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If you are wondering what is good out there in the universe then come here for me to inform you. Here you get to know a lil bit ofeverything like art, culture, entertainment, music, fashion, movies,anime ect. So if its 5 star worthy it will have a place in this blog.

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    chaplin movie,charlie chaplin,cute movie

    Chaplin Cool Autobiographic Movie Review
    by Teresita Blanco

    A few weeks ago, I watched the Chaplin movie. Like the name demonstrates, the movie was about the life of Charlie Chaplin. He was one of the best movie actors of his time. The movie is based on his autobiographical work. Like many artists, Chaplin came from a poor family. He first acted as replacement for his mother.

    The scene went as thus. One day, his mother was singing. The audience started to boo her. This caused her to sing even worst. To keep the place from going to hell, Chaplin volunteered to sing his mother's song. Though it came out cute, the mother stopped singing after that incident. Things went down hill for Young Chaplin young since that incident.

    chaplin,the kid, funny movie

    Chaplin picked up the acting habit from watching his mother. It was a bummer a real bummer when Chaplin got sent to the Orphanage. Like we all know, orphanages were and still are a real pain. Can you imagine how they were 100 years ago? Anyhow, suffering the life of the poor helped Chaplin develop his edge. His most renown character was  the Tramp, a poor vagabond.

    The film was a pretty good dramatization of the book written by Chaplin himself. It gave you a good perspective of how hard life was during those days. The movie was kind nostalgic in a way. I remember that they used to put Chaplin's movies when I was a little kid. For this reason, I think this movie is 5 stars worthy. Plus, it had a great cast of actors whose names allude me.

    modern times,chaplin movie,charlie chaplin
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    facebook down,facebook malfunction,humor

    Global Tragedy: Facebook Went Offline for 10 Minutes
    Something News by Teresita Blanco

    A few minutes ago, I went to check on my facebook page. You know, it was a normal day for me and I was doing normal things. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw that facebook was down. Can you believe that? If not, I have the proof above. The above sign usually shows up whenever facebook's bandwidth runs out, or when one of their giant PC gets overheated or struck by lightning. It is foolish to imagine that the internet is simply floating about. Remember, the internet is simply a bunch of computers sending and receiving signals back ad forth. It does not exist in the ether. In the end, all that data must be saved in the physical world.

    Regardless, this downtime does not prove too promising. I noticed that other facebook subsidiaries are also down. Like Wikipaintings. I think that website must also belong to Mike Suckabird, since it went down at the same time as facebook. All those odd things combined means that facebook's main server is having a brainfreeze or a meltdown. It might also be one of those chain reaction events that just brings the entire system down. It happens to the best and the worst. After all, machines, like humans, breakdown at some point of other. I hope this gives you some food for thought the next time you take your internet for granted. I think Facebook came back online like 10 minutes ago. Yay, my life may resume.
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    kyoko Okazaki,pink,shoujo

    Pink by Kyoko Okazaki Adult Manga 5 Stars Worthy
    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Two weeks ago, I read the Pink Manga. This manga made Okazaki's career. Okazaki is like the chick version of Ozamu Tezuka. She revolutionized chick flick Mangas. Though she has the lovy, dovy themes, she also tackles other issues not typically displayed in Mangas. They had to develop a new kind of shoujo sub genre for her.

    In any case, Pink is about a girl named Yumi. Yumi likes the color pink. Her entire room has pink stuff. In the day, Yumi had a blue collard job at an office. At night, she works as a call girl... They call her up and she goes to sleep with the costumer. Yumi does not mind the job. To her all jobs are in one way or another, a kind of prostitution.

    Kyoko Okazaki,sad anime girl,manga

    Anyhow, Yumi has a very progressive view of the world. She is an independent woman who works hard for what she wants. And what does Yumi what? Yumi is only concerned with finding food for her cute crocodile pet. Her crocodile is already at the size  when he stops being cute. He represents her rogue mindset. She is a typical girl, with atypical habits. In a sense, her crock gives her life a purpose. Her mortal enemy is her stepmother.

    They have been at odds since they met. They do not get along because of Yumi's independent thinking. Yumi does get along with her half sister. Her main romantic interest is her step mother's gigolo, aka a young aspiring writer. Overall, the manga has a sick sense of humor. Its bittersweet till the end. For a chick manga, it was really, really good. A sublime shoujo manga. Since its the story of a prostitute, readers should expect a few graphic scenes. Truly, Pink is a 5 stars worthy manga. I recommend it to all girls who like girly mangas.

    damn you,kyoko okazaki,manga
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    helter skelter, tiger lily, kyoko ozaki

    Helter Skelter Fashion Unfriendly by Kyoko Ozaki 5 Stars Worthy Manga

    Helter Skelter is about a model named Liliko. The Ko part is usually put in the name of anime chicks who have serious problems. This manga shows you the great sacrifices women must make to be beautiful. Liliko used to be an ugly chick. She underwent a series of plastic surgeries to become a beautiful model. Only her eyes, nails and parts of her track were truly her own. The manga begins with the public talking about her. They are praising her beauty and whatever.

    Liliko is about to have her own movie. She is currently dating a rich kid. She does not really love him. Rather, she was concerned about the day when she should stop being pretty. After all, she could not do modeling forever. One night, after bathing she saw a bruise over her eye. When her makeup artist also noticed, it drove her berserk.

    liliko,kyoko ozaki,manga

    Apparently, Liliko's body requires a lot of maintenance. Think about it, there is like a 100% chance you will need corrections if you get a plastic surgery. Most of Liliko's money goes to maintaining her look. She suffers a lot of pain during her beauty treatments. I liked the character Liliko because she is such a jerk. She is aware of all she had to sacrifice to for her looks. It was cool when she decided that she was going to screw everyone or just croak like a dog.

    Illustration wise, Ozaki has some pretty dress designs. She gives you a good view of the cruelty of the fashion industry. It also shows you the consequences of going overboard with plastic surgery. Liliko has some great lines in the manga. Like how she was always stifling a scream. The manga is called Helter Skelter because it shows the ups and downs of plastic surgery. In any case, this manga by Kyoko Ozaki deserves 5 stars rating. I think it got made into a movie.

    helter skelter, cool movie,cute girl
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    sochi 2014,olympics 2014,sochi olympic ceremony

    Review of the Sochi Olympics 2014 Opening Ceremony
    written by Teresita Blanco

    Yesterday, I saw the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony. Frankly, I was not going to watch it because the Russians did not inspire me much confidence. I am happy they proved me wrong. I must say the performances where even better than the Chinese. And that was a show hard to top. Anyhow, as usual the show began with the parade of nations.

    The girl with the sign had a odd kind of dress. The way she walked with the sign was anything but avant garde. In my opinion, it was just plain weird. I always liked the parade of nations because you discover some small nations you never eve heard of.

    olympics 2014 opening ceremony,opening ceremony,sochi olympics

    The two countries worth noting were the US and Russia. When the Americans entered, they were with their cameras and their smart phones. Some even seemed to be yelling "USA, USA". They had the most athletes for the winter Olympics. As for the Russians, they entered with a proud attitude as if they owned the place. Well, they kinda did. Their Putin leader was saluting them in his usual cold, Russian fashion.

    Afterwards, I saw the 3 minute history of Russia. It showed the proletarians building up the nation. Followed by the European like Burguousy bringing in progress and technology. Afterwards, the proletarians took over again. About the end, women became relevant. From a feminist perspective, I did not like that the women portrayed only appeared as mothers, daughters, helpers and secretaries. Eh, whatever... Let's move right along.

    Sochi Winter Olympics,Olympics 2014, Olympics Opening Ceremony

    Following, I saw some odd horses. I thought they looked cool being followed by a strange pinwheel that was supposed to be the sun. When the sun melted the ice, there began the history of Russia told from the perspective of a little girl. I thought the intro part was really pretty. The figurines looked like candy. The TV guy said that because of Russian isolation, they developed a very unique, candy art.

    Sochi Olympics,Olympics 2014, teresita blanco

    That section was about Russia's mythological creation of the world. According to Russian Mythology, the world was born from a whale. From what I know, there is like a million references to supernatural whales. They either save the world, a humanity, or create humans.

    sochi winter olympics,winter olympics,olympics 2014

    Aside from the whale made of people and balloons, the floor projections looked pretty neat. The floor had a lot of cool visual projections. This section ended with the balloons released into the sky, that formed the shape of St. Basil Cathedral.

    sochi olympics,olympics 2014,winter olymics

    After that cute section, they changed to Medieval Russia. It focused on the works of Peter the Great. What made him great was the Navy he built. He went incognito to the West and brought back to Russia all the wonders of the Enlightenment. Under his reign, the Russians got their first Newspapers and an updated alphabet.

    Sochi Olympics, olympics 2104,olympics performance

    After the sea section, the floor became a map of St. Petersburg. The place became a center of commerce and progress. The city was built on top of a Swamp. They invented the imperial ballet. It was a bigger replica of Venice, with a unique Russian flavor. In that section, they had a cool marching band of guys. The patterns they mad went well with the way the map changed on the floor.

    Sochi olympics,olympics ballet,the swan lake

    From that martial tone, the scenery and the music changed. It became more romantic. The floor became a ball room and maidens came to dance with the guys. There, they played a scene from "War and Peace". This part represented the peace section of the book. Within there, they played a lovely waltz and ballet. The neon columns where a lovely detail.

    sochi olympics,sochi 2014,olympic opening ceremony

    The music then changed and became more epic, when the winter came. According to my history teacher, when the temperature is warm Empires flourish. When things get cold, empires fall. When things got cool, the revolution came doing away with the beautiful decadent era of the Burgueasy. From that previous era, I liked best the pretty ballerina. She was one hell of a dancer.

    communist russia,sochi olympics,hammer and cycle

    I found it hilarious how the Russians showed the communist period without mentioning Marx, Lenin and Stalin. They made more emphasis on the proletarians. All sported the same attires. They became one with the factory machines. Their individualism was discarded. It was a pretty dehumanizing process.

    communist cubism, sochi olympics,sochi 2014

    The fancy decorations of the train and the figures where reminiscence of communist cubism, with their epic triangles and circles. Around the end, the music became more aggressive. The order and the figures broke down. Progress came, but at a terrible price. This was further emphasized by Russian's entry into World War II.

    proletarians, sochi olympics,olympics 2014

    They lost like 20 million troops in the war. Following came the 50s. Things where a little bet better. Something about the kids crossing the streets reminded me of Communist Cuban's pioneros. Both bought the same clothing from the same bad designer. When the 60s came, the uniformity of the Russian society was broken.

    sochi winter olympics,winter olympics,2014 olympics

    Slowly, individualism returned as the communist regime was crushed. The 60s generation was fascinated with the West, the Beatles and out of space. They also did something odd with the baby boomers. It seems that they too had a baby boom generation.

    baby boomers,sochi olympics, olympics 2014

    By the end, they returned to the little girl. She walked up on top of a blue balloon. She let go of a red balloon. For those that do not know, the red balloon represents communism. The fact that she let it go shows that the Russians have given up on communism...for now. Hehehehe... Now they are stuck with the blue balloon, aka Capitalism.

    The Swan Lake,Sochi Olympics, ballet

    On that note, they finished the first part of the Sochi Olympics show. Following, they did the usual boring speeches. The Russian guy talking in English had a really bad accent. He might as well have said the whole thing in Russian. The other guy who spoke was the Olympics guy. He too was a bit preachy. You know, the usual Miss Universe speech about peace and love and harmony.

    The Swan Lake, Sochi Olympics, 2014 Olympics

    After this scene, they had a lot of pretty fireworks. Later, began the second piece of the Russians. For this Olympics second event, the Russians did the Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. The jelly fish ballerinas looked pretty amassing. The neon tube where an interesting effect. They looked like Will o the wisp.

    The Swan Lake,Sochi 2014,winter olympics

    The Swan Queen was Diana Batsheva. She is currently the top dog of ballet. At the Sochi Olympics, she showed why she was the best there ever was. After the dance, some weirdos sang the Russian national anthem. As it is tradition in most Olympics, the Sochi singer was a Soprano backed by a male choir.

    Olympic Gods, sochi 2014, olympics 2014

    The soprano chick was dressed like Cinderella, for some odd reason. As for the Sopranos, they wore white tux. At the end, they did a tribute to all the Winter Olympic Gods. This part of the performance was a bit too flashy for my taste. I suppose it may have looked cooler had I been inside the actual stadium.  Frankly, I liked the floor Milky Way effects the best.

    Sochi Winter Olympics, Winter Olympics, Olympics 2014

    The Opening Sochi Olympics ceremony ended with the lighting of the torch. I felt bad for the old geezers that had to run a whole mile to light the torch outside the stadium. They way the torch lighted was pretty epic with the crisscross fires. Overall, I found the opening ceremony to be 5 stars worthy all the way. The march of nation not so much, but what can you do. Its one of those necessary evils. 
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    Marissa Castelli,Simon Shnapir, team figure skating

    Sochi Olympics 2014 Team Figure Skating Pairs Review
    by Teresita Blanco

    Today, I wanted to review two performances that I liked a lot from the Team Figure Pairs. Overall, they where all peachy. For some reason, almost half the weirdos fell miserably. The guys kept throwing the girls half way across the scream. It was a wonder they did not land square on their face. At other times, the girls fell on their own.

    From all those who danced that day, I liked best the US and Russian team. The dancers where Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir. Both where two time US champs. The song they danced to was Skyfall. The guy was dressed like James Bond. They skated rather fast, so it made their stunts interesting to look at. Since they had skated for a pretty long time, they where in sync. However, like most of the male goons Shnapir ended up throwing his girl too hard. The thrown really ruined her.

    Team Figure Skating,Sochi olympics, ice skating

    When she was jumping alone, she fell for a second time. Indeed, it would have been a perfect performance had the guy not thrown his chick too hard. According to the TV guy, Shnapir could have skated faster. However, he slowed down for Castelli. When not jumping, they made some interesting shapes together. He did not have a hard time moving his Castelli around. Overall, it was one solid performance. They did seemed to have enjoyed working together.

    The next team worth noting was the Russian pair. I think they where called Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov. Anyhow, I liked them the best because they did not fall. For not falling, they where able to win. They started off with some neat poses here and there. Stolbova almost fell. Her landing was somewhat off. The routine had some pretty music. Stolbava did some pretty ballet like movements. She had the graceful hands of a ballerina. She also had some decent flexibility to boot. Aside from the shapes, this team jumped quite consistently. They where also quite synchronized. Indeed, they deserved to win. Overall, both Olympic performances deserve 5 stars rating. 
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    Bobrova and Soloviev,skating short,olympics 2014

    Olympics 2014 Team Figure Skating Short Dance
    Event Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    The next Team figure skating event worth reviewing was the team short dance. They where all really pretty. The dance was more mellowed out, than the previous event. The teams did not have to worry much about doing fancy jumps that would cause them to splatter all over the ice. The one that did worst in this event was the Canadian team. They did not inspire me much confidence.

    Anyhow, the first team worth reviewing is the French team. For this event, the chosen dancers where Pechalat and Bourzat. Music wise, they chose a piece from the Musical or movie "Chicago". They did it beautifully. They were in sync most of the time. Around the middle, they picked up the tempo to perform the so called "72 steps in 30 seconds". Overall, they did pretty amassing.

    Bobrova and Soloviev,Olympics 2014,Team Figure Skating

    The next team worth mentioning was the Russian Team. So far, they have been dominating the ice Skating team events. In this one, they got close but not quite. The athletes in mention are Bobrova and Soloviev. Music wise, they did "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friends" . The girl thought she was Marilyn Monroe. They did dance in a happy go lucky fashion.

    Their entire routine had nice sort of vibe and energy. Meaning, that their dance went well with the music. The change in tempo for the 72/ 30 gig worked pretty well. They managed not to bump into each other, nor lose synchronicity. They would have won had they not competed against the best there ever was in this event.

    Meryl Davis and Charlie White,Olympics 2014,skating short

    They where the dancers for the US team. Meryl Davis and Charlie White where the artist in questions. They have been unbeatable (or so says the TV guy) because they never made a mistake. When they took the stage, they made ice skating look easy. It was as if they were a fish inside a water. The music they danced too was lovely as well.

    What I also liked, aside from the routine, was the pink dress of Meryl. It looked sublime on her. The couple did all parts of the routine in perfect unison. They almost mimicked one another as if they were mirror mode. Indeed, they showed whey they where the best that ever was. According to the TV guy, this pair had been skating for almost 20 years. For this and their natural talents, this team deserves 5 stars rating.

    Meryl Davis and Charlie White,olympics 2014,Skating short
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    Yulia Lipnitskaya,Figure Skating, Olympic 2014

    Yulia Lipnitskaya Short and Long Figure Skating Olympic 2014
    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Today, I wanted to mention the short and long routines of the woman Team figure skating competition. However, the child prodigy Yulia stole all my attention. A day or so ago, she became the youngest Winter Olympics winner. Before she even starts skating, one can appreciate her seriousness. Her adorable face ,in her first Olympic performance, had a serious and intense look.

    Dress wise, she was doing a whole Schindler's List. You remember, the little girl in the red dress from the movie? Some TV people thought it was a bit tasteless, but who cares? Still, I simply found her to be adorable. Aside from her jumps, I liked a lot her flexibility in her turns. She knew how to pick up speed in those round about.

    Yulia Lipnitskaya,sochi olympics, olympics 2014

    Her flexibility allowed for her to do a move that no other female skater was able to replicate that day. Whenever she did that move, the TV guys would complained about a crammed neck. Indeed, she was trained in the classical style.

    Something about her mannerism reminds one of the Russian  ballet. Indeed, she has the gracefulness of a seasoned Ballerina. For the short performance, she got a 70, a personal best.  In her second performance, Yulia was simply showing off. She jumped more times in one performance than all the ice skater girls put together. She did those jumps effortlessly.

    Yulia Lipnitskaya, winter olympics,ice skater

    In her last performance, she showed a little bit more emotion. She did not have the pressure of having to do good considering the 70 points she had under her belt. She was also able to perform well because her President was watching her. When she won, he greeted her and the team in his usual cold Russian fashion. Again, aside from the jumps, she did her spins marvelously. For that performance, she got 141 points. Since she is only 15, this means that she will be an Olympic contender for many more years to come.

    Needless to say, she has raised the bar on women's Olympic Ice skating. For this, and many other adorable reasons, Yulia deserves 5 stars rating. You know, I was going to mention the routines of the other female skaters. There where some that where so, so. Howevever, Yulia is the only female skater worth mentioning. Once again, the Russians have done it... For better or for worst.

    Yulia Lipnitskaya, Figure Skating, Olympic 2014
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    Shirley Temple,obituary,adorable

    Shirley Black Temple Died on Monday February 10
    Obituary by Teresita Blanco

    Shirley Temple died yesterday. She was 85, when she died. Apparently, she died of old age. Her publicists only said that she died. So, it is safe to assume that she died of natural causes. Shirley Temple began her career as a child actress, at the age of 3.

    Her parents had sent her to tap school at that young age. During one of her dances, two producers spotted the little girl. They decided to feature her in their films. They where the ones who started her career. By the age of 6, she had a contract with Fox.

    Got Milk, Shirley Temple, Shirley Temple died

    The first movie that I saw of her had her as a little orphan girl. I forget the name of the movie. All I remember was that my teacher used to make us sing the songs of her movie, "Its a hard knock, life for us!" Back then, I used to think Shirley Temple was blonde.

    Later on, I saw an old painting of the girl at age 3. I think it was a promo poster of one of her early films. It turns out that the original Temple had brownish hair. In the movies, they colored her hair blonde because they thought it looked cuter. Frankly, I liked the original hair color of Shirley Temple. It was unnaturally brown, and glistering.

    Shirley Temple, Shirley Temple dancing, Shirley Temple movies

    The third time I heard of the girl was in a Simpsons episodes. You remember, the one where Lisa out tap danced Temple using robot shoes? It really gave me a good laugh. I think we should return to her old life. By the age of 10, Shirley Temple earned a massive salary of $50,000 per movie.

    Franklin Roosevelt praised her performance. He found it charming that for 15 cents, the people could go forget about their troubles by looking at the face of Shirley Temple. The film directors loved her the best. They only had to tell her to do things once, and she would remember it for the rest of her life. For a small child, she had a prodigious memory.

    Shirley Temple photo, Shirley Temple Wallpaper,Shirley Temple movie

    She acted, sang and tap danced for 18 years. Her hairstyle became  pretty popular for blonde little girls between the 1950s to the 1970s. Her films became more popular as the Great Depression got worst. Some of her films tackle issues of poverty and the plight of orphan children. She offered an uplifting hopeful view of the life of the poor. Via wit, they could better themselves.

    The pity with child artist is that once they get older, they stop being cute. When she reached her teens, Shirley Temple started getting less and less movie roles. She retired from the movie industry at the age of 22. How many people can claim that they retired at the age of 22?  From that time forward, she dedicated her life to politics.

    Shirley Temple, Shirley Temple Obituary, Obituary

    She served as US ambassador in many missions to the United Nations, Ghana, and Czechoslovakia. In 1967, she tried to run for Congress as a Republican Representative. She naturally lost. It was very rare for women to be elected into Congress, in those days. Most who did make it to Congress where widows of US Representatives.

    Still, most remember her for the wonderful movies she used to make as a child. For her performances, she received two lifetime achievement awards. In 1988, she wrote her autobiography titled "Child Star". The book spoke of her experience of those days of success. Indeed, she left a big legacy. She will always be remember in those childhood films of hers. For her amassing career, Shirley Temple deserves 5 stars rating.

    Shirley Temple,Walt Disney, classical movie

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    Ekaterian Brovoda and Dmitri Soloviev, The Black Swan, Russian Ice Skating

    Figure Skating Free Dance Sochi Olympics 2014 Review
    by Teresita Blanco

    Today, I wanted to review two amassing ice skating dances. Both where performed in the Free Dance finals of the Team Figure skating Event. The first one worth mentioning was the one performed by Ekaterian Brovoda and Dmitri Soloviev. Following the Russian tradition, both skated a ballet piece.

    According to the TV people, the Russians have been blending ballet and ice skating for generations. For them, both arts are one and the same. This produces some very flexible, beautiful ice skaters that are almost impossible to defeat. The black Swan danced by Brovoda and Soloviev drew upon that ancient tradition.

    The Black Swan,Russian ice skating pair,winter olympics

    If I remember correctly, the TV guy also mentioned that this Russian pair trained with Cirque du Suleil. I thought it was a major bummer when they did not win. To me, their performance deserved the gold metal. Their performance began the same way as the opera. At first, she started as the Swan Queen.

    Around the middle of the performance, the tempo changed and she became the black Swan. She even did a cool looking swan pose. Their performance, if anything, was crowd appealing. Their moves flowed from one to the next. There did not seem to be any interruption, no moment's hesitation, while they performed. The Twirly, twirly they made also came out pretty decent.

    davis and white,olympics 2014,ice skating

    Overall, they where 5 stars worthy material. For some annoying reason, they got defeated by Canadian Bacon. All I can say is that the Canadian performance was way too boring. Now, onto the next pair of figure skaters worth reviewing.

    By now, you might have guessed who was coming up. Davis and White are the second Olympic skater pair worth mentioning. For their Free dance, they performed a scene from the 1001 Nights. Davis was the young bride and White acted as the sultan.

    arabian nights,ice skating,olympics 2014

    The first thing worth mentioning was Davis' blue dress. It simply looked sublime on her. It makes me wonder, who designed for her such a pretty dress. To match the tone, they chose a pretty interesting classical piece, whose name alludes me.

    They danced in the happy go lucky style. Unlike all the previous competitors, Davis and White seemed to be really enjoying themselves. For their amassing dance, they got gold and the highest free dance score ever recorded. They too are 5 stars worthy ice skaters.

    davis and white,olympics,sochi 2014

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    Marissa Castelli, Black Magic Woman,ice skating pair

    Pair Free and Short Dance Olympics Figure Skating Sochi 2014
    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Today, I wanted to review the free and short dances of the Olympic Team Pair dance event. This event was more akin to the fancy jumping variety. The first pair short dance worth reviewing was the one performed by the US team of  Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir.

    For their short dance, they performed the song by Santana, " Black Magic Woman". If I remember correctly, they had already won bronze in the team events. Since they already had a metal, they did not feel too pressured to perform better or to win.

    figure skating,olympics 2014,winter olympics

    As a result, they were able to dance in a more relaxed fashion. This allowed for them to perform some of the complicated jumps without splattering themselves all over the iceberg arena. I thought it was cute whenever Castelli was held up high. I mean her partner is more than six feet tall.

    You know why that is so? Well, it makes it easier for the guy to toss around a petite woman. It also makes it a bit harder for the guy, because he has to slow down a lot. This may mess with the guy's natural jumping groove. In conclusion, synchronicity between a giant and a petit cutie is hard to achieve. Long story short, they did great even if the judges did not think so.

    Savchenko and Szolkowy, the pink panther,sochi 2014

    The next pair performance worth mentioning was the one performed by the German pair of Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy. This adorable couple performed to the beat of "The Pink Panther". It was quite reminiscence of that hilarious cartoon. Throughout the entire performance, the couple maintained a playful mood.

    I liked some of the bizarre, almost childlike moves that they did. You know, like when the guy jumped over the girl. As they danced, the Russian audience reacted quite positive. At the end of their gig, one of the Russians threw them a pink doll panther, as a gift. Overall, they where one of my favorite performances.

    Tatiana Volosozhar, Maxim Trankov, short dance

    The final short program worth reviewing was the one performed by the Russian pair of Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. For their short dance, they performed a Masquerade waltz. Their performance embodied perfection.

    They did some lovely triple jumps and then some. Their turns too looked interesting. They flowed from one element to the next. This team scored the highest. For their short dance, they received their high scores. Frankly, I liked the pink panther better, but what can you do?

    Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir, James Bond, Olympics 2014

    Now, let us move onto the short program. I caught the event half way till the end. So, I only watched a few weirdoes. In any case, first team worth mentioning is once again, the US team. Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir performed again their James Bond dance.

    They did add a few new elements to score much higher than last time. They even tried the quad throw. Castelli almost got smashed against the floor. Still, she did managed to land somewhat gracefully. So, she got points for the jump. In the end, all the gambles that they took paid off. They obtained their highest personal score.

    Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov,russian ice skating,Olympics

    The next team worth reviewing was the long dance of the Russian team of Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov. They are the petit Russian skater group. For their dance, they chose the Adams Family theme. They did a lot of adorable twist and turns.

    The line pants of Klimov helped make his turns look more interesting. This pair too had great unison. They also managed to land a few triple jumps. Well, I think that is enough on this team. Overall, they where pretty peachy.

    Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov,Russian figure skating,olympics

    Last, but certainly not the least, we have the dance pair of Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. I must say that something about their yellow attires made me really hungry. Other than that, I must add that they danced quite beautifully. They did a bunch of twist and turns. In one of those jumps, Voloszhar almost fell, but she managed to save the trick.

    Aside from that tiny mistake, the rest of the performance was pretty amassing. Indeed, they where able to fulfill their dream of having the Russian monopolize the ice skating figure skating pair gigs. For completing their goals, this ice skating duet deserves 5 stars rating. The other weirdoes were fine too. However, the main Russian pair was better.

    Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov,Olympics,winter olympics
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    Evgeni Plushenko,male figure skating,olympics 2014

    Male Single Figure Skating Short Dance Sochi Olympics 2014
    Event reviewed by yours truly Miss Teresita Blanco

    After waiting many days, I was finally able to see the Male Figure Skating event. I had sorta missed the team event due to circumstances beyond my control. Anyhow, according to the internet, the predictable occurred. Meaning, that Evgeni Plushenko won gold. In the team event, he even bested his previous records.

    Anyhow, I was expecting a big show. As it always happened, the TV guys showed you a bit of intel on the players. During the side line interview, Plushenko was showing the camera guys his back scar. Due to his training, he had to get one of his spinal cord disks replaced. Apparently, it was miraculous that he had made it so far.

    Evgeni Plushenko,olympic skater,winter olympics

    During practice, Plushenko kept tripping on simple jumps. Even when he was in searing pain, he managed to land on his feet. You gotta admire a guy, who refuses to fall face down on the dirt, in this case ice. When the show was about to begin, Plushenko told the judge that he was calling it quits.

    Had any other weirdo said so, the crowd would have been booing. However, the Russian crowd simply cheered him on. They had seen with their own eyes how much pain Evgeni Plushenko was in, during his practice. I mean, the guy is freaking 31 and has a disk on his back.

    Evgeni Plushenko, male figure skater,winter olympics

    During the interview, he said that he was not a robot. He was normal guy just like anyone else. Like any normal guy, he tried to give it his all, but the pain would not let him continue. Indeed, it took all his Russian pride to keep him from crying out in pain. You could see subtle hints of his suffering with each step he took.

    His coach did try to offer his arm for support. However, Plushenko refused his assistance. He was going to go out on his own to feet. For his past 15 year, Olympic career he proved to the world that he was the best that ever was. Plushenko left an amassing legacy behind. Now, all figure skating males must perform at least a quad in order to be taken serious.

    Evgeni Plushenko, plushenko, male figure skater

    For this and for all his part performances. Plushenko still deserves our admiration. I remember how awesome he was in the last winter Olympics. He had come out of retirement and only after training for 4 weeks, he managed to land 4 jump spins left and right. Indeed, he epitomized all that any figure skating male hoped to achieve.

    I think that is enough of a nostalgia blog. I was pretty shocked at not being able to see Plushenko figure skate. Still, the night did provide some other exiting performances. After he left, an American skater ,whose name alludes me, fell pretty badly. It was one of those epic fails moments. With the support of the crowd, he was able to finish his program without falling again.

    Jason Brown, Sochi 2014,winter olympics

    The next great gay American skater was Jason Brown. He seemed to belong to the skating tradition of Johnny Weir, who blended both male and female elements in his dance programs. As for Brown, he had somewhat of a half backed music. I did like that he did not fall and that his triples where solid.

    As it always happened, I think the judges gave him some gay deductions. I noticed that judges are jerks when it comes to male figure skating. They do not mind masculine girls. However, god forbid that a male dancer looks even remotely feminine. For that reason, I think that Brown did not get the score that he deserved.

    Yuzuru Hanyu,winter olympics,male ice skater

    During the performances, I started wondering: What does an 100 point performance look like? My question was answered by Yuzuru Hanyu. He belonged to the Japanese figure skating team. That day was his Olympic debut. At just 19 years of age, Hanyu scored an all time high of 101.45 points. That is one of the highest short program scores ever recorded. Dance wise, Hanyu skated like a young Plushenko. He landed his quads with gracefulness combined with agility. The speed of his program made him pretty interesting to watch.

    He was also flexible and could do very fast turns. When he was done with his program, he saluted the crowd in his traditional, humble Japanese sort of way. I thought that was pretty cute. I also liked his baby face. Indeed, for a 19 year old, he had the face of a 12 year old. Well, you know that Asians age slower than most folks. But then when they reach 60, suddenly they look 100.... hehehe. I think that is enough on the Hanyu-kun's baby looks.

    Daisuke Takahashi, figure skating, 5 stars

    The last skater worth mentioning is Hanyu's senpai, Daisuke Takahashi. Daisuke, along with Plushenko where the only two older weirdoes from the last winter Olympics. Like Plushenko, at age 29, Daisuke was not at the top of his game. He did manage to do an energetic dance. He got a lot of deductions for missing his Quad jump. Other than that, he did pretty well.

    Frankly, I liked him better in the old days, back when he used to dress like a Shinigami. Now, he is but a shadow of his former self. Still, he did have the energy to compete with the rest of the other youngsters. In a sense, ice skating is like gymnastics. Once you turn 25, its game over. Only very few skaters can keep pushing the envelope after they turn 25. I think that is everything worth mentioning. Overall, these male figure skating performances deserve 5 stars rating.

    Daisuke Takahashi,sochi 2014,olympics 2014

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    anime girls,anime maids,anime nekomimi

    New Anime Cuties Wallpapers by Caidychen and Sayori
    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Hi folks, I wanted to review some new anime wallpapers made by Sayori and Caidychen. They are the usual mangaka artist that I enjoy reviewing. Anyhow, the first anime wallpaper shows the twin nekomimi cuties of Sayori. Like you all know, they are called Chocola and Vanilla. In this wallpaper, they are dressed like maid anime cutie. Truly, this new anime wallpaper deserves 5 stars rating.

    anime blue,anime dress,anime girl wallpaper

    In this anime wallpaper, we see a maiden wearing a pretty blue dress. The blue background works pretty well. Anyhow, she was made by Caidychen. She deserves 5 stars rating.

    hatsune miku,anime girl,vocaloid

    Here is another beautiful Caidychen anime wallpaper. It shows Hatsune Miku with a song bird. Both are singing their song. I like best her adorable Chinese dress. It really is a good style. 5 stars for this anime wallpaper.

    kyoukai no katan,kuriyama mirai, anime school girl

    In this anime wallpaper, we see a cutie from a new anime show. Her name is Mirai. She looks cute with the glasses and the snow in the background. She deserves 5 stars rating.

    hatsune miku,anime school girl,anime wallpaper

    In this next anime wallpaper, we see the beautiful Hatsune Miku sitting on the floor. Something about the floor makes it seems as if she is sitting over beautiful stars. It works pretty well, detail wise. In any case, this lovely anime cutie deserves 5 stars rating.

    anime maids,anime maids,nekomimi anime wallpaper

    In this next anime wallpaper, we see two cute Nekomimmi cuties. Both are dressed like waitresses. The water looks cute, but is not bending in the direction of gravity, but who cares? In any case, this anime wallpaper deserves 5 stars rating.

    chinese new year,anime kimono,anime girls

    Here is another pretty anime wallpaper. It shows four anime girls wearing their cute kimonos. They are all dressed for new years. Each one is adorable in their own unique fashion. This Sayori anime wallpaper deserve 5 stars rating.

    anime twins,anime nekomimi,Sayori

    Here, is the last Sayori anime wallpaper. Again, we see some maid anime nekomimi cuties. Well, they look more like Gothic lolitas. Their dress do look very pretty. She deserves 5 stars rating. I hope that you like these pretty anime wallpapers a lot.
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    genzoman,anime girl,anime wallpaper

    Gotta Love those Genzoman Anime Wallpapers
    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Like you may have guessed, I got bored of the Olympics. For that reason, I decided to review some new Genzoman anime wallpapers. They are all the creme de la creme of list latest crop. She is one of the anime characters of ZZZ comics. Like we see above, she has the power to turn into a giant of sorts. Her lightning costume looks really cool. In any case, this cool chick deserves 5 stars rating.

    cowboy samurai, genzoman,anime wallpaper

    The only cowboy samurai that I know showed up in Afro Samurai. You remember, the weirdo who had the number one headband. Man, that was an amassing anime show. Its a pity it only had a few episodes. Anyhow, here we have the weirdoes about to face an army. Why a cowboy would use a sword is beyond my comprehension. Unless if his guns are just for show. In any case, this anime wallpaper by genzoman gets 5 stars rating.

    double dragon neon, genzoman anime wallpaper,genzoman wallpapers

    The next cool looking weirdo is this chick with a whip. She is from double dragon. The new version. These days they are making remakes of old as sin anime shows. Double Dragon was actually not half bad. I played the nintendo game version as well. It was one of the few, good two player games that where out there. In any case, this pink hottie of Genzo gets 5 stars rating.

    Bahamut,anime dragon,cool dragon

    Above, we see Bahamut. He is the coolest dragon there ever was. He first showed up in the Bible in his epic fight against the ice dragon Baal. Man, the battle they had was of biblical proportions. Pity the English Bible was translated by weirdoes who omitted all the cool details, like that battle. In my Spanish version, you can find the dragon battle. In any case, this cool as sin dragon gets 5 stars rating.

    Enchantress Arcane,Genzoman,anime wallpaper

    This cutie was made for Marvel's War of Heroes. Arcana is dressed for Halloween. The pumpkins around her work pretty well. Her cheery face is priceless and 5 stars worthy.

    FLCL, anime FLCL,FLCL wallpaper

    The next anime wallpaper shows Haru Haru, from FLCL. She has her bass guitar and is reading to rock and roll. She represents the bizarre and wild new things outside a small town of Japan. The robot behind her is Kanti. Both deserve 5 stars rating.

    KOF, anime girl,cool anime wallpaper

    Above, we see genzoman's favorite KOF anime character. She has an interesting story line with wars and stuffs. Here, she is showing the viewers her army knife. You know, its a standard war piece. 5 stars for Genzo.

    steam and metal,cool anime wallpaper,genzoman wallpapers

    For this anime wallpaper, I did not get what Genzoman said it was about. Something about steampunks or whatever. In any case, we have a chick pilot and a magician wearing a top hat. From that... I know not what else to say about this picture. Eh? Lets move right along, shall we. This anime wallpaper deserves 5 stars rating.

    anime pirate,emma raynor,hot anime girl

    The next anime wallpaper shows a pirate cutie of sorts. Genzoman has a lot of pirate anime wallpapers. For a background, you can see part of her ship. Truly, she deserves 5 stars rating.

    the wanderer,anime girl,cake heaven

    This anime wallpaper shows one of Genzoman's original cuties. She is Rose, from his wanderer manga of sorts. She looks cute drinking tea as if she was a lady of sorts. In any case, this cutie gets 5 stars rating.

    warcraft,anime girl,genzoman wallpaper

    Well, I am just about done with this Genzoman review. Oh, wait there is one more chick to survey. She is from Warcraft. I never got around to playing that online game. Mostly, cause I am more of a joystick kind of person. Still, she does look pretty cool. She gets another 5 stars. Well, you guys know the drill and the usual bizarre fashion that I prefer to write. 

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    Polina Edmunds 2014,olympics 2014,winter olympics

    Sochi Women Single Figure Skating Short Program Olympics 2014
    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Last night, I watched the Women's Single Figure Skating event with my family. There where a lot of ups and downs and some pretty bizarre events, here and there. Overall, the short program was awesome. In the long one, about 80% of all the skaters fell. I think it had something to do with the ice. The Russian ice has been terrible these past few weeks. In all the events, there has been at least 5 people who suffered terrible falls. And, these people had a history of never failing. I suppose I should start in a chronological fashion.

    The short program was started by Polina Edmunds. She was an American figure skater. She had been taking ballet since she was 4 years  old. This gave her a sleek, gentle body. In addition to the mannerism that pertain to the art of ballet. In this respect, she was trained in a traditional Russian fashion. Performance wise, she did pretty amassing in her short program.

    Yuna Kim, olympics, figure skating

    She did a lot of jumps here and there. She did managed to land triple jumps. Around the middle of the performance, the beat of her music picked up. She did managed the transition well, from serene to happy. I forget what song she danced to. By now, it slipped from my mind. In any case, the ended up with a pretty decent score.

    The next cutie was Yuna Kim. She was the final boss for all the ladies in this competition. Based on her name, one would believe that her parents where final fantasy fans. Methinks, it was just a coincidence... The maiden was dancing for South Korea. However, based on her name, Yuna might have Japanese ancestry. At least someone in her family is Japanese.

    Yuna Kim, sochi 2014,figure skating

    Anyhow...the song she chose was rather intimate and full of emotion. She seemed to vibrate over the ice. The cold Russian crowd responded well to her motions. She did a wonderful triple lux and triple toe move. Frankly, I can never tell the difference between a lux and a toe move. To me, they are all twirly jumps.

    Dress wise, the yellow did her well. When she finished her performance, she was surprised she did so well. Apparently, during her practice she kept falling and having a hard time. Overall, her performance was both strong and tender. For her short program she got a pretty high score.

    Gracie Gold,olympics 2014,figure skating

    The next cutie worth mentioning is Gracie Gold. The Americans did a lot of commercials for her. They imagined that just because her last name was Gold, that she would get a gold medal. Indeed, making such a parallel was a foolish thing. Performance wise, she was a bit mundane. It did not inspire me much confidence.

    Yulia Lipnitskaya, don't give up on love,sochi 2014

    The next performer worth mentioning was Yulia Lipnitskaya. She had helped the Russians win the gold in the team competition. Like Plushenko, she had a hard time the second time around. The song that she chose to dance to was called "Don't Give up on love". As usual, it started with her playing in the ice, and then a lightning fell.

    The lightning had a symbolical significance because in that performance, she fell. Everything was going peachy and then she fell. She tried really hard not to. That was a terrible fall, and it seemed as if she struck her leg badly. Yulia Lipnitskaya was crying when she finished her performance. Indeed, she moved my poor mother to tears.

    Yulia Lipnitskaya, Sochi Olympics, figure skating

    It was so depressing. I think her coach was no help at all. Instead of comforting the poor girl, she said something like "Did the nerves get to you?" Had she had a gringo coach, she would have said, "Don't worry baby, you can make up the points in the Free Style" or "Its not the end of the world" or "Don't give up on love". Sometimes instead of critiquing, you need to give comforting words to someone.

    I mean, poor Yulia is still just a little kid. So small, so fragile. Like you may have guessed, this performance got to me. I found it very depressing that Yulia fell. I guess her young boy or her mind could not handle the pressure of such a prolonged performance. If you ask me, it was either the ice or the evil eye that caused her to fail.

    Carolina Kostner 2014, winter olympics,figure skating

    The next cutie was Carolina Kostner, of the Italian team. Taking what she learned from the team event helped her step up her game. Like in the team event, she did her short program with the Ave Maria song. She did her dance gracefully. She also added a few more jumps for point purposes. Her gamble helped her better the last score she got for that dance. What I liked best was one of her weird little turns. She does make some interesting shapes on the snow.

    Ashley Wagner, figure skating, 5 stars worthy

    Following came, Ashley Wagner, from the American team. There is a meme going around of her expression when she saw Yulia doing her fancy little spin. Even she could not stomach the flexibility of that Russian little girl. Performance wise, she was anything but ordinary. Her mediocre performance helped my family see something that no one had yet noticed.

    Ashley is a vampire. We kept commenting on that as she performed. This was further reinforced by her statement that she was best when she had her claws out. Overall, she has the perfect face for an evil vampire chick. Movie vampire people should keep that in mind for the next vampire movie to be produced.

    Mae Meite, french figure skater,figure skating

    The next cutie on the list was Mae Meite, for the French team. She was the only black chick in the entire to perform in this event. For her dance, she chose an amassing song by Prince. The electric guitar really suited her performance. Something about her dancing reminded me of a chocolate fountain. It was funny cause, my brother was thinking the same thing. Our thoughts tend to synchronize a lot.

    I thought she deserved a higher score than the one she got. I think the Russia Judges where a bit racist in their scoring of her performance. Heck, even the TV people did not bother to show an overview of her performance. I suppose some things cannot be helped. Racist jerks will be jerks, as the saying goes. Which is a pity...

    sotnikova adelina,figure skating,winter olympics

    The next artist to perform was Sotnikova Adelina. According to the TV people, Adelina went berserk when she did not get elected to skate in the Team event. She was annoyed that a young upstart was taking away her shine. She had a gleeful face when she performed that day, because of Yulia's epic fail. Now the Russians where paying attention to her and not little Yulia.

    For her dance, she chose La Boheme by Carmen. She did her dance wonderfully. She almost fell, but not quite. I think there was something fishy about the ice back then. Those who saw the trap, did not fall. Those who did not, fell. Like Yulia, Adelina had some signature turn poses. She could do a move with one hand and form a perfect circle in another turn. She almost got first place, however, Kim Yuna got ahead of her.

    mao asada, sochi 2014,olympics funny face

    The last performer was Mao Asada. Mao had a lot ridding in that performance. That was going to be her last Short program. For her music, she chose a Nocturne by Chopin. It was a very beautiful performance. Somewhere along the middle she fell. By now, things where getting ridiculous. By the end of her performance, the grief of her mistake had made her age like 50 years.

    She was just that depressed. Still, not all hope was lost since she scored enough to make it to the free skating program. Overall, these ice skaters where peachy. They all deserve 5 stars rating. What was horrible was the Russian Iceberg. They really need to do something about the cooling system there. Later, I will review the long programs of these cuties.

    sotnikova adelina, winter olympics, sochi 2014

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    Madoka, anime girl,anime yuri

    Magical Girl Madoka Anime Show Review

    A few weeks ago, I watched the Anime Show Magical Girl Madoka. It was a bit Sailor Moonish around the edges. The anime show is about a middle school girl named Madoka. One day, Madoka has a weird dream about the future. In the dream, Madoka was seeing the final battle of the Magical Girl Homura vs. the witch Walpurgisnaut.

    In her dream, Madoka saw a Homura losing the battle. The alien genie Kyubey told Madoka she had the power to change Homura’s fate. When the sun rose, Madoka awoke and returned to her regular life. When she went to school, she met Homura the new transfer student. Homura tried to warn Madoka by telling her she was fine the way she was.

    goddess madoka, anime wallpaper,magical girl madoka

    Later on, Madoka met Kyubey who asked her to save him from Homura.  Long story short, Kyubey wants Madoka to become a Magical Girl. Homura does not want Madoka to become one. Madoka herself wants to become one because she thinks she is useless. She wishes to have powers to help others. As the story progresses, Madoka finds out that being a Magical Girl is not all fun and games.

    The Magical Girl powers are simply the payment for her a wish. Kyubey will grant her one wish and in exchange Madoka must fight evil witches. Witches are responsible for unexplained deaths or mass suicides. Well, I do not want to spoil the ending to those who have not seen the show. I recommend you folks go watch it, if you haven’t. I really liked it a lot. Magical Girl Madoka deserves 5 stars rating. 

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    madoka x homura,anime girls,madoka magica puella

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  • 05/25/14--20:26: Fairy Tail Anime Show Review

  • fairy tail, anime girl,anime wallpaper

    Fairy Tail Anime Show Review

    Recently, I got into watching Fairy Tail. The anime show has been going on for quite a while. The story is about Lucy and her adventures in the Fairy Tail magic guild. The first episodes are the usual introduction into the show. From those episodes on, the guild gets into more problems. What I like best about this anime show is the fancy magic. It is quite varied.

    Aside from the magic, there are the magical battles, of course. They are varied and quite original. There is never a dull moment in the world of Fairy Tail. I also liked how they introduced the erratic element in the storyline early. The army of Jellal was quite a bummer. First he was bad, then he was good, then he was bad; while at the same time being good. Eh? In any case, Fairy Tail is 5 stars worthy, ongoing anime show.  


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    hero tales, anime show review,anime wallpapers HD

    Hero Tales Anime Show Review

    A few days ago, I watched Hero Tales. It’s one of those old anime shows. This anime show takes place in Ancient China. This show plays out an Ancient story created around the Constellation of Ursa Mayor. It was said the stars in each corner of the Constellation were Gods who were always fighting. The stars in the Middle are neutral. Each Star God is always trying to get the others to help them in their fights. According to Chinese tradition, what occurs in heaven gets replicated in Earth. So the anime show replays the war in the Heavens. The main character, Taitou, is the incarnation of one of the Heavenly gods.  

    He met his godly rival in the first episode, a general who wanted to steel the sword of conquest.  It was said whoever drew the sword would be granted victory in all their battles. Taitou was the one whom the sword chose as its master. The General did not like this. He tried to kill Taitou to reclaim the sword. I liked how the show started with a battle. Battles are always a good way to start. The evil general reminded me a bit too much of the Furer from Fullmetal Alchemist. The story is a tale of vengeance of sorts. Taitou wants to get revenge against the general who killed his fellow monks in search of the sword of conquest. Anyhow, this anime show deserves 5 stars rating. 

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    Dark Souls 2, dark souls 2 anime, anime witch

    Dark Souls 2 Cool Depressing Game Review

    Today, I wanted to review the totally amassing Dark Souls 2. I have been too busy playing the game in order to review it. Basically, this game picks up were the other one left off… more or less. In my first file, I was a rogue. I ended up starting a new file because my girl became a dude. I found out later, if you stayed hollowed for too long, the character forgets what it looks like. Call it an annoying handicap. In this game, we find out the source of the undead curse. As usual, Dark Souls is a bit ambiguous of the storyline. So, I will work in themes.

    First, I will discuss my current character. As usual, my second file I call my character Pride. She was a mage girl. I figured I would go for magic all the way since; I won the last Dark Souls game easily as a mage. As of now, I am a quasi-mage/ monk/magical warrior. I usually hang around a lot in the Sinner’s Rise. The place was my favorite training spot up until recently. By ascenting the bondfire, I got to level 200.

    dark souls 2 comics, dark souls games,anime games

    Anyhow… the tutorial for this game was less brutal than the tutorial in Dark Souls 1. In that game, they had you kill an ugly, fat boss with a broken sword. They did not let you level up until you killed that horrible monster. This time the tutorial seemed more like a tutorial, with some half backed monster for you to beat up to raise your self-esteem. You can still die in the tutorial, if you are careless. Since I got the Black Armor game thingy, I got some extra gear of sorts.

    Frankly, I did not like too much the intro movie. In the first part, they showed you an epic final battle between Lord Gwyn and his allies vs. the Evil Dragons. This one gave you a little too much info about your past. You had a wife or mother and then you went Hollow. You forget about your past and you don’t even care.

    dark souls 2 comics, emerald herald,muse

    From what I gathered from the storyline, the new King Vendrick was a Lord Gwyn’s replacement. One day his kingdom was attacked by giants that came out of nowhere. Around that time, King Vendrick got a new hot wife. He was attracted by her dark beauty. Little did he know his Queen wanted to become a king. In order to gain power, she gave the king the undead curse. In order to fight the curse, King Vendrick used the powers of the Giant’s souls.  

    In the end, the King concluded he was cursed because the fire was dying. Indeed, the curse became stronger as the Flame died. Since the King could not recreate the fire, he decided to bring the dragons back to life. Though that experiment failed, he was still able to make a dragon like creature. The mock dragon did not work. It looked like a dragon. It breathed fire like a dragon, but it was an utter failure. In all respect, the so called dragon was a glorified Drake and nothing more.

    Dark Souls 2, scorpion, dark souls 2 comics

    In response to this failure, the King went to plan B. He found an ancient dragon egg and was in the process of hatching it when I came along and stole it. Then again, by that time the King had lost all his humanity. The Queen’s curse had succeeded. Since the king was indisposed she became Queen Regent. All was well, until, other Undeads started showing up to claim the throne she believed belonged to her.

    lucatiel of mirrah,dark souls 2,dark souls 2 fanart


    Needless to say, successions are quite bloody in Dark Souls. These undeads were led by the Emerald Herald, aka Shanalotte. Based on her aged feather, she was probably an ancient dragon which escapes the onslaught. She might also be Syth the Scaleless brat. If I remember correctly, Syth had feathers in his tail, just like the girl from the painted world. She probably escaped after Lord Gwyn went bye, bye.

    Dark Souls 2 comics, Dark Souls 2 game, anime wallpaper


    Dark Souls 1 hinted at the fact of a Dark Secret society which was trying to put one of their own on the throne. I think when Nashandra made the curse worse than better; it came time for a change in management. Some talks speculate, the dark magic existed at the time of the dragons. The undead curse was probably a warped version of an immortality spell. After all, undead’s inability to die makes them akin to Gods… if only they could stop losing their souls.

    If you think about it, Nashandra’s curse was different than the original undead curse. This one kills the undead.  She found a way to kill what could not be slain. She did this to avoid another Dark Souls 1. Heck, she even went as far as to pretend to be a cat to monitor the process of her competition. Methinks she was modeled after the general trend of winners from Dark Souls 1. According to stats, the best players from Dark Souls 1 were magical chicks. Perhaps, Nashandra was the winner of Dark Souls 1, the one who became queen of the brontosaurs. When she did not kindle the flames, the Darkness grew. She had been ruling from the shadows ever since.  

    creighton of mirrah , Dark Souls 2 game, dark souls 2

    I suppose that is enough on the storyline. I could not follow most of it. Frankly, the first part was a lot more depressing and the world was a hell of a lot bigger. Then again, it may have felt bigger because I had to walk on foot most of the time. In this new Dark Souls, they give you less Estus flask. You sorta have to struggle a lot to get the maximum amount, being 12 flasks, improved to the 5th level.  Monster wise, the knights were smaller and the monster a tad less varied.

    Boss wise, I found the bosses in Dark Souls 1 a lot harder. Let us take Lord Gwyn for example; he was a think fast kinda boss. My favorite part was when he kindled the fire in you. Unlike the first Dark Souls I played this one with online help. I got online around the Sinner’s Rise.  Because of the experience I got from the boss, this spot became my training ground. At lot of players usually circulate around that spot. There are usually not a lot of invaders, since they prefer to hang out in Belfry Luna. There I earned most of my sunlight metals.

    Dark Souls 2 bonfire,  dark souls 2 knights, dark souls 2 fanart

    Covenant wise, I settled in the Dark Covenant. I liked it because it made my dark spells stronger. I killed most of my bosses using the spell affinity. The irony was that the final boss was immune to darkness. It was a good thing I had my back up lightning. Between my online pals and me, we killed Nashandra in less than 30 seconds. I started panicking when I got too closed to her Evil Curse sprites. Around the end, I lost a bit too much HP. When the online players saw my HP dropping, they redoubled their lightning efforts. With Nashandra, speed is the key.

    Speaking of bosses, the worst Boss I had to fight was the Charioteer. The presentation and the dead were so cool. He was mostly responsible for me to switch my tactics all together. Because of him, I used 90 levels on defense based stats. I got the basic 20 of all stats and then some. The second time I fought for real, I fought him with my Havel armor. I used my dragon shield as a weapon to kill the dead and their casters. After his helpers died, the rest was easy. I started worrying around the end, when his chariot broke. I almost half expected the bastard to come at me from behind.

    Dark Souls 2 witch, dark souls 2 armors, dark souls 2 fanart

    When I killed this boss, I got assess to the bloody covenant.  I joined for a bit because I hoped it would make my Uchigatana’s bleeding attack stronger. Too soon, did I learn bleeding sucks in Dark Souls 2. Seriously! In Dark Souls 1, I used to use the blade as my secondary weapon. It was a way to preserve my spells for the bosses. The Uchigatana in Dark Souls 2 sucked! Heck, most of the Weapons sucked in this game. Only recently did I make a weapon which did not suck.

    My weapon of choice as of now is the Moonlight Blade. This one scales with magic. It is also fast for a greatsword. It also has a big attack. Pity it breaks after 5 big shots… For a fiddle stick, I use a staff dropped by a witch. It uses Magic and Miracles. Recently, I started improving the Dragon Chime, to shoot bigger lightning.

    dark souls 2, emerald herald, anime wallpaper

    For a while, I tried to go wear mage armor. However, an invader attack and few beatings got me to wear the Havel’s Armor indefinitely. My favorite mage armor was the Xantus armor. I was disappointed to see the hat had been shrunk. In the last Dark Souls, it was a ridiculously huge bandaged. I liked to wear the armor because it made my girl look like a lunatic. Those were the days; overall, all armors and warrior weapons suck.

    I did not like the randomness of the level. They added too many variables. Somehow, I ended up having proficiency for darkness.  I obtained the Soul of Darkness from the dead dragon. This leaves me to believe the Dark Magic originated from the Dragons. World wise, there was not a dungeon I liked in Dark Souls 2. They were all so iffy. I worst dungeons, if you can call it a dungeon was Belfry Sol and Luna. A lot of jerks liked to hang out there to beat you up if you try to ring the bell. I usually get through that place like by ringing the before the enemy has a chance to establish a connection.

    dark souls 2 emerald herald, bonfire ascentic, dark souls game

    The last things I want to mention are the computer weirdoes. You get most of the storyline via conversations or by the vibes of the souls you keep. I liked a lot the story of Lucatiel. She was a pretty depressing chick trying to fight off the undead Curse. I think she got cursed in her job as a knight. Those who worked closets to the King and Queen developed quite the Dark Souls. Get it! Dark Souls! The second weirdo which I liked was the crazy chaos mage who told me to kill people. He was a riot, with his creepy evil voice.  

    According to my psychology book, there is no such thing as multiple personality disorder. The closet’s thing to it is bipolarism. Still, it is a popular modality in the fictional world. Psychology wise, the chaos mage was simply pulling your leg by pretending to be good when you were human. He was obviously sealed away for being a jerk. 

    Dark Souls 2 gift, Dark Souls 2 game, dark souls review

    He only showed his true colors when you were hollowed because he thought you would be more influential, being brain dead and all. The human effigy only makes you look and feel human. The evil cat said you smelled rotten flesh, and reclaiming your humanity did nothing to fix your rotting brain. Then again, humanities were in short supply in Dark Souls 2. All you had to work with was a stupid human effigy that sometimes got the gender wrong.  The thing relied on your ever fading memory.

    On a final note, I did not like the ghost in this world. I also did not liked to getting a beating from the mock dragon, hollowed Vendrick, the Lost Sinner level 10 (when my internet helper died for being reckless), the ugly rotten, and the wheel angel skeletons. When it comes to online playing, it was an interesting experience. I did invade a few people. The experience was overrated. I heard in Dark Signs the server could handle a lot more weirdoes. 

    dark souls 2 comics, dark souls 2 funny,dark souls 2 review

    I did assist kill a hell of a lot of bosses. I was able to get enough sunlight medals to get the covenant up to level 2. Pity, I went over to the Dark Side. Still, that did not stop me from lending a hand. Fidelity Token wise, I have about 17. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I have only played for 107 hours. Most of the assisted kills were against the Lost Sinner, the armored triplets, the Mirror Knight and King Vendrick’s Shadow Lover Knight. I think he was the reason the King did not produce an heir.

    Well, this is all speculation on my end. Dark Souls’ storyline is ambiguous enough for you to get creative with the storyline. Call it an old Final Fantasy 7 trick. Usually queens are less jerky when they have a little puppet prince. She must have wanted a kid seeing as though she made the weird little guys at Belfry Sol and Luna. In the old days, sterility was what usually screwed up marriages. Perhaps the Queen went evil because the King went Henry 8th on her, by threatening to divorce her. She being a zombie could not get a brat. To make it seem like it was the King’s fault, she turned him into a zombie like her.

    Dark Souls 2, Lucatiel of Mirrah,dark souls 2 funny

    While she conquered her curse, King Vendrick fell into despair and was consumed by it. He lacked the will to power to master the curse. Instead of fighting it, Vendrick isolated himself. Then again, most undead go hollow when their nose falls off.  Undeads must always live in the present, for they have no more past, and their future is ambiguous.  It takes someone with a strong will to see the undead condition as a gift and not a curse. Well those are my final thoughts on Dark Souls 2. I hope I humored you a little bit. Truly, Dark Souls 2 is a 5 stars worthy games.

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    dark souls 2 pyromancy, pyromancy, dark souls 2 digital art

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    cute closeup andrea  Andrea Trujillo Watkins: Journalism is the best professional career Venezuela United States Trujillo Sammy Watkins Journalism education career Boquitas Agridulces Andrea Trujillo Andrea
    Andrea Trujillo Source : Muse Herald
    The word perfectionism is write on every steps this person makes. But personally, I believe that professionalism is a bunch of qualities that defines the work of any person, and is not always about being perfect.
    During a journalist conference I had the pleasure to meet an interesting personality and after making some researches about her professional career I immediately wanted to interview her for this article. I believe her path in journalism is important and will definitely be significant in the media.

    “Journalism is the best professional career in the whole world”. With just 26 years old, Andrea Trujillo, a journalist from Venezuela has experienced the taste of success and she is now keep moving forward looking to accomplished every personal goal she have in mind. “When I first started this career I was really young, but I felt I was at the right place. You actually become aware of the passion in your job when you realized that working on holidays or weekends is not a problem” explained Andrea.
    She started on journalism while she was still on college, she debuted with a successful radio show in Venezuela called “Boquitas Agridulces” and it was just the first step of a great journalism path. After while (still in the university) she got her dreamed job, being chosen as one of the main reporters of a local radio, in her words she was “finally able to interviewed important people and act like a real journalist”, and she really knew how to act, she suddenly became recognized by her job, especially in the area of politics.

    unname344d 1024x768 Andrea Trujillo Watkins: Journalism is the best professional career Venezuela United States Trujillo Sammy Watkins Journalism education career Boquitas Agridulces Andrea Trujillo Andrea “ I had no idea of the impact of my work, I was just doing what I love, but I am very competitive with myself I always have to be better, so I was kind of lost of how people really value my writing.”
    With a simply and kind attitude she has always upfront life, back in Venezuela she had the opportunity to work for an important newspaper called Notitarde, but she suddenly decide it was time for a big change, and she opens her opportunities to grow in the United States.
    “It was not an easy decision to make; I knew it was the right one, but not the easiest. But I wanted to explore and search for more opportunities”….and so she did.
    Almost three years living in the United States and her success as a journalist has already begun. Ms. Trujillo has been congratulate because of her writing, she already had her radio show where thousands of people abroad listened the show that was about headlines and interviews of Venezuela.

    unnamed 1024x768 Andrea Trujillo Watkins: Journalism is the best professional career Venezuela United States Trujillo Sammy Watkins Journalism education career Boquitas Agridulces Andrea Trujillo Andrea
    Currently working for a travel news webpage and living the achievement of her own public speaking workshop she is more than ready to keep building her dreams.
    “It’s been ups and downs, not an easy task, but no an impossible neither. I believe that is really rewarding to fight for what you really want and accomplished, is just an amazing feeling”
    We are certainly going to see more successful journalism from her.

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