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If you are wondering what is good out there in the universe then come here for me to inform you. Here you get to know a lil bit ofeverything like art, culture, entertainment, music, fashion, movies,anime ect. So if its 5 star worthy it will have a place in this blog.

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    Pope Francisco, New Pope,American Pope

    My Thoughts on the New Pope Francisco

    I realize that it is a bit too late to be writing about the new Pope. Frankly, it has been ages since I worked in phistars. Circumstances ,beyond my control, had kept me from posting on a regular basis. Plus, for a while, all my post kinda disappeared. I suppose I will allow for bygones to be bygones. That point aside, today I am going to write a few serious post, for a change. With this in mind, I shall write about the new Pope.

    By now, a lot of facts about Pope Francisco have been meticulously covered. A guy we hardly new yesterday, became today's world wide celebrity. Pope Francisco ,after all, is the first non European Pope. Geographically speaking, this is a new development. Doctrinal wise, this new Pope is just about the middle. He is neither too progressive, nor too stiff... per say.

    Twitter,Political Cartoon Pope,Political Cartoon Twitter

    Frankly, when I heard he was from Argentina, I thought doomsday had come. My fellow English readers are not too familiar with the Argentinians. They have some serious pride issues. They are loathe, even among fellow Latin Americans. That point aside, I quickly relaxed, once I heard the quick Biography on Pope Francisco.

    It seems that ,unlike most Argentinians, Pope Francisco managed to tame the vicious Argentinian pride demon that flowed in his veins. He was the most humble, of humblest men in the Argentinian Catholic Church. Like we all know, he quickly rose up in racks. Frankly, I liked him a lot for putting that tyrant Cristina Kirchner in her place. God, I did so love the look in her face when she had to kiss up to the man she hatted the most.

    Political Cartoon Vatican, Vatican Elections, Pope Francisco cartoon

    Aside from his humility, I also like that the new Pope Francisco is a Jesuit. Jesuits are awesome and educate. Their order is the perfect bridge between science and religion. Sometimes, being pious is not enough. In order to convert the ever skeptic new generations, back into the church, it is good that the new leaders can speak in the scientific language. Lastly, what I like best is Pope Francisco's Spanish. He speaks it so well. His presence is solely responsible for revitalizing piety in my family. Plus, many of my mother's Spanish speaking friends, who were Protestants, decided to become Catholics when they heard the news. Truly, just having a Latin American Pope boosted the Catholic church's ratings in that region.

    You know, I never imagine that ,in my lifetime, there would be three Popes. These turbulent times are so unusual. It is quite the pity that Pope Benedict resigned. I suppose it cannot be helped. Things were peachy, until those cases about the children started popping into light. I guess Pope Francisco was the only one willing to open up the Pandora's Box of reforming the church. In any case, Pope Francisco is a 5 stars worthy Pope for the above mentioned reasons.

    Political Cartoon Pope, Political Cartoon, Pope Benedict

    Last though: I just remembered something interesting. Two weeks ago a lady from huffington post and a Catholic priest were having an interview in show I watch. They were brought there to comment on the new Pope. During that interview, the lady asked the usual Catholic feminist question. You know, about having women as priest. It was interesting the response of the priest. He said that the Catholic church was a reflection of society.

    Thus, the reason why there are no women priests is because ,in these days, women still do not have any political powers. I remember that in the old roman days, there was the office of the Widows. Those Widows had the same powers as Bishops. When the power of women decreased, thanks to the Barbarians, their leadership roles in the Catholic church also disappeared. Therefore, we will have women priests when women worldwide have an equal participation in everything. The church has always been open to change, believe it or not. You don't survive 2013 years of human history without being flexible.

    Politcal Cartoon, Pope Political Cartoon, Pope Benedict

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    Political Cartoon,Political Cartoon Chavez, Chavez Funeral

    The Struggle For Power: Maduro vs. Capriles

    I recently had time to write about the world. Frankly, I did not care much that Chavez died. I say, " Good Riddance" to bad presidents. If you ask me, I think the ghost of Bolivar gave Chavez cancer. I knew the he was going to get cursed when I heard that he stole Bolivar's sword. Back when he was alive, Bolivar fought hard to cast off the chains of tyranny. Had Chavez known his own country's history well, he would have understood that Bolivar would not have wanted a leader like Chavez. As a matter of fact, he was betrayed by a man like Chavez.

    Some years latter, the poor warhero's predictions came true. The Republic of Colombia broke down. Now, many years later, Chavez had the audacity to disturb Bolivar's sleep. Historically speaking, all who have disturbed tombs of important figures have been cursed. Such cases were noted often among the Archeologist who disturbed the remains of pharaoh mummies. Like such, when Chavez disturbed the remains of Bolivar he was cursed.

    Chavez in Hell, I smell Sulfer, Chavez Political Cartoon

    During those days, his witch doctors led Chavez to believe that Bolivar was on his side. His insanity went as far as to believe that he was Bolivar incarnate. Then again, when you analyze the phrase "on his side" there are two ways to read into such a fact. Having a dead guy on your side does not always mean that they are "on your side", From what I know of the occult, I early on knew that Chavez was cursed by the poltergeist of Bolivar. The cancer simply proved by suppositions.

    What followed was to be expected. From what I studied, Chemotherapy is not pretty. It is a painful healing process. Being a Tyrant, Chavez was not used to following orders. From time to time, the outside doctors claimed that Chavez was not treating his cancer as seriously as he should. When it was too advanced, that was when he took his illness seriously. The rest of the story is history. Even in his deathbed, Chavez would not let go of the Power.

    Fidel Castro cartoon, Fidel Castro, Castro Political Cartoon

    When he died his second in command, Maduro, promised his followers that he would mummify Chavez. I think that he was forced to break his promise because Chavez was already mummify. Before Chavez died, rumors about his death were commonplace. Plus, the way Maduro speaks of the dead, makes Chavez sound like a saint. It is my belief that in year or so, they will unearth Chavez's body. Chavez will be "miraculously" uncorrupted, like a regular saint. This will provide fuel of the myth that Chavez's was a good person.

    Perhaps he was a good person, to his followers. I am sorry to say this to Capriles and the world, but Chavez still has a ridiculous amount of followers. Right now, the metamorphosis of Venezuela into Cuba is at its peak. Like Cuba ,before the downfall, there is food scarcity and blackouts. Heck, during one of Maduro's speeches the lights went out. If I remember correctly, he was saying something about what would happen if someone brought a gun into that place.

    Maduro Political Cartoon, chavez political cartoon, political cartoon

    Interesting enough, these roaring blackouts and famines are fueling Capriles' campaign. Frankly, I doubt that he might defeat Maduro. As long as Maduro, has the support of the military, he will not get out of power anytime soon. Another point in his favor is his control over oil. Together with the arm forces and oil money, he is set for life. This does not mean that Capriles will never become president. Rather, I smell a civil war brewing between the supporters of Maduro and Capriles. All that we can do is hope and pray that the best possible outcome occurs. Frankly, I do not see a bright future for the Venezuelans.

    Maduro cartoon,maduro political cartoon,political cartoons

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    gay marriage political cartoon,gay marriage,political cartoon

    Landmark case of the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage

    Recently, the Supreme Court has taken up the case of Gay Marriages. This is one of those landmark cases like Roe vs. Wade. As it is usual, whenever a kind of law blows out or proportions, it is up to the Supreme Court to sets things straight. They have two options, each with groundbreaking consequences. At this time, many of the judges support gay marriages. However, they fear the conservative rebukes that would fall upon them should they allow gay marriages.

    At times like this, one must ask oneself, what is the right thing to do? As a Catholic, I am told to think that gay marriages are the devil's work. Although frankly, I do not think very highly on marriage, in general. This event sorta reminds me a bit of the case Brown vs. The Board of Education. In that case, they were trying to decide whether Separate, but Equal was truly equal.

    obama political cartoon,gay marriage political cartoon,gay marriage

    When the Supreme court voted, they decided that Separate was not equal. Naturally, this had some serious backlash from the Conservatives. They went practically ballistic, specially in the deep south. Once again, today we have a very similar hot topic, with immediate repercussions. Should the Supreme Court Band or Support gay marriages?

    For starters, one should define what is marriage. Putting religion aside, a domestic partnership is technically a marriage. These days many couples choose not to get marry, while still having children. Plus, it is not as if the Supreme Court is going to force religious ministers to perform gay weddings. At least ,under the law, gay couples will have the same rights as any other married couples.

    political cartoon, the supreme court 2013, gay marriages

    There are also the issues of discrimination and humanitarianism to consider. Many gay couples have always felt (and with good reason) under represented by the law. They all vote and pay taxes, and yet  many are oppressed and under represented by the main political parties. With this in mind, many look at this case of the Supreme Court as their final salvation from the tyranny of the anti gay marriage states.

    I think that allowing them to be happy is what the founding fathers would have wanted. As shown in the infamous lines the Declaration of Independence. We all have the undefinable rights of...  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These lines are going to be taken into consideration when deciding on the fate of gay marriages. For good or for ill, come what may... As for me, I think they should allow gays to marry. It is a matter of separation between Church and State!

    supreme court 2013, women's right,gay marriages

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    Ronnie James Dio, Dio,Holy Diver

    My Favorite Songs by the Singer Ronnie James Dio

    I have already written a generic blog introducing Ronnie James Dio to you chibis. I am not planning on repeat myself.  That point aside I want to bring some attention to my favorite songs by Dio. The first one worth mentioning is Holy Diver. Holy Diver is Dio's most infamous song. With that song, Dio got everything right, from the lyrics to the electric guitar. I first heard Holy Diver in FUSE. They were featuring a music video of this song. However, it was being sung by Killswitch Engage.

    I later on got to hear the genuine article in Guitar Hero 80s edition. I fell in love with the song the second time I heard it. I also liked it because it was the first Guitar Hero song I ever won. Now, for the song itself. Its about this random barbarian who stumbled into a ruined Catholic church. There instead of discovering God, he found the Devil.

    Well, that imagery has more to do with the music video, than the actual lyrics of the song. My favorite line is "Between the velvet lies, there is a truth that's hard as steel...". As for the guitar solo, it is truly something else. I am nostalgic for the old days. Since the 80s, they hardy made any rock music worth listening to. There are some noted exceptions here, and there. In any case, Holy Diver by Dio deserves 5 stars rating.

    Ronnie James Dio, Rainbow in the Dark,Dio

    The next song that I like is Rainbow in the Dark. The music video is a bit odd. For most of the time, Dio is following around a blue collard worker. Putting the odd, low quality music video aside, the song itself is awesome. The lyrics of this one make a bit more sense, than your usual Dio rock songs. Its basically about being left alone.

    My favorite lines are "There is no sight of the morning coming, you've been left on your own... Like a Rainbow in the Dark". That song is imbued with a sentiment that we are all familiar with. We all feel lonely and abandoned from time to time. The guitar ,in general, goes well with the whole bulk of the song. I think that is everything worth mentioning about the Rainbow in the Dark song. It does deserve 5 stars rating.

    The Don't Talk to Strangers is another one of those odd, rock songs with obscure lyrics. Overall, this song is built around the advice we got as children from our parents. You remember, how mama and daddy used to tell us not to talk to strangers? They were never clear on the whys. After all, how do you explain to a little kid the complicated concept of kidnapping. On that grim note, lets move onto the song.

    The intro is quite sweet and lovely. It starts off with the ancient old saying. You know that strangers are only there to do you harm. From then on, Dio builds up the rest of the song.  Once the intro gets into the part about women, the song really begins. The song goes from being dreamy and childlike into some serious rock. For its lovely transitions and the solo, Don't Talk to Strangers deserves 5 stars rating.

    The Sacred Heart song is a unique song, in it of itself. The song has a dream like quality about it. It describes a lot of odd sounds and dreams. "Whenever you dream you are holding the key, it opens the door to let you bee free, and find the sacred heart." That is the general theme of the song, in a nutshell.

    Black Sabbath,dio,ronnie james dio

    From time to time, the song rants about other dreamy beings like dragons and wizards. Since its birth, Rock has been imbued in the mysticism. As such, Dio mentions the two most iconographic beings in classical rock: The Dragon and the Wizard. As for me, I like this song for its dreamy qualities. The guitar is so so. That point aside, Dio's Sacred Heart is 5 stars worthy.

    The second to last song that I like is The Gates of Babylon. Dio sang this song back when he was with the Rainbow band. Overall, this rock song seems straight out of the Arabian Nights. The guitar uses a lot of arabesque melodies. Putting the metaphors aside, the song is about a guy asking a girl to sleep with him. He wants her to open her Gates of Babylon.

    He compares the pleasures they will experience to the ancient powers of the Ginies. He says he holds the keys to open her gate. Putting these lyrics aside, what I like best is the odd guitar. I was never too into Arabic music. However, Rainbow's take on that style of music worked pretty well. Truly, the Gates of Babylon is a 5 stars worthy, long as sin, rock song.

    Ronnie James Dio, dio,holy diver

    The last song worthy mentioning is Rock n' Roll Children. I watched the music video of this rock song as well. Both do work well together. Its about a couple of teens who ran away from home. They left to become rockers. One day, the guy sold their guitar to buy the uniform for a job. To his lover girl, this seemed to her that he had "sold out".

    While arguing a storm came and they took refuge in an abandon store. From then on, the song begins. In the music video, Dio acts one of those crazy old seers. Using his crystal ball, he is looking into the memories of the kids while singing. Frankly, aside from Holy Diver, this is my favorite song by Dio. Truly, Rock n' roll Children deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked these recommended songs.

    Holy Diver, Ronnie James Dio, Dio

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    The King of Pop,Micheal Jackson,MJ

    Micheal Jackson 5 Stars worthy Pop Songs

    It saddens me whenever I want to write about Micheal Jackson. It is terrible to speak of him in the past tense. Never again, will we hear a new song escape his lips... (sob). Frankly, I never imagined that he would die. I always pictured him singing till age 100. Alas, death comes to us all... Enough, I shall not wallow in his death anymore!!

    The point of this post is to mention the songs by The King of Pop that I consider 5 stars worthy. As usual, the first one to mention is Thriller. I saw that music video when I was 7 years old. Back then, I thought the zombie dance was the coolest thing I had ever seen. From what I heard, the extras had a hard time keeping up with the young Micheal Jackson.

    Micheal Jackson,thriller, the king of pop

    Those where the days when he was young, pretty and still black. It's a bummer what happened to him. Then again, a lot of other bad things happened to him throughout his life. Its such a pity that the world set out to ruin such a kind and gentle person. Speaking of Thriller, at first, I thought that MJs death was just a hoax. For a year, I kept waiting for him to get out of his grave, with a lot of other zombies to do a Thriller dance. Alas, that was too much to hope for...

    In any case, I gotta try really hard not to think of him as a dead person. Now, back to the song. Aside from the obvious reasons, I also like the Thriller song because of the parodied versions of it. I once heard it sang and performed by a Hindu guy from Bollywood. By the gods, that was the worst Thriller" I ever heard. Truly,the Thriller song, above all other songs by Micheal Jackson, is 5 stars worthy.

    Micheal Jackson,Micheal Jackson ghost,ghosts

    Continuing on this grim theme, the next song by the King of Pop that I liked best was Ghost. The Music video was really something else. It was about some weirdos who stumbled into a haunted mansion. The leader of the ghosts was Micheal Jackson. Like in the Thriller video, the ghosts extra dancers ,in their Victorian outfits, had to keep up with Micheal Jackson.

    From the entire performance, the creme de la creme was when Micheal Jackson's skeleton started dancing. All that remained of his true form where the shoes and the socks. That effect was really original. The ending also worked pretty well. You know the part when he grows big and say, " Are you scared yet?". Truly, this lovely Ghost of a song is 5 stars worthy.

    Micheal Jackson dancing,Micheal Jackson,MJ

    The next song by the King of Pop that I liked best was Beat It. Originally, the guest  guitarist was Eddie Van Halen. I remember that in the This is It movie, they got this Polish chick to play the song. She played amazingly, in her humble kind of way. Frankly, in Beat It, I liked the electric guitar the best. The solo sounded like as if a chainsaw was starting up. The effect was really something else. I cannot comment on the music video because I never saw it. I should look it up on youtube one of these days. In any case, Beat It deserves 5 stars rating.

    The next song worth mentioning is Give into Me. I never got around to watching the music video of Give into Me. What I liked best about this song was the electric guitar. Well, it is to be expected considering that the featured guitarist was Slash. Slash is the head guitarist from guns and roses. From time to time, the band rents him out to other artists.

    Black or White,micheal jackson,micheal jackson wallpaper

    Give into Me was one of such cases. The lyrics themselves are really pretty. The song is about a guy whose girl takes him for a fool. In town, her friends are laughing at him "but its ok, but its ok". In this song, in specific, Micheal Jackson sang it most bitterly. This song struck a cord in me. For moving me, this amassing song deserves 5 stars rating.

    The next song that I liked is called Somebody's Watching Me. The featured artist is an R&B artist Rockwell. Frankly, this song is mostly attributed to Rockwell. Micheal Jackson's only contribution to the cause is the chorus lines " I got a feeling, somebody's watching me...". Still, I placed it in the Micheal Jackson pile because I am not too into Rockwell.

    Micheal Jackson dance,Micheal Jackson,micheal jackson wallpaper

    These niceties aside, the song is pretty good. Other than Micheal Jackson, this song features an amassing Organ piano. It has a bit of a twilight zone feel about him. There the narrator feels himself being watched by everything. The lyrics are both hilarious and witty. Truly, both Rockwell and Micheal Jackson deserve 5 stars for this amassing song.

    The next Micheal Jackson song ,featuring another noteworthy singer, is Say, Say, Say. Micheal Jackson sang this song with Paul McCartney. I saw the music video as well. Its about two guys in love with the same girl. Via their songs, they are hopping to win her over.

    Micheal Jackson, say say say,music video

    Aside from the wooing part, the music video itself is a bit of a circus. Regardless, both singers sang beautifully together. Their voices harmonized and complimented each other well. It would have been great if The King of Pop and McCartney would have had more songs together. Oh well, I guess it is a bit too late for that. In any case, Say Say Say is a 5 stars worthy song.

    Now, onto Billie Jean. This is another one of MJs classical songs. The music video is both witty and original. What I liked best was the whole glowing tile effect. It was something else. The music video and the song is about this chick named Billie Jean. She is his lover, but the kid is not MJ's son.

    Micheal Jackson,Billie Jean,concert

    The theme of questionable paternity is one that many today are familiar with. Those were the days before the easily availability of a paternity test. Thus, Micheal Jackson is not certain if the baby is his. To make matters worst, the kid has his eyes. I think that is everything worth mentioning about Billie Jean. Its a peachy song, with a peachy music video. What more is there to say, say, say? Hehehehe! 5 stars for Billie Jean.

    Like many Pop artist of his day, Micheal Jackson was worried about mother earth. To bring awareness about the damages made to the earth, he composed the Earth Song. I remember this music video well. I watched the Earth Song, for the first time back in Cuba, when I was 6. In that music video,  I saw the forest being burnt down and the cities in flames.

    Micheal Jackson,Earth Song,Concert

    In his Earth Song, Micheal Jackson critiques the cutting of forest and the countless of wars. Those who orchestrate such atrocities do not take into consideration the true victims. Micheal Jackson gives voice to those victims in the lines, "What About us?". This touching song and music video is another 5 stars worthy masterpiece of the King of Pop.

    Continuing with this social awareness theme, the next featured song is They Don't Really Care about Us. This song is about oppression and police brutality. Here Micheal Jackson takes sides with the marginalized. He feels himself part of the outcast group. Like them, he feels oppressed and underrepresented by the authorities.

    Micheal Jackson,micheal jackson photo,micheal jackson dance

    The government promised him liberty and in exchange all he got was oppression. Other than the lyrics, I like a lot the violent beat. It matches well, the angry rebukes of The King of Pop. I think that is everything worth mentioning about this song. I never got around to watching music video of They Don't Really care about us. Regardless, this is a 5 stars worthy song by the King of Pop.

    That last song that I will mention is Leave Me Alone. When I was small I was appalled by the Micheal Jackson trials. The media made a monkey out of him. It made me ashamed to call human the paparazzi who where chasing after Micheal Jackson. This song was written during that horrible period. I also saw the music video of this song. There Micheal Jackson was with a Monkey.

    He was in an amusement park. All around him paparazzi where chasing after him. Just listening to the title makes one realize how much they made him suffer. Frankly, I am ashamed of them and I hope never to become as vile as them. On this grim note, I finish my Micheal Jackson post. At least in death, he is safe from the hellish torments of the paparazzi. This last song Leave Me alone truly is 5 stars worthy. Good day, and good night to you chibis.

    Micheal Jackson,The Jackson 5,The King of Pop

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    System of a Down,SOAD,music

    System of a Down 5 stars worthy songs

    Today, I wanted to mention my favorite System of a Down songs. I have already written an intro to the system of a down band. So, there is no need to repeat myself. Anyhow, the first song that I like is "B.Y.O.D". The lyrics themselves are a bit odd around the edges, with some obscure references here and there.  Overall, its a song critiquing politicians. The imagery is also peachy. What I like best are the changes in tempo between each verse. My favorite part of the song is the "Kneeling roses disappearing, Into Moses' dry mouths" part.  In any case, " B.Y.O.D." deserves 5 stars rating.

    "Chop Suey"! is an interesting song in it of itself. I liked this song, even back when I did not speak English. It was bizarre and it had an aggressive guitar. The chorus of "I cry when angels deserve to die" was really cute. Overall, "Chop Suey!" had a very sad mood about it. Then again, "Chop Suey!" was about "self righteous suicide". In any case, System of a Down's "Chop Suey!" deserves 5 stars rating. 

    SOAD,system of a down,rock band

    The "Holy Mountains" song is also peachy song. Like most of the System of a Down songs, "Holy Mountains" critiques pointless wars. "Someone's black stare deemed it warfare". From time to time, the song becomes insulting. It always changes from mellowed out to angry. I like best the "Ah.." beginning. In any case, "Holy Mountains" deserves 5 stars rating.

    I have already rated "Hypnotize". Still, I want to mention it once again, for pharmaceutical purposes. 5 stars. The next song that I like is "I-E-A-I-A-I-O". The lyrics are seriously non nonsensical, for the most part. The guitar solo is also quite rad. In any case, this song deserves 5 stars rating.

    SOAD,singing,rock music

    The "Innervision" song is one of those songs that you like right from the bat. It starts strong and it ends strong. The lyrics are a bit mellowed out around the edges. Overall, it seems to be about spirituality. The speaker wants to find his own innervision. The part of "reinventing the bicycle" refers to reinventing religion as a whole. In any case, this awe inspiring song deserves 5 stars rating.

    The next song that I like is "Mr. Jack". Its about police brutality. You know, the ancient theme of abuse of power. What people forget is that even a tiny amount of power can utterly corrupt a person. Its a major bummer that the people with most power, have the least amount of power over themselves. I say that before lording over others, we must first learn to rule over ourselves. That last thought was mine, and not of System of a Down. Frankly, I could never understand much of the lyrics. I was always too distracted by the heavy metal guitar. In any case, "Mr. Jack" ,the song about "little men, big guns, pointed at our heads", deserves 5 stars rating.

    System of a Down,soad concert,system of a down wallpaper

    The "Sad Statue" song critiques the government and society as a whole. It says something along the lines of "You and me will all go down in history, With a sad Statue of Liberty, And a Generation that didn't agree". That is the generic theme, in a nutshell. You know, after studying much history, we are actually better off, than our ancestors. At least, we do not have witch burnings, or cruel and unusual punishments. Things could be a lot worst. It still does not mean we should not complain. Things will ,eventually, get better... Anyhow, the "Sad Statue" song deserves 5 stars rating.

    The second to last song worth listening to is "Lonely Day". That song is as depressing as its titled. I saw it featured in a movie once. You remember? I think it was in the remake of Afred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" movie. It suited well the lonely mood of the main character. The guitar solo of this song is also exquisite. Truly, the "Lonely Day" song deserves 5 stars rating.

    The final song worth mentioning is "Toxicity". I first heard the song about 10 years ago. Back then, my English had seen better days. Despite not understanding half the lyrics, I fell in love with the song. At first I thought that the song's first lines said, "Looking at life through the eyes of a tiger". For this post's purposes, I looked up the lyrics again. I was kinda disappointment at discovering that it said "tire hub" instead of tiger. The "Toxicity" lines part also worked pretty well. Overall, it is a pretty decent song. It was the one that introduced me to the System of a Down band. Frankly, I think that is their best song. That is why I featured it in the end of this blog. As we all know, one should save the best for last. That point aside, System of a Down's Toxicity deserves 5 stars rating.

    SOAD,system of a down,rock band

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    audioslave,tom morello,chris cornell

    Audioslave 5 stars worthy Amassing Rock songs

    I realized that I have not written anything on the Audioslave band. Before reviewing their music, I want to give a brief info on this rock band. From what I heard, Audioslave was a monster of a rockband. It was composed of some of the most talented rock musicians. From the band, the one I know best is Tom Morello, from Rage Against the Machines. The other member worth mentioning is Chris Cornell. He wrote all the lyrics of the Audioslave songs.

    When this band was formed, its members tried hard to distance themselves from their former groups. Together they created their unique, Audioslave sound. Despite Audioslave's awesomeness, this band did not have a long career. It formed in 2001 and it got disbanded in 2007. At most, Audioslave only produced 3 albums. From these albums, only these six songs are worth mentioning. Now, let us begin the Audioslave music review! On second though, no "!". I am kinda mellowed out at the moment.

    tom morello,electric guitar, audioslave

     For hilarious purposes, the first song worth mentioning is "#1 Zero". This song is from Audioslave's Out of Exile album. This song is about what one does for a person we love. The speaker feels like the number one zero in this relationship. This contradictory statement is the landmark of this song. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. In a relationship, sometimes your lover threats you like their personal doormat. In time, you become their number one zero.

    This song also has some stalker elements. Despite such ill treatments, the speaker feels compelled to look after its beloved from the distance. This is noted in the lines, "But just when you think you've left me blind / I'll be creeping right up behind". The speaker will always watch over his "baby" from the corner of his eye.

    audioslave concert,audioslave,rock band

    Aside from the lyrics, I specially like Tom Morello's  guitar. It has a unique zigzag sound about. It comes and goes, comes and goes. This unique sound is to be expected of Tom Morello. He is so, totally awesome. The solo too is pretty interesting. In any case, the "#1 Zero" song by Audioslave deserves 5 stars rating. 

    The second song ,worth mentioning, is "Cochise". "Cochise" is the first song of Audioslave's Audioslave album. Out of morbid curiosity, I looked up what "Cochise" meant. At first, I thought it was a word that Audioslave had made up. It turns out that "Cochise" is the name of an Apache leader. He died trying to resist the white invasion. He did succeed, but his predecessors kinda ruined it.

    audioslave,tom morello, electric guitar

    Now, onto the "Cochise" song. I read both the lyrics and the wiki bio on "Cochise". The title has absolutely nothing to do with the song itself. Overall, the "Cochise" song is about a guy who has drinking problems. The speaker wants to help him. He would rather he take his anger out on him, instead of having that guy drink himself to death.

    My favorite lines are found in the verse " Drown if you want / And I'll see you in the bottom / Where you crawl / On my skin / And put the blame on me / So you don't feel a thing". The guitar and the mood on those lines was something else. It carried well the feeling of hitting rock bottom. Truly, the Coshise song deserves 5 stars rating.

    audioslave,rock band,music band

    Well, the remainder of the Audioslave songs worth reviewing are also from their first album. The other albums where never my cup of tea. Now, onto the "Explorer" song review. The song begins by telling us of an innocent man who was imprisoned; afterwards, you get the chorus. The chorus is about how the righteous do not know wrong. Nor can they ever understand it because they always walked on the right path.

    The next verse is about a kid who went insane; in addition, to a girl who had killed herself. The last verse is about the speaker killing himself, as well. Overall, the song is about the terrible sights one sees when you actually bother to look around. There are numerous of private tragedies occurring everyday. One rarely sees then, but that still does not mean that they do not occur. For such a grim message, and a killer guitar, "Explorer" by Audioslave deserves 5 stars rating.

    audioslave,christ cornell, hd

    The next song worth mentioning is "Hypnotize". Its about rich person... I think. The narrator is telling him, "don't you keep your good luck to yourself ". By sharing it around, he can enjoy it better and forget about his problems. Despite having a lot of good luck, that person has set his mind to falling. It happens often that those with money invent themselves new problems. This is one such persons, who has done everything he planned, yet he wishes to fall. In any case, the "Hypnotize" song by Audioslave deserves 5 stars rating.

    The "Show me How to Live" song is pretty self explanatory. Here, the speaker wants Jesus to show him how to live. Around the end of the song, the speaker starts singing about death and resurrection. You know, the standard motif. The drums had an interesting beat about them. The guitar was also peachy. Truly, "Show me How to Live" is a 5 stars worthy song.

    tom morello,audioslave,red guitar

    As usual, I saved the best for last. Like a Stone is truly a sublime song. In my opinion, it is one of the best rock songs I have ever heard. Overall, the song is about a man who is dying. He is in the middle of reading the bible. There he read how he would die alone. He longs to be in the house of the lord. He says, " I'll wait for you there / Like a Stone".

    Frankly, the chorus lines are the best. The guitar solo was one of Tom Morello's finest solos. Truly, an exquisite masterpiece. In any case, "Like a Stone" deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked the songs that I recommended for you chibis from the Audioslave band. They are all truly 5 stars worthy rock songs.

    audioslave, audioslave album,cover

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    nightwish,digital art,hd
    Nightwish 5 stars worthy Rock songs

     I have already written something or other on the Nightwish band. Now, I will mention a small list of their songs that I consider 5 stars worthy. The first song worth mentioning is "Amaranth". I mention Amaranth because it was the first Nightwish song I heard. I heard it along with the music video in the Fuse channel. It was sang by the new, lead singer of Nightwish. In the music video, a young boy had found a fallen angel. Her eyes where bleeding.

    He took this angel back to his town. Eventually, the town's people try to kill the angel by burning down the boy's home. The video ends with the angel returning to heaven. Now, onto the lyrics of the song. "Amaranth" does sound like the name of an angel; however, it is the name of a flower. This flower only blooms, for a short period, in Autumn. The color of the flowers is bloody red or purple.

    Tarja Turunen,Nightwish,singer

    Aside from the odd name, the lyrics are about conflicts between religious doctrines and reality. The towns people thought the angel girl was a demon. However, she was truly and angel, despite her wounds. Only the boy saw the angel girl for what she truly was. Here, the reality of the angel conflicted with the orthodox views of angels.

    The chorus of the song is more introvert. It focuses more on the sorrow of the child. The angel is his suffering given physical form. Aside from the lyrics and the pretty imagery, it is important to bring into attention the works of the lead guitarist, Marco Hietala. Truly, his guitar works has a strong, violent, epic mood. They worked together with the general whole of the song. Truly, Nightwish's "Amaranth" deserves 5 stars rating.

    Nightwish,rock band,Nightwish concert

    The next lovely song is "Bye Bye Beautiful". This song is about war, in general. The verses create a vivid vision of death. This is most noted in the line that says, "Blink your eyes just once and see everything in ruins". From then on, the chorus begins. The chorus is a series of angry questions sang by the Nightwish's Marco Hietala. Aside from the angry guitar and that line, there is really not much else to mention about "Bye Bye Beautiful". Truly, this song deserves 5 stars rating. 

    The "Planet Hell" song is another of Nightwish songs critiquing war and carnage. The speaker is appalled by all the sights of death. His only desire is "to leave behind/ All the days of the earth." He advices the speaker to focus on saving themselves. They need to save a penny for the ferryman. This ferryman refers to the God Charon. He ferries people across the river Styx.

    nightwish,nightwish music video,music video

    In "Planet Hell", there is a lovely blending of pagan and Catholic imagery. The whole Ark lines refers to Noah's Ark. This one is another boat reference. In the story of Noah's Ark, the faithful survived in the ark while the sinners drowned. When they say that "This world ain't ready for The Ark", it means that we are too sinful to be saved. Aside from these grim lines, the guitar work was pretty peachy. Truly, Nightwish's "Planet Hell" is a 5 stars worthy rock song.

    The "End of all Hope" is another one of those darkly, angry church songs. There, Nightwish sings of the end of all hope. For them to lose a child, kills all hopes. They make great emphasis on the unforgiving nature of the world. At a certain point, they mention Mandylion. Mandylion was a cloth that covered the face of Christ. It supposedly has his image imprinted on it.

    Nightwish,nightwish wallpaper,rock band

    Part of their end of all hope motif, includes the Mandylion cloth without Jesus face on it. There is also the death wish without a prayer. Do not forget: Death Wishes ,aka suicide, is an unforgivable sin, according to the catholic church. I think that is everything worth mentioning about the "End of all Hope". "The End of all Hope" is another 5 stars worthy Nightwish song.

    The next song worth mentioning is the Carpenter. The music video is kinda odd. It seemed to be more about Deadalus. In that music video, the old guy was crafting wings for himself to escape. The song itself was about Jesus. It also mentions the places where his tools where use. Nightwish was quite efficient in alluding to the cross and Jesus. In any case, this cute song deserves 5 stars rating.

    Nightwish, tarja turunen, nightwish singer

    Now, onto the song "Gethsemane". The "Gethsemane" is about the pains that Jesus suffered in the garden of Gethsemane. There he prayed to be released from the death he was about to face. For all his prayers, even the son of God, had to submit to God's will. Nightwish did a good job with this concept. The lyrics and the electric guitar are really beautiful. 5 stars for both of them.

    As for the "Sleeping Sun" song, it is about death. The speaker wishes to go down with the sun. It is sad about something or other. From time to time, the chorus mentions the poet's pain. Well, most poets suffer from the lost of someone or other. It adds a greater dept to their poetry. Aside from this, Nightwish had a very beautiful solo built around the "Sleeping Sun" song. Truly, another 5 stars worthy music song. 

    marco hietala,nightwish,hd wallpaper

    The next song worth mentioning is called "While Your Lips are Still Red". The song has a carpe diem theme about it. We should all enjoy the moment while we are still young. Once the time for love has passed, it will never return. This is noted well in the ephemeral " while your lips are still red" title.  Music wise, this song is accompanied by a pretty decent piano. As for the music video, it was about a wedding of sorts. In any case, Nightwish's "While your lips are still Red" deserves 5 stars rating.

    The last song worth rating is Nightwish's "The Phantom of the Opera". Like many of their contemporary artist, Nightwish felt compelled to bleed the Phantom of the Opera. Marco Hietala sang the part of the phantom. Tarja Turunen sang as Christine. Frankly, I that song sounded awesome being played with an electric guitar. It sounded even better than the movie version... more or less. The Nightwish singer almost matched the aria of Christine. You know, the only part of the song that I did not like was the line that Nightwish added. It was awkwardly phrase and it did not match the style of the original song. If poor OG was still alive, he would have liked this remake of his song a lot. Anyhow, the Phantom of the Opera song, sang by Nightwish, deserves 5 stars rating.

    tarja turunen,nightwish,lead singer

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    Miami Beach,cute baby,beach photo

    Miami Beach Summer Photo of April 17 2011 by Teresita Blanco

    It has been ages since I posted some of my photos. Well, they are actually photos that I have taken of some random tourists. The beach I go to is public so, I can take as many photos as I want. That point aside, here we have a cute photo featuring a mother and her Baby. I know its a cliche of a photo. However, the world still needs cliches. They are what makes life worth living. In any case, my totally awesome cliche of a photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,miami beach photo,beach wallpaper

    The next photo features a lot of random weirdoes. What I like best is how I captured in motion a passing helicopter. During the day, the shutter speed of the camera goes ultra quickly. For that reason, I was able to capture a stop motion photo of a passing helicopter. Pretty cool if you ask me. The rest of the weirdoes also look interesting. Truly, this photograph of mine deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,Florida beach,Teresita Blanco

    In this last photo, I choose to focus my lenses on this family. Frankly, they were chosen for artistic purposes. They provided a well cropped divide between foreground, middle ground and background. There is another issue with this photo. I had to choose between making it straight in accordance with the horizon or the middle ground. I choose the middle ground. In either scenario, the photo was going to come out slanted. Some things cannot be helped. In any case, this cool looking photo deserves 5 stars rating. 

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    sunset photo,raining photo,hialeah

     Rainy Sunset form the Balcony Photos April 29 2011 by Teresita Blanco

    As usual, I built my photography blogs around a certain date. Interesting enough, in certain days, I only take photos around a certain theme. Pretty convenient, if you ask me. Then again, you won't...  Like most of you may not know, I like taking photos during rainy days. The reflections on the black pavement usually looks pretty cool. Above, we have one of such photos. This one was taken from within my balcony. I rarely go out to the balcony, or anywhere in general. Anyhow, on that day it was raining with the sun outside. I thought it was the perfect chance to take some pretty decent photos. It seems that I was right. Truly, this amassing photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    sunset photo,raining photo, hialeah

    This photo is the long version of the previous photo. Here you get a longer view of the scenery. The water droplets are also interesting to look at. During that time, there was still enough sun to have stop motion photos. Thus, in this photo you can see the rain, which is unusual in many photos. Most of the time, in movies, they add milk to the rain to make the camera see it. I suppose that this must have not been ordinary rain, if my lenses caught wind of them. I guess it cannot be helped. I do live close to several factories. They are part of the reason why I do not go outside as much. Hialeah has the bad habit of smelling like poo pie. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    shinny, sunset photo,balcony

    In this photo, we get a closeup of the balcony edge. I think it came out looking rather pretty. The raindrops are visible in this photo. You can see them well along the tree. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked these three photos of mine. They are all pretty cute and original in theirs own unique cliche of a way. Plus, no one ever photographs Hialeah. I understand that it is a rotten, smelly place to live. However, from time to time, it does emanate its own unique beauty.

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    Miami Beach, photos,beach

     Not Another Miami Beach Photo Collection of April 22, 2011 by Teresita Blanco

    Damn, I can barely fit into my fat jeans. Hehehe... On that note, let us begin rating my amassing photos. Well, it is already kinda predictable the rating that these images will receive. I did omit the photos that I considered not 5 stars worthy. So, there, I judge my own work in the same matter I judge the works of others.  In any case, the first photo features a lady looking at the ocean. I think her husband and her kid are already inside the water. Truly, this cute little lady deserves 5 stars rating.

    Football,beach, playing sports

    This next photo features a guy about to throw a football. Many folks come to play ball games in the beach. Mostly, because their balls float in the water. The shimmery water and the reflection of the guy works pretty well. In anyhow, this Miami Beach photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    football,football game,sports

     This photo is the pair of the previous photo. Here, the guy's friend is catching the football that he threw at him. I managed to capture this photo in mid air. Truly, another 5 stars worthy Miami Beach photograph.

    miami beach,tourist,couple

    In this photo, we see a cute couple walking together. I took this photo because their movements were synchronized. Their odd behavior caught my attention. For a background, we have the ocean and a random person. I just noticed that I have a floating head in the photo... oh, well. In any case, this Miami Beach photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    reading,reading a book,miami beach photo

    This next Miami Beach Photo features a lady reading a book. This is not an unusual sight. Most of the time, people read books while they are tanning. Regardless, the girl has her cellphone nearby. For the background, we have two cute little girls playing. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    cellphone,miami beach,bikini

     This next photo shows a lady playing with her cellphone. In the middle ground, we see two women talking. Well, the photo is pretty self explanatory. Man, I am starving. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    polo horse,black horse,black guy

    This next photo shows a groomer leading a handsome black horse. If I remember correctly, that day they where hosting a polo match. I took a chance to take a few photos of the horses here and there. Since, they only compromise 5 % of the match, its considered legit. Trust me, thanks to remixes 5% of anything is is allowed. Still, I do plan to sell my photos, eventually. For now, I am just featuring them for exposure purposes. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    Polo match,polo photo,miami beach

    In this photo, we see some tourist watching the polo match. Most would never see polo on TV. Yet, we all have a love of free entertaining. Therefore, they where drawn to the cute horse match. The game itself is pretty high class. What I like best are the beautiful, smelly horses. They do deserve 5 stars rating. 

    miami beach,miami,kids playing

    Needless to say, it did not take me long to get bore of the game. I then went back to my seat to lazily photograph people passing by. Following this scheme, I took a photo of three kids playing. Well, I should say two kids playing. The other guy ,in the background, is an adult. Its just that optics wise, they looked like they where walking together. Optics is a great thing, if you ask me. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,beach scenery,miami

    Here is ,yet another, Miami Beach Scenery. On the foreground, you can see my umbrella. The chick in the foreground, is just there for cropping purposes. There is nothing else to it. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    polo match,polo game,polo

    This next photo focuses on player number 3. I cannot tell if he was playing for the home team or not. Regardless, the expression on his horse face was priceless. I also like the smile on his horsey as well. Hehehe... In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,Polo,Polo match

    This next photo features two polo players. Mostly, the camera focuses on the horses and not on the players. The horses where the only thing worth watching in the entire match. Needless to say, I got bored of them pretty quickly. 5 stars.

    photo,photographer,teresita blanco

    Like you all know, I like taking photos of "photographers". Here we have one of such weirdoes. It is amassing that with so much optical zoom, these guys still manage to take crappy photos. I guess it cannot be helped. Anyhow, this tourist deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,miami scenery,beach scenery

    This next photo is a wide view of South Miami Beach. In this photo, you get a good feel of the wideness of this beach. 5 stars.

    miami beach, scenery, teresita blanco

     This next photo is paired up with the previous photo. It is a view of Miami beach, but from behind. You get it, right? Anyhow, both pairs of photos deserves 5 stars rating.

    photographer,miami beach,tourist

    This next photo features an lady taking a photo. According to her bag, she is from New York. A lot of northerners travel south during the winter. While they are freezing to death up north; here, we are dying of heat strokes. In any case, this cute Miami beach photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    miami beach photo,family,beach scenery

    The last Miami Beach photo shows a group of random weirdoes. By now, the sun is starting to set. The odd shadow is being cast by one of the hotels. I think that is everything worth mentioning. Truly, this photo of Miami Beach deserves 5 stars rating. Goodbye, for now. Stay, tune for more Miami Beach photos and music artists reviews.

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    amy lee,evanescene,music

    Seven Evanescence 5 Stars worth Rock Songs

    I have already written a brief intro to the Evanescence rock band. Thus, there is not need to repeat myself. Today, I simply want to bring to attention seven songs by Evanescence that I consider 5 stars worthy. Most of them a from her Fallen Album. As for "Lithium" and "Sweet sacrifice", these songs are from her Open Door Album. I listened to some of her new works. They sounded kinda repetitive... By now, I kinda got bored of their music.

    Frankly, Evanescence's first album was the best. From then on, they have been on a downhill slope. Enough, of such tragic premonitions. The first song worth mentioning is "Bring me to Life". I first heard it on TV, in channel 39. I think they where doing a rock music thingy. I forget, it was such a long time ago. Long story short, I bought the CD and listened to Evanescence's music.

    Amy Lee,Evanescence,rock singer

    The song "Bring me to Life" is about a girl whose lover has left her. She has now realized that she is nothing without him. She wants him to return to bring her back to life. She feels herself dead without him. Accompanying Amy Lee's music, is the guest vocalist Paul McCoy. I never heard of the guy. He sang pretty decently. Overall, the song plus, the guitar was 5 stars worthy.

    The next song worth mentioning is "Everybody's fool". This song is about a stuck up guy. He is always wearing a mask that fools everyone. In time, his mask drops and now he is everybody's fool. Yeah, its a spiteful rock song. One gets such spiteful songs as such, from time to time. Anyhow, this Evanescence song deserves 5 stars rating. 

    amy lee singing,evanescence concert,evanescence

    The "Tourniquet" is a song about suicide. The title itself refers to a special type of bandage that is used to take care of some serious wounds. Here, the speaker wants Jesus to bind up her wounds. She wants his support. The way Amy Lee sang this song was most beautifully. It was full of a lot of emotional cords. The guitar was more of a secondary character in this song. Like the rest of the music, it simply complimented Amy Lee's beautiful singing voice. Anyhow, the Tourniquet song deserves 5 stars rating.

    The "Taking Over Me" song is another one of those songs about a lost love. The whole theme of the song is summarized in the first lines ," You don't remember me, but I remember you." This single line sets the pace and the melancholic mood of this song. The memory of that person is taking over the speaker of the song. At the end of the song, we get a strange, creepy choir. Frankly, the song could have done just fine without it. Anyhow, Evanescence's "Taking Over Me" gets 5 stars rating.

    Evanescence, amy lee,amy lee singing

    From the Fallen album, the last song that I liked was "Hello". I know that this choice is a bit arbitrary. Plus, "Hello" is not as epic as your usual Evanescence songs. However, I deemed it worthy of my attention. The lyrics themselves are pretty odd around the edges. The piano too is melancholic. I cannot say why I like it. I just simply believe that "Hello" is 5 stars worthy.

    Now, onto "Lithium". According to Amy Lee, the song is not really about the Lithium medicine. Like we all know, Lithium is the kinda medicine that crazy people take to calm down. Amy Lee has never taken such a medicine. Rather, she used it as a metaphor for numbness. From the song, my favorite part is when Amy Lee sings, "Don't wanna let it lay me down this time / Drown my will to fly..." Frankly, that shift is the best part of the song. In any case, Lithium deserves 5 stars rating. 

    Now, the last song worth rating is called Sweet Sacrifice. According to Amy Lee, this song is about abusive relationships. This song draws a parallel to the Fallen album. This is well noted in the chorus about fears. The song itself is pretty self explanatory. You do not need to dig too deeply to catch its meaning. In any case, this song deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you like this Evanescence's songs reviews.

    amy lee, evanescence,leading singer

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    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,Steve Buscemi,Steve Carell

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone New  Funny 2013 Movie in Theaters Review

    About a week ago, I had the pleasure of watching "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" movie. Like you all know, I rarely go to theaters to watch the films. I usually wait a year or two to watch them on TV. For this movie, my family made an exception to that rule. Mostly, we went to watch it because of Jim Carrey. Like in all of his movies, Jim Carrey plays the role of a maniac. In this movie, he played the demented bad guy, Steve Grey.

    In the film, we saw a contrast between old school magic tricks and today's modern day magic. Steve Grey's tricks represented the new generation of "magicians". Many of his "tricks" went from being gory to ridiculous. Frankly, my favorite "magic trick" of Steve Grey was when he fell asleep on burning coal. He said that we all had seem people walk on hot coal. However, he was going to show us someone sleeping on hot coal. When he laid down, he started snoring. In the relapse between each snore, he screamed like a madman.

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Jim Carrey, Steve Grey

    To make you see the film, I will not spoil Steve Grey's final act. Trust me, it is worth watching. Now, onto the main characters. Burt Wonderstone was played by Steve Carell. I think this is the third film that featured both Jim Carrey and Steven Carell. Anyhow, Burt Wonderstone and his partner were old time magicians.

    They started performing magic tricks since they were children. As a matter of fact, Burt met his partner Anton thanks to his first magic trick. The trick he performed was the standard, disappearing handkerchief trick. After that humble beginning, Anton Marvelton and Burt Wonderstone got their own show at a hotel. 

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,Steve Carrel,new movie

    They started loosing business when Steve Grey came about.  They tried to imitate Grey's street performance. However, thanks to Wonderstone's claustrophobia, the act was ruined. The movie got really good, after the failed hot box trick. The final trick that outmatched Steve Grey's magic trick was something else. After the movie, they showed you how they managed to perform the impossible, disappearing audience trick. 

    Other than the magic tricks, I liked the character's costumes a lot. The beginning was also peachy.  The tension between Grey and Wonderstone worked pretty well. However, what I liked best was the sense of humor. These days most funny movies are disgusting. This movie did not need to gross you out to make you laugh. For such clean humor, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone movie deserves 5 stars rating.  

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Steve Carrel,magic trick

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    Batman Begins,Bruce Wayne, Batman

    The Dark Knight Trilogy Movie Review From the Batman Begins to the Dark Knight Rises

    Yesterday, I got around to watching The Dark Knight Rises. I figured it was a good a time as any to rate The Dark Knight Trilogy. This movie was similar to the old batman movies and comics. However, it differs on a lot of major issues. For orderly purposes, I will begin with the Batman begins. The movie starts with Bruce Wayne's parents getting murdered. Pushing back a little, the movie shows you why Batman dresses like a bat. As a child, he fell down a well and got attacked by Bats. Since then he has been afraid of them.

    After his family's murderer gets killed, Bruce Wayne goes on a soul searching mission. His lover girl's remonstrances struck a cord in him. Rachel Dowes made him realize that he did not understand the criminal mind. During his search to understand criminals, Bruce Wayne got recruited into a ninja organization. The so called the League of Shadows had been destroying civilizations throughout the ages. Gotham City was their next target. They taught Batman to master his fear of bats.

    Batman Begins, Batman,the dark knight trilogy

    Once his initiation was finished, Batman destroyed the League of Shadows, except for the leader. Unlike them, he was not ought to destroy Gotham. He wanted to save them. For the rest of the movie, Batman has problems with the League of Shadows. They were a problem that never really went away. In this film, the featured bad guy was The Scarecrow.

    Like the original Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane was know for his insanity gas and his scarecrow mask. Good guy wise, the character Lucius Fox had a greater emphasis. He was the intelligent mind running Batman's show. He designed for him most of his high tech equipment. In the first film, he made Batman's car and armor suit. In the last movie, he made Batman's fancy airplane, aka The Bat.

    The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight the Joker, The Joker

    Now, onto The Dark Knight movie. This movie begins with the antics of the Joker. In this movie, the Joker acts like no ordinary thug. As a matter of fact, he was far more organized than the original Joker. Unlike the original, this Joker simply wants to see the world burn. He was not interested in money... or so he claimed.

    The second bad guy paired up with the Joker is Two Faced. He showed up in the last part of the movie. It becomes pretty obvious who became Two Faced, when one of the character is burnt half way. It's also a real bummer Rachel Dawes' end. Frankly, I liked the Joker the best. It was funny how he said that madness was contagious.

    The Dark Knight, the dark knight the joker,the joker

    Speaking of the Joker, I remembered that the Joker inspired James Holmes. For those that do not remember, Holmes was the Dark Knight killer. He struck in the middle of the Dark Knight Rises movie. Thinking about it, The Dark Knight Movies were not responsible for the kid's insanity. It was not the movies' fault that a crazy person chose them as his theme song. Like most of you may not know, all insane people have a theme. This is well noted on the Joker's character. He is the card in the deck that should not be there.

    If he gets inside the deck, the Joker usually screws up the entire game. That is all I have to say on The Dark Knight movie. Now, onto the Dark Knight Rises. This movie features three bad guys: The Cat Woman, Bane and The Scarecrow. I found it interesting the absence of the Joker. If the Scarecrow (who was in Arkham) was out, it was natural to expect that the Joker would have been released as well. I remember that in the second film, Batman told Harvey that Scarecrow was from Arkham's asylum. Needless to say, it was implied he was returned there. Thus, it was also implied that Bane released prisoners not only from Jail, but from the Asylum.

    why so serious, the joker, the Dark Knight Rises

    Plus, if Bane wanted to destroy Gotham, obviously the perfect instrument for its destruction would have been the Joker, not the Scarecrow. I suppose the creator of this film did not think that far ahead. Then again, having both the Scarecrow and the Joker running amok seemed like too much for the Batman. I guess it's no use pondering on what might have been. Above, is a comic showing what a fan thought really occurred.

    What I liked best about the movie was the mythical child of Ra's al Ghul. According to the movie, this child was the only one to escape that fancy Asian, prison. For most of the movie, we were led to believe that Bane was that mythical child. The kid's true identity was truly amassing.

    Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne, The Dark Knight Rises

    Selina Kyle was also pretty interesting. Like in the comic, Bruce Wayne liked that cat burglar a lot. She was solely responsible for getting him out of his 8 year hermitage. I thought it was a bit awkward how she met him. She was acting as a maid to steal his fingerprints. When she brought him dinner, Bruce showed his presence by shooting her with his crossbow. For being Batman, Bruce Wayne was  not too subtle in this occasion. Considering their eccentric personalities, Batman and Cat Woman made the perfect couple.

    Needless to say, this movie had a happy ending. However, Bruce Wayne had to suffer a lot to get his happy ending. In most of the movie, Batman  was getting a royal beating. I think that is everything worth mentioning. Overall, the Dark Knight Trilogy movies were about sacrifice. Batman had to give up a lot of things for the common good. In any case, the Dark Knight Trilogy deserves 5 stars rating.

    The Dark Knight Rises, the dark night rises bane,batman wallpaper

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    Aerosmith,steven tyler,rock music

    Aerosmith Nine Amassing Rock Songs Review

    I have already written a generic review on Aerosmith. I do not wish to repeat myself, repeat myself. Did  you get the joke? You are not any fun! Regardless, this post will bring into attention Nine amassing Aerosmith songs. For many years, I was half familiar with the works of Aerosmith. Frankly, I was thanks to the Blades of Glory movie that I started to pay attention to this singer.

    In that movie, the guy ice skaters danced to the music of "Don't Want to Miss a Thing". I found the lyrics to be extremely beautiful. The song was about a lover who did not want to fall asleep. He was trying to stay awake to enjoy the company of his lover girl a bit longer. My favorite line was "Cause even when I dream of you/ The sweetest dream will never do/ I'd still miss you babe". That song is truly 5 stars worthy.

    Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry

    Continuing with the story, after I listened to the song, I googled the name of the artist that "Don't Want to Miss a Thing". Since then, the name Aerosmith has been in the back of my mind. It was later, ,when I bought Guitar Hero Aerosmith, that I became familiar with their songs. That point aside, you guys should also get the game. It is also 5 stars worthy.

    The next song that I liked was called "Dream On". I first heard it being played in the Guitar Hero Aerosmith game.  The song is about aging. One must keep on dreaming, despite passage of time. Steven Tyler sang this song beautifully. Joe Perry was also fine on his guitar. His solo was truly wonderful. On a side note, I also like Dio's version of "Dream On". After Aerosmith, a good number of rock bands tried their hands on this song. This shows that "Dream On", truly is a 5 stars worthy song.

    aerosmith,steven tyler, global warming

    The next one that I liked was "Movin' Out". The lyrics were a bit iffy around the edges. They did worked pretty well. However, in Movin' Out I preferred  Joe Perry's guitar over Steven Tyler's voice. I liked a lot the guitar choruses. Plus, the solo was also interesting. 5 stars for "Movin' Out".
    The next Aerosmith song that I liked was called "Kings and Queens". This song was extremely long. It was the last one we had to play at the end of Guitar Hero Aerosmith. The lyrics had a medieval theme, over the edges. Steven Tyler sang it most heartily. I like best the bass part played before the solo. You know, the part in the middle of the song. It set the mood rather nicely. Anyhow, this song too was 5 stars worthy.

    aerosmith,steven tyler,hd

    The "Livin' on the Edge" song was pretty depressing. The whole theme of the song was summarized in these two lines: Livin' on the edge/ You can't help yourself. Tyler sang these lines with his usual bravado. As for Perry, his guitar works was also peachy. His solo was the crown jewel of "Livin' on the Edge". This song is another prime example of Aerosmith's 5 stars worthy music.

    Jaded was another pretty song. I liked the way Steven Tyler sang the words Jaded. Basically, the song is about the speaker's lover girl. She tends to make things too complicated. He calls her Jaded because she is kinda boring. He still cares for her, despite the fact that she has her mama's style. In any case, this lil song deserves 5 stars rating.

    aerosmith,steven tyler, joe perry

    The next song worth mentioning is "Sweet Emotion". I actually saw the music video of this song. It's about a teenage boy calling one of those "call girls". You know, the kind whose only job is to bring your fantasies alive, over the phone. Throughout the video, he tried to impress the girl. He lied to her, by saying he was a big shot.

    On the other end of the line, he imagined that she was beautiful. However, as this song states, " she is a really good liar". In the end of the music video, we discover that the hot girl he imagined was just a fat woman, ironing clothing. In the end, the girl of his dreams did not exist. Yet, this song is not about disappointment. Rather, its about the sweet emotion built around an illusion. As the saying goes : Ignorance is bliss. In any case, "Sweet Emotion" is a 5 stars worthy song.

    steven tyler,joe perry,aerosmith

    The next song that I liked was "Pink". The music video was hilarious. It showed a lot of random people wearing pink. From time to time, Steven Tyler showed up in a baby form. As for Joe Perry, he chose the form of a centaur for his solo. The song itself is pretty cute. Frankly, I think this song could have done peachy without the harmonica. Then again, I never really liked the harmonica a lot. Anyhow, this amassing song deserves 5 stars rating.

    The last Aerosmith song worth rating was "Walk this Way". There were two versions of this song. The first version was the one with just Aerosmith. The second version was made with the rapper Run D.M.C.. I liked the music video with Run D.M.C. In the music video, both bands were trying to record their music. However, their mutual performance annoyed one another. Eventually, Aerosmith broke down the wall to impose his style of music. The music video ended with a blending of both songs.  For this lovely blend of rap and rock, Aerosmith deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked this little blog of mine.

    aerosmith,rock music,music

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    Miami Beach,photo,photographer

     Cloudy Miami Beach Rainy Day by Teresita Blanco May 15 2011

    Today, I wanted to post some of the photos I have taken of Miami Beach. The first featured photo is a bit of a cliche. Here we have a guy taking a photo of his beloved. The way he is kneeling down in her presence, just about defines the relationship of power among them.  I suppose I cannot blame him for idolizing his cute girlfriend. In any case, this cute couple deserves 5 stars rating.

    miami beach,photograph,original

    This next photo is also pretty self explanatory. Here, we see two guys talking together. Judging by their matching outfits, they must work for the hotel. When I took this photo they were in the process of moving the jet skies. In any case, this photograph of mine deserves 5 stars rating.

    kids playing,photograph,teresita blanco

    This next photo shows four random kids playing in the sand. They were part of our beach party. It was my duty to make certain they stayed out of the ocean. With nothing better to do, I decided to take this random photo. Anyhow, this lil group deserves 5 stars rating.

    photograph,teresita blanco,original photo

    This next photograph focuses on this cute group. Here, two ladies rented out a water motorcycle. The guy from the hotel is helping them get on. Anyhow, this group deserves 5 stars rating.

    miami beach,cute girl,random photo

    This next photo shows a random guy looking his girl get up. He is mesmerized by her beauty. Aside from that, we have a lovely Miami Beach scenery for background purposes. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    miami beach,photographer,teresita blanco

    This is the last featured photograph for this date. Here we see a cute cliche doing the whole "walk by the side of the beach" thing. Both do look cute together. I think they were an Asian couple. Anyhow, this last photo deserves 5 stars rating. I do hope that you like my photos a lot.

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    Miami Beach,hot guy,tattoos

     Miami Beach at the End of the month Before Summer Photos by Teresita  Blanco May 22 2011

    From time to time, you have one of those perfect Miami Beach Spring Days. That days was on May 22 2011. The heat was just right. Plus, there was a lot of wind. The place was literally full of beach goers. As usual, I took the time to take some random tourist photos. You know, photos of tourist. The first featured photo focuses on this cute couple. Both the tattooed stud and his girl were taking a photo. As you know, I do so love taking photos of people taking photos. In any case, this photograph deserves 5 stars rating. I certainly hope that you like them a lot. 

    couple,love,teresita blanco

    You know, you hardly ever get handsome people passing by Miami Beach. This is one of the rare occasions when hot people grace us with their presence. As noted, both the guy and his girlfriend are in perfect physical condition. They are both performing the walking by the side of the beach cliche. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    umbrella,miami beach,beach scenery

    This next photograph show a cool Miami Beach scenery. The central focus is this guy trying to open up his umbrella. The girl passing by is looking shocked in his direction. In any case, this random photo deserves 5 stars rating. I do so hope that you like it.

    Miami Beach, soccer game,photos

    This next photograph is also pretty peachy. Here we see a guy playing soccer by the beach side. In the foreground, we have a girl in a red bikini. Overall, this photo works pretty well. In any case, it deserves 5 stars rating.

    tselem,photograph,teresita blanco

    This is a pretty odd self portrait. I decided to take a photo of my shadow. Beside me stands my brother. Both of our shadows came out pretty elongated; so much so, that you could not tell that he was fat around the edges. In any case, this photograph deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you like this post a lot.

    photos,photographer,miami beach

    This is one of those photos of a photographer. Its pretty funny the kinds of things that tourist considers photo worthy. Anyhow, this random guy deserves 5 stars rating.

    dove,photographer,teresita blanco

    This next photograph centers in a dove. The guy in the foreground is taking a silly photo of a dove. It is kinda random the reason why he would choose to photograph this ugly dove. Well, who am I to question people's poor aesthetic values. Then again, who decided that photos of doves were trivial? In any case, this photograph of a photographer deserves 5 stars rating.

    shinny water,teresita blanco,photo

    I took this photo because of the position of the sun. The water came out looking rather shinny. 5 stars for this cute couple.


    This is quite the lovely photo. Here we see a couple exercising together. It must be fun to run by the beach side. At least you get some salty fresh air. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    cliche,miami beach,photo

    This is quite the pretty Miami Beach cliche photo. All we see is a lovely boat sailing across the sea. I never have been on a boat. Not that I am planning on ridding one. Boats kinda make me feel claustrophobic. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    little girl,adorable,teresita blanco

    This next photograph is pretty cute. Here we see a little girl playing in the water. Her arms look like they have been burnt by the sun a lot. In any case, this little cutie deserves 5 stars rating.

    gay,miami beach,photograph

    This next photograph shows a random guy. The way he was covering himself with the towels was pretty interesting. Thus, I chose to photograph this weirdo. Scenery wise, this photo works pretty well. Truly, I deserve 5 stars rating.

    cool photo,miami beach,beach scenery

    This next photograph is really cool. Here we see this random guy folding up his jumbo kite. The whole photo does look pretty interesting. In the background, we see more of Miami Beach. I truly like this photograph a lot. It is one of my personal favorites. In any case, this last photograph deserves 5 stars rating. Let us move right along, shall we.

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    photo,miami beach,waves

    Fancy Miami Beach Ocean Photos May 1 2011 by Teresita Blanco

    Today, I wanted to feature these wonderful photos. They were all taken in May 1st. I do so hope that you like my photography work a lot. If not, at least pretend to like it a bit. The first photograph shows a maiden entering the water. In the background, we see a couple ridding orange floaters. Pretty neat, if you ask me. Then again, you won't. In any case, this photograph deserves 5 stars rating.

    gold digger,miami beach,treasure

    This next photo focuses on this gold digger. I see him from time to time in Miami Beach. He is the guy who finds all you lost jewelry and bottle caps. Anyhow, this odd photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    posing for a photo,Miami Beach,family

    In this photo, we see a family posing for a photo. Interesting enough, they were not posing for me. The mother is the one who is truly looking at the camera. Anyhow, this cute couple, with the baby, deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,photo,beach scenery

    This is another lovely Miami Beach photo. Here we see some random people passing by. In the background, we have some cute scenes and the like. You know, family friendly fun. Anyhow, this photo gets 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach, cool scenery,beach scenery

    This Miami Beach photo is pretty interesting. Here we see lots of random people resting in the sand. I focused on group B, because they looked quite peachy. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    miami beach,couple,beach

    This photo focuses on the orange floater couple. They are getting out of the water. The thing that stands out the most is their floaters. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    miami beach,miami,beach scenery

    This is another lovely Miami Beach Scenery. It does not focus on anyone in particular. 5 stars.

    miami beach,miami ,photo

    Here is another lovely Miami Beach Scenery. It is nothing too far out there. Man, I am so sleepy... I wanna go home, now!!!! Anyhow, this photo gets 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,blue bike,bike

    Here is another lovely Miami Beach photo. This lady is setting up camp. In the background, we see lots of random people an the like. Anyhow, this one deserves 5 stars rating.


    This is another cliche photo. Here we see a mother playing with her baby. The kid does not look to happy being in the water. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach photo,miami photo,friends

    Here we have a cute Miami Beach photo. Mostly, I wanted to focus on the background kids. You know, the one showing the kid taking a photo of his friends. His photographer pose is really cute. Anyhow, this deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach photo, photographer,teresita blanco

    In this photo, we get a better view of those kids. Here, they are posing for a new photo. The pose worked great. Anyhow, this one deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami beach,baby girl,pink

    This photo focuses on some of mother's friends. That day one of them brought a cute baby girl. Here she is playing with the baby. I frankly like this photo a lot better than the next one. This one is more natural looking. We could do without the background weirdoes. I suppose I can't do anything about them. In any case, this lovely photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach, baby girl,teresita blanco

    In this cliche photo, we get a good view of the baby girl. I did not like much the fake smile of the lady (whose name alludes me). I guess some things cannot be helped. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    cute baby,baby girl,pink dress

    Following the cute baby theme, here we have the same girl playing with a bottle. She came out really cute. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,mother,baby girl

    I cannot say why I liked this photo. Mostly, I liked the interlocking shapes and forms in the foreground. The crop well the glistering background. Anyhow, this deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach photo,baby girl,adorable photo

    In this photo, we see a cute tender moment. The baby girl is having her milk. The face of the lady seems more natural, maternal, even. She really likes this cute baby girl. Anyhow, this cutie deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,kids playing,photo

    This photograph shows two kids playing. Both were part of out beach party. The photo works pretty well in a lot of levels. Anyhow, this one deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach photo, cute girls,beach

    In this photograph, we see two girls entering the water with their floaters. They seem to be talking about something or other. I guess this photo works pretty well. Anyhow, this pair gets 5 stars rating.

    toddler,miami beach,teresita blanco

    Above, we have the photo of that cute kid getting out of the water. I like the way the splash of water came out. Thank god for fast shutter speed. What would I do without it? Anyhow, this cute photo deserves 5 stars rating.


    In this photograph, we see a tourist taking a photo. His wife has just gotten out of the water. I like taking photos, of "photographer". Anyhow, this cute pair deserves 5 stars rating.

    baby girl,cute baby,adorable baby

    This is another cute baby girl photo. She is grabbing the finger of my mother. The darling came out very pretty. 5 stars.

    mother,digital camera,photographer

    Thanks to digital photography just about anyone can take a photo. There is still some art left to photography. Anyhow, here we see a cute photo of a mother taking a photo of her kids. 5 stars.

    practical joke,prank,wake up

    In this photo, we see mother waking up one of her friends. This is how she used to wake me up to go to school. Nah, I am just messing around. Regardless, all were having a fun time that day. In any case, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    miami beach,old man,old

    This next photo focuses on this old guy. He is packing up to leave Miami Beach. I think this photo works pretty well, more of less. Anyhow, this old guy deserves 5 stars rating.

    old guy,young guy,miami beach photo

    In this photo, we sorta have a generational clash. The old guy is looking at the young kid. Kinda like a past and future kinda deal. Regardless, their shapes work pretty well. 5 stars.

    baby girl,baby drinking milk,adorable

    Here is another baby girl drinking milk photo. 5 stars.

    miami beach scenery,beach scenery,sunny

    Here is another wide Miami Beach scenery kind of view. You get a good perspective of the whole place. 5 stars.

    random guy,miami beach,photo

    Here is a random photo of this foreign guy. I like the fragmented gazes of the whole group. There is a lot motion here and there. 5 stars.

    Miami Beach,photo,baby

    Here is another cute Miami Beach photo. The father is taking a photograph of his wife with her baby girl. The smile on his face is truly, genuine. It is not the fake ones we put on for the sake of a pretty picture. Frankly, I like this photo a lot. It is truly 5 stars worthy.

    miami beach,photo,odd guy

    In this photo, I focused on this random guy. He seemed a bit suspicious so I took his photo. He seemed like the kinda guy who wants to pass incognito. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    mother,baby,baby girl

    Above, we have a cute mother and child photo. The mother is kissing her baby. Both do look really cute together. This photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    cute hat,mother,little girl

    This is the next cute photo. What I like best is the cute orange and white hat. The little girl playing next to her mother is also pretty cute. This wonderful photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    cameras,photographers,asian tourist

     This next photo features three Asian tourists. They are all dressed in white. They are also using the same king of camera. Have they no individuality? Then again, no one does these days... 5 stars for this cute cliche photo

    Teresita Blanco,baby girl,cute girl

    This is the last baby girl photo. This is also my only featured self portrait. I really like babies. Oh well... This cute self portrait deserves 5 stars rating. 

    hot girls,bikini,photos

    In this photo, a boy is checking out a hot girl. His expression is priceless. In any case, this sunset photo of mine deserves 5 stars rating.

    miami beach, stupid pose,photograph

    In this photo,  we see a girl striking an odd pose. It is a wonder the kinds of things people consider photogenic. Well, who am I to judge? Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    hot girl,photographer,miami beach

    This is the last photo of a photographer. In this one, we see a girl striking a cool photographer pose. Behind her, we can see the grouping she is aiming at. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    beach soccer,soccer,miami beach

    This photo focuses on the Soccer stadium. On that day, the held a beach soccer event. I did not care to watch it. I find soccer to be super boring. I like better high scoring games. It must be frustrating to spend hours trying to get a single goal. Its no wonder that game has the highest riot ration of any game. In any case, this cool photo deserves 5 stars rating.

    Miami Beach,sunset photo,beach photo

    This is the last Miami Beach landscape. It was taken around the sunset time. We get a good view of the kites flying about the beach. The scenery looks pretty great. Truly, this amassing photo deserves 5 stars rating. 

    kite,water sport,beach photo

    Here is a photo closeup of one of those guys ridding those kites. He looks pretty cool getting out of the water. Lets just move right along. 5 stars.

    waves,miami beach,cool photo

    This is the last featured Miami Beach photo. Here we have the same guy from before. In this photo, you can see his facial expression. He is quite focused on his game. Anyhow, this photo deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you liked this long photography feature. I am really quite the talented 5 stars worthy artist.

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    Maduro political cartoon, Chavez is a bird,chavez bird

    Nicolas Maduro Barely "Won" the Venezuelan's Elections: Riots Ensued

    Needless to say, that Nicolas Maduro's victory means bad news for Venezuela. I am surprised that people thought that Crapiles had a winning chance. It is not that Capriles was a weak candidate. It is just that Maduro was Chavez's handpicked successor. You cannot Chavez's successor to play fair.

    After his victory, Maduro quickly declared himself president. The electoral collage refused to do a hand recount of the votes. There are rumors that they were burning some of physical ballots. In a sense, they were destroying all the evidence of electoral fraud. Like it was to be expected, this did not humor one bit Capriles' supporters.

    chavez political cartoon,maduro cartoon,political cartoon

    For the time being, Capriles is ordering his supporters to participate in peaceful protests. Many a times, these protests did not end peacefully. Time and time again, Capriles supporters clashed with the police. It is not to say that they are acting violently, per say. Rather, his supporters are in a foul mood. At this rate, Venezuela might erupt into a civil war.

    On Maduro's end, he cancelled another one of the channels that spoke against his government. Frankly, I do not see how a hand recount of the votes will make things any better. One can easily do electoral fraud digitally or physically. It is a common practice among dictatorial regimes. At times like this, the only way to overthrow an illegitimate government is via violence.

    Maduro cartoon,raul castro cartoon,political cartoon

    I hate to give Venezuela such grim prognostics. However, with the support of the army and the oil, Maduro is set for life. What a pity... more and more, Venezuela reminds me of Cuba. That protest with the pans is very similar, in style, to many Cuban protest. It is also very similar in its effectiveness or lack thereof.

    Speaking of Cuba, I bet Maduro learned his tricks from the Castro brothers. Those brothers are experts in tyranny. When a man seeks powers, he will sacrifice all, but himself. Thinking about it, Venezuela is kinda like a Cuban colony. A lot of the Venezuela's resources are sent to Cuba. This exploitation of resources was the cornerstone of Capriles' campaign.The Cuban Regime had a lot ridding in this election. Many of their followers had immigrated to Venezuela and voted in their elections.

    chavez political cartoon,chaves cartoon,political cartoon

    Another deciding factor was the 78% voting turnout. This was 2% less than the last Venezuela elections. Based on this turnout, 2% of the Venezuelans did not see the point in voting. After all, their last election of Chavez vs. Capriles was rigged. In any case, I do not see things in Venezuela getting better, anytime to soon.

    Final Thoughts : Here is a last thought. What if they do recount the votes and it turns out that Maduro won. Even if he did loose, a significant amount of Venezuelans like his terrible singing and his birdy metaphors. That is a scary thought. As for the birds, Maduro copied it from Castro. A long time ago, during one of his speeches, several doves perked on Castro's podium. That rose his credit ratings among the ignorant populous. Seriously, if Capriles wants to win over the whole of Venezuela, he needs to sing and get some birds.

    maduro political cartoon,politcal cartoon

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