sort of friendship with the demon. How the wishes got ruined was part of the hilarity.

    In the second movie, the devil was played by a chick. In this case, the devil was in love with a fool. To take his soul, the devil granted him 7 wishes. It was the same arrangement as the first version of the movie. Joke wise, I found hilarious when the guy became someone who was too over sensitive. He kept crying whenever he saw the sunset. In any case, I recommend Bedazzeled to all who like demon related comedies. Both versions were 5 stars worthy. I hope you like these comedy movie reviews.

    Bedazzled, devil, 5 stars
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    V for Vendetta,movies,nicole kidman
    The Best Action Movies I have Ever Seen Review
    by Teresita Blanco

    The first action movie worth reviewing is V for Vendetta. The movie is about a British Domestic Terrorist named V. Since the movie is based on a graphic novel, V has a super hero kind of aspect. He is ,in a sense, a traditional terrorist of the kind that only focuses on his target. As such, he wishes to play the part of a super hero. Everything he does is for the sake of his vendetta against the corrupt system that turned him into a monster.

    Aside from V, we have his romantic interest. His cutie was played by Nicole Kidman. He saved the girl from some corrupt politician. The girl was fascinated by V. A few days later, V attacked the British Broadcasting Company. He made a communication where he asked the people to see their government for what it really was.

    V for Vendetta,cool movie, 5 stars

    It so happens that the girl helps V escape from the BBC. Since she helped him, V was compelled to take her to his lair. After living together for a while, V and the girl develop a strange sort of romance. V goes as far as to compromise his revenge plot for the sake of the woman he love.

    The rest of the movie is just that awesome. V for Vendetta asks the viewer to stand up to corrupt governments. We should not simply accept whatever the media tells us, blindly. This movie was quite inspirational to Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street. Whenever there is a protest of some sort, one never fails to see a V for Vendetta mask. For being so inspiration and entertaining to look at, V for Vendetta deserves 5 stars rating.

    War of the Worlds, book review, 5 stars

    The next action movie worth reviewing is called War of the Worlds. I liked the movie because of the acting of my favorite little girl actress, Saoirse Ronan. She was as cute as a bud in this movie. As a matter of fact, she acted much better than the rest of the cast. Aside from this cutie, the film was directed by Steven Spielberg. Now, onto the storyline. The movie is based on a book by the same name. I saw this movie in theaters. The main character is a divorce father that has a teen son and a little girl.

    The day he was supposed to take care of them, was the day the aliens came. These aliens come with a lightning storm. Once they board their machines, the action begins. Truly, this one sided battle of a survival movie was pretty entertaining. It gives one a lot of food for thought. I thought the aliens were doom the second I saw them making food with our blood. With all HIV and Hepatitis, is no wonder that the Aliens did not last a week in planet Earth. Opps! I think I spoiled the end... It is still a classic. In any case, the War of the Worlds deserves 5 stars rating.

    the day the earth stood still,coo movie,5 stars

    The next amassing movie is the day the earth stood still. This movie is also about aliens. This time the aliens came to save planet earth. The movie starts mysteriously. The main character is a science teacher, who specializes in alien bacterias. Anyhow, on an observation mission, the teacher has a close encounter with an alien.

    The alien is played by Keanu Reeves. The humans worry that he did not come in peace. Most of their fear stems from the fact that his glowing orb hacked their satellites. His metamorphosis into a human was pretty interesting. Action wise, it was quite entertaining. Truly, the day the earth stood still deserves 5 stars rating.

    independance day,will smith, movies

    Independence Day is the last old movie that I will review. The rest of the movie reviews will be addressed on a need to know basis. Anyhow, Independence Day is a science fiction action movie. One day an alien spaceship arrives to planet earth. The human's reaction to the visitors are mixed. For the most part, they do not want to anger their otherworldly visitors. 

    After a few days, the earthlings discover that the alien race did not come in peace. For the rest of the film, the humans must combat the aliens. The first human to defeat an alien space craft was Will Smith. He also punched the alien pilot. For him, that was a true close encounter. The movie has a lot of witty humor around the edges. Truly, Independence Day is a 5 stars worthy movie. I hope that you liked these movie reviews.
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    Megan Fox,wallpaper, 5 stars

    Truly, all who gaze upon this beauty must admit that she is one hot actress. She has been part of all the wet dreams of many movie fans. Here we see her as simply that beautiful Megan Fox..
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    Zooey Deschanel,bad actress,actress

    Rumor has it that is a Zooey Deschanel...

    Rumor has it that this cutie is a... whatever that cute photo is saying. I do not have any solid proof of the fact. All I know is that she uses too much botox on her eyebrows. You must wonder why they hide them with her long hair. Truly, her lack of emotion always freaks me out. I wonder if she would be more responsive in an adult flick...Still, this photo of this actress is 5 stars worthy.
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    Mila Kunis,Justin Timberlake, 5 stars

    This cute Photos Features Mila Kunis Painting Whiskers on Justin Timberlake

    I like this cute photo a lot. It certainly goes to show you that even actors like to play practical jokes. I bet Justin is going to be angry when he wakes up. Still, for a practical joke, Mila has a taste for the classic. In any case, this adorable photo deserves 5 stars rating. I hope you like it a lot.
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    This is a Beautiful Digital Art Wallpaper Showing Hades and Persephone

    This is one pretty digital art wallpaper. It was made by Sandara. The flowers around her are really pretty. It is a pity that Hades' Persephone does not love her one bit. Truly, this little number is 5 stars worthy.
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    Wonder Woman,artgerm,marvel

    Wonder Woman Returns an Better than Ever!!

    This is one amassing Wonder Woman digital art wallpaper. It was made by artgerm. He made this piece in commemoration of the return of wonder woman. Like most super heroes, she is ripping off her human disguise. Like Super Man, Wonder Woman was a goddess before she got disguised as a human. Truly, this amassing digital art deserves 5 stars rating.
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  • 09/05/13--09:35: Anime Kida Press Release

  • In a few days, AnimeKida’s new dedicated server will go online. It will be just that awesome. With its power, we will be able to handle all you visitors. The server comes with a data expansion. It will allow us to service you with new anime shows and wallpapers. Another great thing about the new server is its added speed. With it, you will be able to surf our website much faster. To inaugurate our new server, we completely redesigned the look of anime kida ( The thumbnails are much bigger. It gives you a better perspective of the featured anime wallpapers. This new thumbnails come with new features with the anime shows. When you hover over them, you can see the description of the anime show. Another new feature is pagination. When you scroll down, you can see more images loading up. You can also surf our website in the regular page by page fashion. These are some of the few new upgrades to our website. I hope you like the new changes we made to improve your surfing experience. So I hope that with the new server and the new anime you will be able to enjoy the new shows in the best possible quality.
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    vocaloid,hatsune miku,anime wallpaper

    Hatsune Miku Now Likes Wearing a Cute Black Kimono

    This is one very beautiful Hatsune Miku anime wallpaper. It comes with butterflies and the like. One has to wonder why the japs like those fox masks a lot. I suppose it must have something to do with tradition. Tradition is important. Yet, it would not hurt to have a little girl of innovation. In any case, this lovely anime wallpaper is 5 stars worthy. I hope that you like this lovely anime wallpaper a lot. Well, let us finish up this very short anime image review. Oh, I forgot to mention something. This anime wallpaper was made by the mangaka artist called Toori. I think she is from Pixiv or something. Keep that in mind if you like her anime style of drawing. Have a wonderful day or something like it.
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    Most Pokemon Trainers Seem to Like that Pikachu a Lot What a Cutie
    Reviewed By TB

    In this cute anime wallpaper, we see a random assortment of cute pikachus. In the pokemon world, pikachu is one of the best liked pokemons. He is small,  cuddly and has a shocking personality. Aside from the pikachu, here we see an eevee and a foogus. Both do look very cute together. Never before has there been an hamster as beloved as that cute pikachu. I hope that you like this adorable pokemon anime wallpaper. This fancy anime wallpaper was made by Toroku. This anime artist was made by mangaka artist. This anime wallpaper deserves 5 stars worthy wallpaper. I hope that you like this amassing anime wallpaper. There are still a lot of anime wallpapers to be rated.
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    Pikachu and Meawth Goes to Hawaii To Dance Very Cutely
    Reviewed By Teresita Blanco

    This is one very cute pokemon anime wallpaper. It features Pikachu and Meawth in Hawaiian outfits. Meawth is playing his ukelele. As for pikachu, he is dancing around in a cute skirt. This is quite the peachy looking pokemon anime wallpaper. I hope that you like this feature pokemon anime wallpaper. Even though it is simple looking, it is truly 5 stars worthy. I have a few more pokemon features. Please stay tune...
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    vocaloid,hatsune miku,anime wallpaper

    Random Vocaloid Anime Wallpaper with Lots of Versions of Hatsune Miku
    Reviewed by TB

    Above, we see a motley arrangement of Hatsune Mikus. Like we all know, she was the first singer of the Vocaloid program. Since her birth, Miku has been redesigned like a million times. Miku's creators even made special competitions to pick a new look for her. In this version, Sakura Miku is getting a bit too much attention. Then again, she is the only Miku model in this anime wallpaper that comes in pink. Needless to say, her other forms like her a hell of a lot. Perhaps a bit too much. I hope that you like this random Vocaloid anime wallpaper. With time, I will find more cute anime wallpapers. For now, enjoy this 5 stars worthy anime wallpaper. From all these cuties, I like best the cute Hachune Mikus.
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    Random Asortment of Blonde Chibis from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    reviewed by TB

    I never understood why a lot of otakus thought Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was not anime. Think about it, the otakus of Japan consider it anime. The writer of the manga, the publishers and the mangaka artists fans called it anime. Heck, it even has its own video game, action figures and anime TV show. I suppose you can never please everyone. Regardless, this anime wallpaper features a lot of cute chibis from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The blonde chibis are both Dio Brandon and Giorno Giovanna. Dio was the main bad guy for a lot Jojo parts. Giorno is a descendant of Dio and Jojo. They are acting like any regular old chibi. I hope that like this cute chibi anime wallpaper. Truly, it deserves 5 stars rating.
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    Random Pokemons From the Mystery Dungeons Having Lunch: It's Fun to Eat with Friends
    Reviewed by Tere Blanco

    In this cute anime wallpaper, we see some pokemons from the Mystery Dungeon. A Dusknoir is making dinner for his friends. The anime artist had enough tact to have Dusknoir cook using only vegetables. I would have been freaked out if there was any meet inside that frying pan. The main guest of honors are Celebi and Grovyle. Aside from them, we see a pest of sableye. There are even some leering at the dinner party from the outside. If you notice well, by the left, we see a photo featuring a Pikachu, a Grovyle and a Piplup. I hope that this cute anime wallpaper makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. It certainly makes me smile. Truly, it deserves 5 stars rating. I will see if I can find anything else.
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