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If you are wondering what is good out there in the universe then come here for me to inform you. Here you get to know a lil bit ofeverything like art, culture, entertainment, music, fashion, movies,anime ect. So if its 5 star worthy it will have a place in this blog.

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    Annibale Carraci,Venus,bacchantin

    Annibale Carraci's Greek Gods and Goddess Paintings Review

    Annibale Carraci was a wonderful baroque artist. He is mostly know for his Farnese ceiling Paintings. These  paintings feature scenes from Virgil’s Metamosphosis. That book told tales of the love of the gods. For our purpose, I featured a few of his Greek paintings. Some are from the Farnese ceiling.  The first painting shows Diana. She was awaken by a faun. He is inviting her to his Bacchanal. The drapery and the hairdos are quite realistic. Diana seems a bit frightened. By the leg of the goddess we see a faun brat with a very creepy expression. Truly, this lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    Annibale Carraci,Italian Baroque,Venus

    This next painting is also really pretty. Here we see Venus sleeping. All around her, we see playful cupids. They make great decorations. Venus herself is really pretty. The style is idealized. It has a lot of Renaissance traits and some scenery to boot. Truly, Annibale Carraci deserves 5 stars rating.

    Above, we see a painting from the Farnese Ceiling.  Here we see Venus with one of her lovers. She is performing the Swan leg maneuver. Her lover is so enchanted with her beauty that he is putting the other sandal on the same leg. By her other leg, we see her little Cupid. Outside of the painting, we see some cool painted borders that bring closing to this scene. Between her legs we see a post in Latin. It says that from her came the Latin race. Don’t forget, the Latins claim to be heirs of Aeneas, and the Trojans. In any case, this lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    italian baroque,Annibale Carracci ,Perseu

    This painting is pretty cool. Here Perseus was ambushed. He was forced to use his Medusa Head to give himself an edge. Behind him, some maidens are closing their eyes. Those who did look upon Medusa have been turned to stone. Those Figures do look petrified. In any case, this amassing baroque painting of Annibale Carracci gets 5 stars.

    Annibale Carracci ,Methamorphosis,Ovid

    In this painting, we see Zeus asking Hera to sleep with him. This is from a scene of the Iliad. Hera was planning to seduce Zeus and put him to sleep. While he slept she planned to help the Greeks to win over the Trojans. For our purposes, here we see the moment before they enter their marital bed. Hera had made herself extra pretty by borrowing Venus’ sash. You can still see it bellow her chest. This belt was supposed to make women extra pretty.

    To keep Zeus from suspecting, she is playing hard to get. To get her to sleep with him, Zeus is complimenting her beauty. He says she is more beautiful, than all the maidens he has slept with. On the background, we see Cupid with his bow. On the clouds, Sleep is stealing Zeus’s lightning bolts. By Zeus’s leg, we see his eagle symbol. Hera has her peacock behind her. In any case, this lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked these featured paintings a lot. I have a second Annibale Carracci blog planned for the near future. Kudos to you, and tata.

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    Annibale Carraci,baptism of christ, italian baroque

    Annibale Carraci's Jesus and Virgin Mary Paintings Review

    In my previous review, I told you all you needed to know about Carracci. So, let just move on with out lives. In this painting, we see Jesus being Baptized by his cousin. The two main figures in the foreground are pointing to Jesus. They want the viewer to focus on Jesus. The scenery is naturalistic. The figures are all idealized. The clothed figures in the background are the Pharisees. They always had something to say about whatever Jesus did. Anyhow, this painting of Annibale Carracci deserves 5 stars rating.

    Christ,Jesus,Annibale Carraci

     This painting is pretty self explanatory. Jesus is being supported by two angels. One of them is looking at the viewer. He wants us to understand what Jesus suffered for the sake of our sins. In any case, this baroque painting of Annibale Carracci deserves 5 stars rating.

    Annibale Carraci,Christ,Jesus

    This is a pretty unusual depiction of Christ. Here, we see him dead with the three Marys and his mother. His mother fainted with Christ in her arms. Her hand positions are similar to that of her son. The maiden in Red is Mary Magdalene. As noted, the figures here have thin halos. The patron wanted Halos on the three Marys. The sad expression on the maidens are realistic. However, all the figures are idealized. In any case, this painting of Annibale Carracci is 5 stars worthy.

    Annibale Carraci,Jesus,Virgin Mary

     Like we all know, Nuns are the wives of Christ. As such, St. Catherine is getting married to baby Jesus. He is giving her a wedding band. Behind her, we have two angels. One is looking at the saint, the other at the viewer. In doing so, we become part of the miracle. The figures here are extremely pretty. The light falls on all their faces. In any case, this painting deserves 5 stars rating. I think those are all the paintings worth rating. I hope that you liked them a lot.

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    Anouther,Micheal Parkes,clown

    Featured Micheal Parkes Dreamscape Paintings Part 1

    Micheal Parkes is a talented dreamscape artist. He was born in the US, but he currently resides in Spain. Many of his paintings are mass produced in the form of illustrations. He also does sculptures. For our purposes, we will focus on Parkes’ paintings. The first one is called Another. Basically, we see a jester with a ring and swam. In painting, such maidens placed as such are unsightly, composition wise.  However, Parkes decided to put her there to draw your eyes to her. As for the swans, Parkes has like a dozen paintings with swans. He likes that bird a lot. One gets a sense of harmony in this image via the repetitive circles. Its cool how the circle is at the center of the image. Overall, this is a pretty odd dreamscape. Truly, Micheal Parkes deserves 5 stars rating.

    Circus Memories, Micheal Parkes,dreamscape

    Here is yet another painting that features swans. The maiden, in the foreground, has her eyes closed. She does not noticed the strange scenes about her. She is busy remembering. In the background, we see a circus clown. Putting two and two together, we get Parkes’ vision of a circus of memory. The real scene is happening within the maiden. Her dress is black. She is remembering someone she lost. Her red floating hair is the color of passion. This lovely painting of Micheal Parkes deserves 5 stars rating.

    Dream for Rosa,Micheal Parkes,tiger cub

    This dream for Rosa is pretty cool. On the ring string, a ballerina is balancing herself. There is also a baby tiger playing in the string. Both are being watched by the Jester and mama Tiger. In the background, we see some birds. The sky scenery is pretty cool and Greek. Anyhow, Parkes deserves 5 stars rating.

    Water Music,Micheal Parkes,swam

    This painting is one of my favorite. Let us begin with the Swans in the foreground. On the left, we see the beak of a swan, with a rose. His shadow is seen on the marble. The other swan has a bell. Behind them, we have a blindfolded clown violinist. His hands are blurred because he is playing so quickly. At the edge of the violin, we see a frog with flowers. Overall, this is a pretty strange painting. This water music is 5 stars worthy.

    music,Micheal Parkes,dreamscape

    Before I continue, I want to explain the theory of correspondence. It is said that all senses work together. Thus, when you smell a yummy meal, you imagine the taste. Following this theory, many artists have tried to illustrate music. Thus, when you see this painting, you must imagine the sound of the flute. It is calming and soothing. Its perfect to calm the raging heart of a lioness, like the one in the foreground. In any case, this Micheal Parkes deserves 5 stars rating.

    Andalusian Dream, Micheal Parkes,dreamscapes

    This is an Andalusian dream. Needless to say, Parkes had this dream in Andalusia. That is a place in Spain. Its full of gypsies and the like. The faceless figure is asking for silence. Behind him, we see a ghostly gypsy with a card. Before her is a white lamb. In the background, we see a storm coming. The grass is showing the surging wind. This is the calm before the storm. This amassing painting of Micheal Parkes is 5 stars worthy.

    Above, we see a cool ceremony of the sun. The maiden by the edge has a miniature of the sun in her hand. Behind her, we see her attendants urging her on. They are dressed in white. What I like best is the steps. They are floating in mid air. The cat is there to add to the surreal of this painting. Its follows the example of Monet’s Olympia. In that painting, there too was inconspicuous cat. It’s there to show you that this is a common place event in Parkes’ dream. In any case, this painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    Swan Spirit, little girl,Micheal Parkes

     Above, we see a little girl looking at a swan spirit. The maiden is flying pretty quickly. Its generating a sprite behind her. There are also some more swan maidens. This little cutie has earned Micheal Parkes 5 stars rating.

    Inner World,Micheal Parkes,art

    This last painting is called inner world.The main figure is a ballerina. She is dancing on a tight rope. On it, we see a monkey with a sphere and some lilies. Beside him, a maiden is releasing birds. The ones she sent out are playing with the ribbons of the maiden. They are helping her maintain her balance. Frankly, I really do not get what this painting is about. Still, this is a 5 stars worthy dreamy painting. I hope that you liked these featured paintings. I have another Micheal Parkes blog planned for the near future.

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    Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung,samsung galaxy s3

    The New Amassing Samsung Galaxy S4 Cellphone Reviews

    In a week, Samsung will release its new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone a.k.a "Your Life Companion". The phone comes in two colors: White Frost and Black Mist. Yep, Samsung cannot have regular black or white colors. There has to be something special about them. Even though, to my untrained eyes, there is nothing special about those colors. Speaking of black, the Samsung Galaxy S4 finally got rid of the creepy black bar. Now, the entire phone has a nice blue, organic color.

    Speaking of blue, its design pattern is closer to the Microsoft computers color pallet. Samsung opted for the color blue to dominate U.S. market. Studies show, that many of the U.S. users like the baby blue color, for some odd reason. Following this study, Samsung changed its phone from black to blue. 

    Samsung Galaxy S4,s4,Galaxy S4

    What I find most interesting about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the rumors revolving its new screen. To the untrained eye, it’s simply looks like a nice sleek surface. However, it is said that the new screen Super AMOLED 1080p can stop a speeding bullet. The story as to how they discovered this fact is interesting in it of itself. Let us say, that Samsung's war with Apple is getting a bit too aggressive.

     Aside from this feature, this phone also functions as a super expensive remote control. It can connect with your TV pretty easily. Like your remote, you can change the channels and the like. Thus, when you lose your remote control, you can rely on your phone to change the channel. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also lets you watch your favorite TV shows on your phone. It also has a lot of unique, on demand programming not available to your regular TV.  In essence, this phone is the perfect synthesis of a computer, a camera, and Television. Oh, and it also functions like a regular old phone. 

    Another thing that I like about this phone is its sensitivity to gestures. Now, you do not even need to use the touch screen to make it react. It is very similar to the kinetic, in this respect. Plus, when your finger hovers over the screen, the area bellow begins to glow. I find this effect quite delightful. Aside from this new technology, the new Samsung phone has improved its phone camera. Now, its camera has a resolution of 13-megapixels. 

    Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung phone, new samsung

    This increase in megapixels allows you to take higher quality photos with your phone. The difference is not much noted in such a small screen. However, you will be surprised by the phone’s high resolution, when you transfer the photos to your Facebook page. The camera also has a stronger flash. In the past, they used to say that photos taken with a phone were terrible. Samsung was able to develop a special mini lens that rivals the power of any regular digital camera. Plus, its photo editing software has many Photoshop like, features.

    The last noteworthy feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is how it runs on HTML5. With this new feature, the phone does not require an FFMPEG expansion. The Samsung Galaxy S4 HTML5 allows the phone to run videos using the built in player of the language. This also allows for faster uploading and downloading speed.   On that date, this new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone will enter all stores. On the meantime, let us relish in the expectation of this new awesome Samsung phone. In any case, this cellphone deserves 5 stars rating.

    galaxy s4, samsung galaxy s4, samsung

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    Micheal Parkes Dreamscape Paintings Review

    Today, I wanted to review some amassing Micheal Parkes paintings. For those that do not know, Micheal Parkes is a modern day Dreamscape artist. He has made lots of illustration books. From his whole body of works, I choose several of his illustrations that I consider 5 stars worthy. The first painting is called Venus Embellished. This was a common subject matter in classical paintings. Micheal Parkes made this subject matter his own.

    In the center, we see the pretty Venus. She is shy, covering herself with green coat. Beside her, we see a weird guy with an egg and a moon. Venus is the daughter of the moon and Cronus. When Cronus was castrated, his blood fell in the ocean. Via the powers of Selene, Venus was born from the ocean's foam. Here, Venus has just risen from the foam. Bellow her, we see a typical Micheal Parkes odd floating head. The patterns around her follows the style of the decorative art of art nouveau. Overall, these elements look pretty cute. This adorable maiden deserves 5 stars rating.

    painting,Micheal Parkes,dreamscape

    This next lovely painting shows an old hag. She is painting an angel. I like how she seems to be coming to life straight out of the sky. Above her, a frog is holding her color pallet. Resting on her shoulder, we see one of Micheal Parkes' odd swans. Overall, this is a pretty odd imaginative painting. What I like best are the little blushes on the faces of the angel, the hag and the frog. This lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    Mermaids,painting,Micheal Parkes

     In this lovely painting, we see three beautiful mermaids. They are getting out of the water. Nearby, a swan is looking at the pretty mermaids. I like the flowing motion of the stylized waves a lot. The sunrise , with the mountains, also works pretty. This beautiful painting by Micheal Parkes deserves 5 stars rating.

    annunciation,Micheal Parkes,dreamscape

    This is an interesting Micheal Parkes annunciation. Like you all know (or not), the Annunciation was when the angel told Mary that she was going to have God's child. In Parkes version, we see the Virgin Mary surrounded by some attendants. Before her, we see the Arch Angel Micheal. His presence seems to be making the Virgin fly up. The Virgin appears to be frightened at the angel's appearance. She is avoiding looking in his direction. This shows her humility. The others ,not part of the miracle, are looking straight at the angel. In any case, this pretty Micheal Parkes painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    Awakening, Micheal Parkes,illustration

    In this painting, an angel girl is looking about. On the next mountain, we see the personification of the moon. Above her, we see two galaxies about to crash. This painting seems to be about the awakening of knowledge. The angel is looking at the stars in the heaven to decipher the truth. In any case, this lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    battle of mare imbrium, Micheal Parkes,dragon

    The Mare Imbrium is the huge black spot on the moon. In other words, this battle is taken place ,symbolically speaking, on the moon. There we see a clown knight fighting a dragon. He has just pieced its egg. Bellow, we see a strange angel chick. She has a snake coiled around a pyramid. Overall, these symbols in this painting are way too weird. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    Dawn,Micheal Parkes,illustration

    In this painting, we see a girl playing with a lion cub. She is raising it up, to look at him better. Behind her, a weird dwarf is playing a harp. In this painting, the maiden is dawn personified. Anyhow, this Micheal Parkes painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    Four Feathers,cute girls,Micheal Parkes

    The four feathers are being blown by the red headed Greek girl. Beside her, we see the same strange anachronistic swan. There is also a black cat looking at the feathers. There are also two other maidens. On the bottom, we see the same creepy floating head that glares at the views. Arrangement wise, this painting works pretty well. This is is a great dreamy painting. 5 stars for Parkes.

    hope,Micheal Parkes,cute girls

    In this painting, we see 4 maidens. They are each at the bloom of their beauty. One of them is even with child. They are full of hope of their new life. Behind them, we see an old woman. She represents the creeping death. She is their destiny. One day, their youth will fade. However, they are hopeful that their beauty will transcend their mortal coils. In any case, these cuties of Micheal Parkes deserves 5 stars rating.

    Maria,Micheal Parkes,harp

    In this lovely painting, we see Maria playing the Harp in a very cool fashion. Movement of her dress makes her seem even more epic. Truly, this cutie deserves 5 stars rating.

    Stalking, Micheal Parkes,Surrealism

    In this painting, we see a huntress stalking her pretty. The huntress body is distorted. Her arms are backward. Beside her, a chimeric personification of her hack is pointing in the right direction. Bellow her, we see her hunting dog. His white makes him look very creepy. In any case, this cutie deserves 5 stars rating.

    Anunciation, Virgin Mary,Micheal Parkes
    Here is another Annunciation painting. In this version, the Virgin Mary is simply sitting down before the angel. He is blessing the Virgin. Behind her, the dwarf Personification of the Holy Ghost is planting the egg of Jesus Christ into the Virgin. The Holy Ghost also has the Virgin Mary lilies. In any case, this lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating. 

    The Creation, painting,Micheal Parkes

    In this painting, a maiden is painting a mask. It looks pretty cool. I like her furry coat a lot. Beneath her, we see a Tiger with the spirit of a Lion. His glaring is pretty cool. On  the border, we see a creepy own glaring at the viewer. The profile of this maiden is really cute. Overall, this painting is about the process of creation. She is in the midst of creating someone. This lovely painter deserves 5 stars rating.

    The Juggler,Micheal Parkes,surrealism

    Well, we do see the Juggler. On the ledge, a little girl is about to throw him another ball for him to juggle. Beside her, there is a cat looking at this werido. All these aspects combine, makes this painting pretty interesting to look at. This cute painting deserves 5 stars rating.

    magic,cute girl,Micheal Parkes

    In this painting, we see the magician's daughter practicing magic. She drew a magic circle on the floor. The incense of the candle is part of her ward. On the wall, we see a feather and an ace. Beside it, we see a cat spirit flying about. Needless to say, this girl summoned the cat. Its a simple summoning for an apprentice magician. In any case, this cutie deserves 5 stars rating.

    swans, Micheal Parkes, bird food

    In this painting, a girl is feeding a lot of swans. They are flying up to get their food. Her hair also has a lot of lovely decorations. 5 stars.

    Sophia Rose,Micheal Parkes, cute girl

    Here is the last Micheal Parkes painting. It is called Sophia Rose. This maiden has cute angel wings. Her hair is red and curly. This adorable profile is 5 stars worthy. I hope that you liked these featured Micheal Parkes paintings. I have more art blogs planned for the near future. Stay tune, chibies.

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    cute girl,cute photo,poems

    by Teresita Blanco
    Digging up a grave
    To bury my rage.
    There is nothing to gain
    From labor’s pain.

    I lift up my pen
    To drop it, yet again.
    These words refuse to flow.

    I must bend low,
    I must learn to forget.
    I must erase all my regrets. 

    ruins,digital art cool,Teresita Blanco

    There is nothing Left to Gain
    by Teresita Blanco
    Hour wasted, minutes discarded.
    On What was my time spent?
    The knife has found the dent
    In the back of my armor.

    The old scar was laid open.
    From it drops a velvet curtain.

    There is nothing left to gain.
    Al has been set and done.
    The sun is setting on my tomorrow.
    There is nothing left, but sorrow.
    black pearls,digital art,cool picture

    by Teresita Blanco
    They seek absolution
    In their petty, contributions.
    Yet, they cannot erase
    That horrible face.

    You may opaque the mirror.
    You may taint it crimson.
    Yet, you cannot escape this prison.
    Nor, their cries of horror.

    There is not forgives,
    For its all business. 

    cute girl,tattoos,digital art

    by Teresita Blanco
    For my bleeding heart,
    How much do you want?
    Put a price tag on my pain!

    Parade it, discard it,
    How much do you want for it?
    Its blood can fill a fountain.
    It can also move mountains.

    “No one is looking at it,
    No one wants it.
    Not even the rats desire it.
    Save it for the blowflies instead.”

    Copyright Teresita Blanco

    You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

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    scary movie,digital art,monster

    American Dream
    by Teresita Blanco
    Shatter the mirror.
    Erase all illusions.
    Swallow the bitter pill.
    This medicine will
    Cure all your ills.

    As the heart hardens,
    You’ll soon harness
    The lies they fed you.
    Your old delusions
    Brought you this far.

    At what cost
    Did you let your ember
    Be drowned by your tears?
    By the fears
    That bind you.

    In bliss you chased
    The American dream
    That soon turned
    Into a nightmare.
    You cannot find whom to blame!
    Nor can you erase your shame!

    digital art,shooting stars,fireworks

    The Awakening
    by Teresita Blanco
    For how long did I sleep?
    I cannot remember.
    How many days have gone by?
    I care not to remember.

    Night and day are one
    Inside this pit.
    Why do I wake
    When I wish to sleep?

    Am I awake?
    I cannot tell…
    I hear a faint whisper,
    Whisper of what, I know not…

    Why do I wake
    When I only wish to sleep?
    Yes, let me still anew
    My beating heart.
    Its sound is deafening
    In this still silence.

    Silence life,
    Let me return to death.
    Why do I live
    When I only desire death?
    digital art,summer love,photos

    by Teresita Blanco
    Stuck in the now,
    There is no way out
    But Thanatos’ grip.

    I take many trips
    With the vague hope
    That I might learn to cope
    With the same old no.

    Above this stony hills
    There awaits my bills. 

    Copyright Teresita Blanco

    You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

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    digital art girl,hot girl,poem

    Drown the truth 
    by Teresita Blanco
    I sleep again
    With a heavy heart.
    There are many things
    I wish to forget.
    Why must I hold onto the trivial
    When the substance fades away? 

    digital art,tiger, original digital art

    by Teresita Blanco
    This putrid blood,
    Weights a ton.

    When did you surrender
    Your old ember?
    You are blind,
    In her bind.
    Always scheming,
    Forever planning
    For a tomorrow
    That may never come.

    What did you desire?
    Was it Apollo’s lyre?
    No. Pour your flood
    Into these empty pages.
    watercolor,digital art,original photo

    Locked Door
    by Teresita Blanco
    In these empty halls,
    Full of white stained walls.
    I wish to paint them anew
    With a few memories.

    I hear a faint whisper
    Of a song I heard before
    Reaching into the core.

    At the end, of it all
    Lies a door
    With a sign.
    And it reads,”
    And it bleeds.”

    The door is locked,
    I threw away the key. 

    sunrise,sunrise picture,digital art

    by Teresita Blanco
    Cast he seeds
    In the desert.
    Soon they dry,
    The sky cries:
    They, with hope,
    Reach above
    To taste just
    Putrid death!
    Copyright Teresita Blanco

    You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

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    digital art girl,hot cowgirl,acoustic guitar

    Virginal Guitar 
    by Teresita Blanco
    Why bother to tune
    A guitar no one will play?
    In a corner she rest
    Waiting for the end.

    Time passes anew
    The strings lie virginal.
    No melody ever escaped
    Her hollow mouth.

    Alone she rested
    Keeping her tune mute.
    No one will play it.
    No one will break it,
    Except the grim death. 

    digital art marvel,marvel, Spiderman

    The Beast
    by Teresita Blanco
    For how long,
    I know not,
    Did I avoid mirrors?

    I do not want to see
    The beast within!
    So hollow, so opaque,
    A face scarred by death,
    And eyes so vacant.

    The Mind escapes,
    Reality gives chase.
    Forever binding,
    Always guiding
    Toward the same end.

    digital art,digital art heart,castle

    IHU                             IHU
    by Teresita Blanco
    For how long               I hated you (?), when
    I sought to kiss             your steel blade
    Those trembling lips    killed me again.
    ***                              ***
    The morning dew         Mask your stench, it
    Welcomes you,            Beckons you
    To my arms                 toward my phantom, to
    Once again                   hug my neck.
    ****                            ****
    I know not                   What to do,
    For how long               must I serve you?
    I waited for you,          with a leaded arrow
    But you never came     you aim at me, again.

    desolate road,digital art,cool scenery

    You Never Came
    by Teresita Blanco
    For how long
    Did I wait?
    And you never came?

    In these dark hours
    I bleed over
    These empty pages.
    They are lost,
    Just like you.

    I waited a 1000 years,
    And you never came.
    I cannot erase
    This leaded memory.
    For How long,
    And you never came.

    Copyright Teresita Blanco

    You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

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    albino dragon,pretty girl,adorable

    Not Another Fat Poem 
    by Teresita Blanco
    For how long,
    I know not,
    Did I hunger
    For food?

    For how many tears
    I wished to eat?
    Now my food
    Has been denied,

    Is it to satisfy
    Your lustful pride?
    No, to help me?
    Bah! I need no help.

    So why annoy me!

    I haven’t a moment of peace.
    Let me fatten the sacrifice, in peace. 

    Santa Claus, cool digital art,scary forest

    by Teresita Blanco
    For seven years
    I mourned your loss,
    Like a dog,
    They ended your misery.

    That ill fated day
    Was the start of my agony.
    For how long must I live
    With that memory?

    Digital Art,dragon,cool dragon

    Auria of Memory
    by Teresita Blanco
    Take a clear prism,
    Make light its prison.
    Give me the primary hues.
    Let’s taint the sky
    With a velvet plume.

    So deep and blue,
    Paint these icy tears,
    That descend your
    Ashen face.

    Why do you fear
    The green moon?
    She wants you
    But she won’t have you.

    Eternity beckons,
    Oblivion is my Nemesis.
    Copyright Teresita Blanco

    You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

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    digital art,dragon,digital art cool

    Salvation Seems so Far Away
    by Teresita Blanco
    Salvation never seemed so far away.
    To be saved… from what pains?
    If living is such a burden
    Then why do we fear death?

    Keep us safe, as we walk
    In this neon valley of death
    Full of demons wearing
    The mass of saints.

    Cast off the masks
    Of sympathy, irony,
    Hypocrisy, pity, piety…

    What is the truth
    That will set us free?
    Hear, my lord,
    Come my lord.
    Lift my cross
    So that I may live again:
    Without pain,
    Without blame,
    Without shame.
    Salvation never seemed so far away. 

    digital art,dragon,green dragon

    Frog Zebra
    by Teresita Blanco
    Poor little darling,
    The body of a frog,
    The face of a Zebra.
    Poor lil Frog Zebra.

    What skies have you seen?
    My darling Frog Zebra.

    Why do you look so grump?
    Did you miss you fly?
    Is there no more grass?

    What skies, what pods
    Have you seen, Frog Zebra?

    Black as night,
    With white stripes,
    And wet behind the ears.
    Frog Zebra, with the legs of a frog
    And the head of a Zebra.
    Are you a mammal
    Or a cold reptile, Frog Zebra.

    Always resting, so tenderly
    On a fragile leaf.
    Frog Zebra, you chimera,
    When will it be your era?
    When will you smile anew,
    Frog Zebra, for the morning dew?
    digital art girl,digital art dragon,hot girl

    by Teresita Blanco
    With these bleeding hands
    I raise you above my head!
    Erase your fears,
    I do not need your tears.

    This is the death I longed for.
    Say a prayer for me,
    It will ease my forlorn.

    The furnace calls
    Beyond those rotting faces.
    Ashes we must all become.

    With these rotting bones
    I raised you,
    Do not shed a tear.
    It is the grave you fear.

    sea horse, original dragon,cute dragon

    For 5 Years
    by Teresita Blanco
    For 5 years
    I bled for you,
    To see you smile, anew.

    For 5 years
    I slept in fear,
    Bleeding to keep you here.

    My morals discarded,
    My pride forgotten.

    For 5 years,
    A River of blood
    I bled for you!

    And it was not enough!
    Now an empty corpse
    You bleed me again.

    Why did I sacrifice
    All those years?
    Was it to make you cheer?

    Now that you don’t need me
    I lie here prostrated, discarded,
    Like some child’s broken toy.

    Yes, there are many more to come.
    But, alas, I am undone.

    Why did I bled
    For all those years
    That seemed an eternity.

    Those nightmarish 5 years
    Never seem to end!
    I still hear their screams,
    They echo forever in my dreams.

    And though I am home,
    I carry their blood
    In my wounded heart.

    For 5 years
    I bled for you!
    But you won’t bleed for me!

    Copyright Teresita Blanco

    You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

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    chinese dragon,dragon,digital art

    Mars’ Song
    by Teresita Blanco
    Forever fighting,
    Always dying,
    Periods of peace
    Filled with expectations
    Dreading Mars’ Song.

    Villages, pillaged,
    Faces flat, in the dirt,
    Empty sockets,
    Creeping blowflies
    Filled with hesitation
    For his song resumes.

    Caught in the beat of his drums.
    There are no more rests
    To help us catch our dying breath.
    Forever singing, always dancing.

    Not even Venus’ song may stop him.
    She lies prostrated, wasted,
    Mars’ perfected vengeance.

    Thanatos, he awaits,
    Filled with agitation;
    Thrilled, his wife beckons,
    With promises of eternal peace.
    Will Mars’ song end
    In the land of yesterday? 

    digital art girl, digital art dragon,silver hair

    Mars’ Song 2
    by Teresita Blanco
    A Small man’s petty ambition
    Resurrects Mars anew,
    For 2000 years he laid dormant,
    Known only to a few.

    And behold, he lines up the sacrifices;
    Shedding all, except his own blood.
    With their lives he makes a flood
    That swallows us whole.

    He will carve his name
    In our brains,
    So we may never forget his shame!

    Just watch him smile anew,
    As he opens a new grave.
    Beautiful Elf girl,elf girl,baby Dragon

    Song Birds or Those Infernal Demons
    by Teresita Blanco
    Late at night,
    While struggling to sleep,
    Two sweet demons
    Visited my window.

    Their visages, unknown,
    Their voices, a melody,
    Alas, they wanted to get in!

    All my prayers were for naught.
    The harder I prayed,
    The louder they sang.

    So harmonic, so hypnotic,
    I grew weaker…
    Too tired to stay awake
    Yet, unable to sleep.
    I hear their songs anew.

    My chest crushed,
    My mouth hushed.
    Myself, disintegrating,
    A strange pressure
    Over my chest.
    Just as quickly
    As these sensations came,
    They quickly departed.
    When finally my eyes widened. 

    Copyright Teresita Blanco

    You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

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    Merlin,baby dragon,cool digital art

    Chess Match or Our Must
    by Teresita Blanco 
    Dance anew,
    Sing out loud
    And celebrate
    This checkmate.

    Take the king
    To the pyre.
    And his subjects?
    As well, to the fire!

    Burn his queen,
    Lets enjoy her screams!
    The same image,
    The same visage.

    A tender face
    Of what might have been,
    Distorted in pain…

    Who Is to blame?
    Who made the first move?
    Things are rarely
    So black and white.

    Enough, do not spare anyone.
    To the pyre goes
    Both the king and his peons!
    No one may escape!
    This curse must be passed on.
    Across countless eons,
    Forever chained to your must!

    Dragon Queen,digital art,dragon

    Random Anger
    by Teresita Blanco
    Forever bound to a foolish fantasy.
    Wearing the mask forged by society.
    In not time, it becomes the mold
    The distorted my true face.

    My heart grows old
    Forever chained to the lies
    I was compelled to accept.
    This is your truth,
    The one that bound me.

    As I grow used to these chains
    I feel my eyes dimming.
    I will never see the world
    Beyond these iron bars.

    The path was laid bare
    By those that never cared.
    They can never be satisfied
    With the tears I shed.

    Why must I maintain
    Their bellies of iron?
    For me, its pain
    For them, it’s just a game
    That I never wanted to play.
    Once again, I must roll the dice.
    digital art girl,portrait,pet dragon

    Orpheus Fragment
    by Teresita Blanco
    Listening for the nightingale,
    Bellow this earthly shell,
    Hides your broken lire,
    Forever chained to your fire.

    dragon riders,dragon knight,dragon armor

    Plain Pastel
    by Teresita Blanco
    What I truly wanted
    Was just plain pastel.
    I did not want to brood
    Over this daily hell.

    Instead of gentle colors
    I must taint this sheet
    With my venom?
    Why must I always see
    In monochrome tones?

    In the end,
    All I wanted was some pastel…
    albino dragon,dragon,cute dragon

    by Teresita Blanco
    Rocked beneath the waves,
    The fishes, my sole companions.
    Traveling, aloft, drifting
    Scarcely feeling the sun.

    As I sink deeper,
    My body shivers.
    In no time
    I will become numb.

    Who am I?
    What am I?
    I care not to remember…
    Was I tall?
    Was I young?
    I don’t care anymore…

    Breathing in the ocean air
    I no longer feel the sun’s flare.
    At last I found
    The peace I longed for.

    dragon,digital art scenery,digital art

    Mars’ Song 3
    by Teresita Blanco
    I hear the bells tolling
    Not once, but trice.
    A million souls are burning
    They demand a sacrifice.

    Again, I hear his ancient drumming.
    Mars’ song is starting.

    Line up for this masquerade,
    Young and old alike,
    With golden coins on their eyes.

    Come, join this parade!
    Men and women alike,
    Bring golden coins for your eyes.

    Brothers in arms, together marching.
    Thanatos is watching.

    For he sings again,
    While waiting
    For their last grain. 

    Copyright Teresita Blanco

    You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

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    John Peacock,The Complete Fashion Sourcebook, fashion

    Books Review: The Complete Fashion Sourcebook by John Peacock

    Part of my many hobbies includes reading random art books. During my search for good art book to read, I discovered this book. The Complete Fashion Sourcebook by John Peacock gives us sample illustrations of fashion between the 1920s and 1980s. Each time period has a little introduction about the fashion of the time. From then on, he shows us some sample attires based on the time of day or usage. They range from day, night, wedding, leisure and night dresses. From time to time, he takes time to illustrate fashion accessories.

    Overall, I found this fashion book very useful. It mostly focuses on women fashion. According to Peacock, Men's fashion evolved much slower, then lady's fashion. Thus, he only drew one male figure per sample page. Overall, his illustrations focus on texture and patterns. His drawings are all the same color. They change after each year. At the end of each year, they give you a chart telling you of the kinds of fabrics to displayed in the drawings.

    Frankly, I always found this fashion source book very useful. There are many things not stored in the internet. If you ever want to draw a manga or a painting taking place between the 1920s and 80s, this is the fashion source book to use. The books costs roughly 35 bucks. It is far cheaper than your regular fashion source book. Truly, John Peacock's The Complete Fashion Sourcebook deserves 5 stars worthy. I recommend it to you chibis.

    John Peacock,the complete fashion sourcebook ,sourcebook

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    Epica,Simone Simons,rock Band

    Epica Symphonic Metal Band Songs Review

    Today, I wanted to review the Epica band. It was founded by the guitarist Mark Jasen. Their lead singer is Simone Simons. Her voice has always complimented the odd grunts of Mark Jasen. Simone usually sings in a melodious tone. As for Mark, his voice is fits well the Metal mood of Epica. Both artist like to write their own music and lyrics for their band. Anyhow, the band was formed in 2002. Since then, they have released six albums. From these albums, I choose three songs that I liked a lot.

    The first song that I like is "Cry for the Moon". The song is about injustice and the like. The version that I heard came with a choir and violins. Its was really epic. Then again, this band was aiming at making epic music. Mark Jasen also plays the guitar pretty well. His metal contribution was a bit odd around the edges. Anyhow, "Cry for the Moon" is a 5 stars worthy song.

    Epica,Simone Simons,white dress

    The next song that I like  is called "Illusive Consensus". Jasen is the one who opens up this song with his epic guitar. The rhythm scheme is pretty cool. After the intro, Simone starts singing in her melodious voice. The lyrics are a bit odd around the edges. Overall, I like the way this song sounds. I never gave much thought to the lyrics. The violin orchestra in the background also works pretty well. In any case, "Illusive Consensus" is a 5 stars worthy song.

    The last song worth mentioning is "Unleashed". This was first song by Epica that I heard. I also watched the music video. The music video is about revenge. This guy robbed this random couple's house. During the robbery, he killed the husband of the girl. Long story short, he ends up in an insane asylums. The visions of the vengeful Epica band drove him insane. The guitar and the lyrics of this music video are also pretty cool. The "Unleashed" song deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked these featured songs a lot.

    Epica,Mark Jasen,Simone Simons

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    Marylin Manson,hd wallpaper,Marylin Manson wallpaper

    Marylin Manson American Rock Musician Songs Review

    I first learned of Marylin Manson when he appeared in the Micheal Moore documentary about Columbine. I watched that documentary when I was in 9th grade. When I first saw the guy I thought he was a bit odd. I thought it was foolish that the community had blamed him for Columbine. I was left intrigued by this estranged character. After this movie ended, I dismissed him from my thoughts and mind.

    A couple years passed. One day, I was watching Fuse. There they featured one of Marylin Manson's music videos. The song he was singing was "Putting Holes in Happiness". I through the music video, I saw some random emo looking people. I think the music video was about a vampire chick and a little kid. The lyrics themselves were pretty cool. Since I last saw the music video, I started listening to the music of Marylin Manson. Overall, I must say that both as musician and as a person Marylin Manson is 5 stars worthy. Now, I will review my four favorite Songs.

    Marylin Manson, lebt,digital art

    The first Marylin Manson song worth mentioning is "Lamb of God". This song is about random pop artists in general. Even if their ratings drop and they are forgotten they are still a "lamb of God". This heartwarming message works pretty well. It reminds pop artists that they are still children of God. Even if the world forgets them, God does not, because they are his lambs. Aside from those wonderful lyrics, the electric guitar of Marylin Manson's band was great. The solo too was lovely. Overall, the "Lamb of God" is a 5 stars worthy song. 

    The next song that I like is called "Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)". The music video is about a cute blonde girl who is watching a concert of Marylin Manson. She is the lover girl of Manson in this music video. To her, Marylin Manson is singing only for her. As for the lyrics, they are also about a girl. She reminded him of a girl he knew. I think that is everything worth mentioning.  "The Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)" song deserves 5 stars rating.

    Marylin Manson,rock music,red tuxedo

    The next song that I like is "Coma White". The music video does an odd reference to the Kennedy assassination. However, the crowd is replaced by an odd Circus mob. The song itself is about a girl who ran away from a perfect world that did not accept her lover boy. At the end of the music video, they crucified Marylin Manson. The message is pretty clear. Anyhow, "Coma White" deserves 5 stars rating.

    The last song worth rating is the "Man that you Fear". Marylin Manson sings the lyrics in a most creepy fashion. The music video itself is pretty cool. It starts with a blindfolded girl signalling out Marylin Monroe. Once he was chosen, an angry mob stones him to death. Its kinda like a metaphor as to how society signals him out for their blind vengeance. In any case, this last song deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked this review a lot.

    Marylin Manson,rock concert,rock singer

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    Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation,symphonic metal

    Within Temptation Symphonic Metal Band Song Reviews

    Within Temptation is another one of those Symphonic Metal Bands. It was founded in 1996 by Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt.  They have produced a total of 5 albums. They are in the middle of producing their sixth album. I got around to listening to their music one day that I was bored. I was browsing through random music videos on youtube. That day I heard one of their songs. I forgot which song it was. Since, then I have been listened to their music from time to time. For the reasons mentioned above, I wanted to review some of my favorites Within Temptation songs. I hope that you like these chosen venues.

    The first song worth mentioning is "Blue Eyes". The way the song begins is pretty odd. It has an arabesque chorus. It is taken from a poem written by the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. The lines basically ask god for forgiveness.  After those odd Arab lines follows an epic choir. From then on, we have the song. The song is about the blue eyes of a girl. At first, she was happy; until she realized she was chained. The chorus of "Blue Eyes" is really pretty. The guitar solo is also peachy. Truly, "Blue Eyes" by Within Temptation deserves 5 stars rating.

    Within Temptation,chorus,music concert

    The next song that I liked was called "The Promise". The song starts with a flashback of a random guy talking. Afterwards, Sharon starts singing. Overall, the song is about revenge. The speaker wants to hunt down those that killed her lover boy. As for Robert Westerholt, his guitar solo was exquisite. My favorite lines are found in the chorus. They were quite elegantly orchestrated. Now, lets us move on right along. "The Promise" by Within Temptation deserves 5 stars rating.

    The "Hand of Sorrow" is another cool song. This one is about a bastard who grew up to be an assassin for the crown. He was always burdened by his powers. He wanted to escape; however, "his oath made him stay". The "so many dreams" chorus lines were a bit iffy around the edges. At least, those lines rhyme. In any case, the "Hand of Sorrow" by Within Temptation deserves 5 stars rating.

    Within Temptation,Sharon den Adel, original wallpaper

    The next song worth rating is called "The Cross". In this song, the speaker compares her romantic relationship with a cross. She even goes as far as to claim that her lover is worst than Judas. This is well noted in the second line that says," You've washed your hands, you've made that all too clear..." The orchestra portion of this song was also pretty peachy around the edges. In any case, "The Cross" deserves 5 stars rating.

    The next song is one of my personal favorites. It is "The Truth beneath the Rose". The imagery behind the song is lovely. The "Blinded to see" part is a bit odd around the edges. Frankly, I like the best the "Give me strength to face the truth, the doubt within my soul/ No longer I can justify the bloodshed in his name..." part. Overall, the song is about seeking the truth. The song questions Catholic doctrines a lot. Many of the parts in the choir asks for forgiveness. Putting religion aside, it does not take an idiot to tell when one is doing evil. In any case, "The Truth Beneath the Rose"  deserves 5 stars rating.  

    Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation, symphonic metal band

    The next song worth mentioning is called "The Howling". The music video is a bit odd around the edges. The computer generated parts have low resolution. Aside from the odd music video, "The Howling" lyrics are pretty peachy. The song is about hunting. The howling part refers to hunting dogs or maybe some timber wolfs. In any case, "The Howling" deserves 5 stars rating.

    The "What have you done?" song featured Keith Caputo. He accompanied Sharon's singing. The music video goes well with the lyrics. Both are about a couple whose romance has become turbulent. This is well noted in the back and forth between the singers. This is specially noticeable in the lines, "There's a curse between us, between me and you." At a certain point, the speakers asks one another: Would you mind if I killed you? Overall, this song epitomizes a relationship to has turned sour. In any case, "What have you done?" by Within Temptation deserves 5 stars rating.

    Within Temptation,Stand My Ground, Sharon Den Adel

    The next song worth mentioning is called "Angels". I recently got around to listening to this song. For a while, I kinda stop listening to Within Temptation. After getting tired of seeking new music to listen to, I went back to listening to Within Temptation. Among their new stuff, or at least new to me, was the "Angels" song. I also got around to watching the music video.

    The music video is about a priest that lured young rockers to his church. He promised them salvation. In exchange, he would drug them and bury them alive. For him, death was their final salvation. Anyhow, Sharon was his latest victim. At a certain point, she awoke and turned into a true angel. Via her divine powers, she revealed the demon within the priest. Thus, she sent him to his grave, with the help of her band mates. In essence, Within Temptation served as this so called angel's divine retribution.

    Within Temptation,Angels,rock concert

    The lyrics of "Angels" follow a similar pattern. However, the song is more about a fallen angel. He promised her heaven, instead she got hell. This is well noted in the lines: No remorse 'cause I still remember/ The smile when you tore me apart. Overall, this song is pretty cool. I like the epic background music a lot. Truly, "Angels" is a 5 stars worthy song.

    The last song worth rating is "All I Need". As usual, I leave the best of last. This song has some of the most beautiful lyrics.The music video is also pretty original. It is about the dreams of a woman in a coma. I like a lot the part with the crying ballerina. The lyrics themselves are about a girl who is in love. She is asking her lover to "Make my heart a better place". He is the only thing that sustains her. Sharon den Adel sing the chorus lines most beautifully. The guitar is also pretty depressing. In any case, this song deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked these featured songs. They are all 5 stars worthy. 

    Within Temptation, Within Temptation wallpaper,HD Wallpaper

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    Korn,nu metal,hd wallpaper

    Korn Nu Metal 5 stars worth Songs Review

    About a decade ago, I heard my first Korn song. Fuse was featuring one of Korn's music videos. It was the music video for "Coming Undone". I thought it was the coolest song I ever heard. As for the music video, it was way too odd for my taste. If I remember correctly, that music video was about bull riding. It had a bit of a silly storyline built around the middle. Anyhow, since I heard that first song, I have liked the Korn music a lot. In any case, this blog's purpose is to rate my favorite Korn songs.  I hope that you like these songs a lot. In any case, "Coming Undone" deserves 5 stars rating.

    The next song worth mentioning is called "Freak on a Leash". The music video of this song is pretty freaky. It starts with some random kids leaving their home late at night. They cross a fence to play hopscotch at the edge of a cliff. A random security guy tries to stop them. However, one of the kids trips him and his gun falls. When it strikes the floor it shoots accidentally, almost striking a girl. From then on, the bullet gets out of the wallpaper and into the real world.

    Korn, Freak on a Leash,Music Video

    The rest of the music video follows the trajectory of the bullet. It ends up in a Korn wallpaper. From inside the wallpaper, Korn sings the bullet back to its source. Overall, it was a pretty original music video. The song itself is about how life is always messing with you. Whenever the speaker starts feeling good "something takes a part of me". The speaker feels like a "freak on a leash". That is a very dehumanizing imagery. It stills works pretty well. The chorus lines are the best. The guitar solo matches the violent vibe of this song. In any case, "Freak on a Leash" by Korn deserves 5 stars rating.

    The next song worth rating is "Lair". The lyrics of this song are pretty straight forward. Overall, this song is about making love. What I like best are the chorus lair lines. The aggressive jumpy tempo of this song goes well with the lyrics. I think that is everything worth mentioning about the "Lair" song. There could be more, however, I am feeling a bit lazy today. In any case, this song deserves 5 stars rating.

    anime girl,korn anime,live and rare

    The second to last song worth mentioning is "Kiss". This was the last Korn song that I heard before I got bored of their music. Anyhow, the "Kiss" song is about a guy whose girlfriend is pushing him away. He wishes that the kiss they shared was true. He feels that his relationship is ending. By now, he hates her a lot. The guitar solo in this song is pretty cool. Overall, this "Kiss" song deserves 5 stars rating.

    The final song worth mentioning is "Twisted Transistor". This song was like my theme song for about 4 months. From all the songs I heard, this one took the longest for me to get bored. I used to listen to it over and over. It kept me awake during my tedious drawing exercises. From time to time, it would bring me so much joy that I would jump around in my small apartment. Naturally, that got the bottom feeders pretty annoyed.

    Frankly, I liked best the first 2 minutes of the song. Lyrics wise, I liked a lot the lines : A lonely life/Where no one understands you/ But don't give up/Because the music do. The song itself is about a lonely chick who feels like no one understands her. However, she forgets her pains while she listens to this song on the radio. On this note, I end this song's rating. Truly, Twisted Transistor is a 5 stars worthy song. In my opinion, it is the best song composed by Korn. I hope that you liked these Korny song ratings. 

    Korn,HD Wallpaper,nu metal

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    Danzig,Glenn Danzig,heavy metal

    Danzig Heavy Metal Band 5 Stars Worthy Review

    The Danzig band was founded by Glenn Danzig. He is the song writer and lead singer for this band. As noted in his music, Danzig has a deep fascination with the occult. He formed his Danzig band in 1987. Well, I think that is enough side info on this band. In any case, "Mother" was the first song by Danzing that I heard. It was part of the Guitar Hero 2 soundtrack. Overall, the song is about hell. The speaker warns both the mother and father of what their daughter is doing. Like the speaker, she wants to find hell with him. He promises her that he will show her how its like. The start of this song is pretty cool. The electric guitar was something else.

     Recently, I got around to watching the "Mother" music video. It is basically in black and white. The music video starts with a quotation from a super boring book called The Pilgrim's Progress. The lines were: Then I saw that there was a way to hell, even from the gates of heaven. Like in the song, the music video was about hell. During the guitar solo, Danzig sacrificed a chicken over the hot mother's body. That is the basic sacrifice for most satanic rituals... or so I have been told. Then again, just about any sacrifice religion has chickens as a basic sacrifice. In any case, this song deserves 5 stars rating.  

    Danzig,heavy metal,the 80s

    Now, let us review my three other favorite songs by Danzig. The next one that I like is "Thirteen". This song describes the life of a very unlucky man. Not only is he unlucky, but he brings bad luck to others. He was born "in the soul of miser". He never even had a name. They simply gave him a number when he was young. The speaker got the number thirteen tattooed on his neck because 13 is a bad luck number. For being a song about bad luck, Thirteen is pretty cool. I like the low mellowed tonality of this song. I first heard it as part of the background music for the Hangover 2. It really fitted the doom and gloom mood of that movie. In any case, Danzig's "Thirteen" deserves 5 stars rating. 

    The next song worth rating is "Black Hell". This song too appeared in the Hangover 2 movie. Whenever it starts raining, I think of this song. Danzig's deep voice works wonders for this song. It also emulates well the low reverberating sounds of the electric guitar. Like most of Danzig's songs, this one too is about hell. The general idea is summarized in these lines: If there's a demon in your brain / I think it's time to let it out again. Overall, "Black Hell" is one piece of work. Truly, a 5 stars worth Heavy Metal Song.

    The last song worth mentioning is "Blood and Tears". This song is unlike the usual Danzig music. It is a metal balled of sorts. It is also my favorite rock ballad. The song is about a guy singing to his girl. She has just left him. However, he hears that she had been crying. He tells her that she does not need to despair. She has been suffering so much that there is blood in her tears. These bloody tears is a reference to the Virgin Mary. Many of her images cry tears of blood. My favorite lines are "You cry a thousand tears/ Darling don't despair/ I know your heart still bleeds / Darling don't you care /There's blood in your tears." The guitar of this song is also very beautiful. Truly, "Blood and Tears" is a 5 stars worthy song. I hope that you liked these songs I rated.

    Glenn Danzig,Danzig concert,heavy metal singer

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