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If you are wondering what is good out there in the universe then come here for me to inform you. Here you get to know a lil bit ofeverything like art, culture, entertainment, music, fashion, movies,anime ect. So if its 5 star worthy it will have a place in this blog.

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    mazinkeizer skl,anime ova,ova

    Mazinkeizer SKL OVA Anime Review

    A few weeks ago, I watched the Mazinkaizer SKL OVA. It had been like ages since I had watched a Mazinkeizer or a Mazinger movie. The first movie I saw in the theater, when I was 2. Needless to say, I grew up watching giant robot shows. What I remember most about the show and the movies were the awesome robot battles. This movie lived up to my robot battle expectation. Storyline wise, I did not get what was occurring half the time. I suppose the show was made in a way that the fans would recognize all the references. Here is what I got from the storyline. So there is like 3 factions of robot making weirdoes who have been fighting for a pretty long time.

    Their wars are causing the Earth to blow up. Mazinkaizer and a relief unit were sent to put a stop to the wars. Most of the damages are being carried out by two factions. The faction managed by girls and their girly robots have modulated their robot production. This has left them vulnerable to their male enemies who wish to sleep with them and their girly robots. One has to wonder the logic behind purposely making chick robots weaker than male robots. I mean, whose idea was to give robots a gender? Is not as if male and female robots can have robot babies… Heheheh! Anyhow, that was what I used to think back when I watched the Mazinger movies.

    Fighting wise it was pretty cool. Just when you thought Mazinkaizer was deadly, Ken gets out of cod pit and slices with his katana all his human enemies. Mazinkaizer was the first robot with two pilots. The robot required too pilots because no one person was skilled with both guns and swords. I found it hilarious how Ken and Ryo switched back and forth. It almost seems like two yaoi characters going at it. Like any regular anime show, this OVA had a cool opening song, Heavy Metal oriented. I thought the soundtrack of the show was pretty interesting. In any case, if you like robots fighting, then watch the Mazinkaizer SKL OVA. It is 5 stars worthy OVA.   


    mazinkeizer skl, anime robot,ova complete

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    Miriam, Moses,Genzoman

    The Prince of Egypt Animated Musical Movie Review

    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    A few years ago, I watched The Prince of Egypt. The movie is based on the book of Exodus, the good part of Exodus. The creators did take a bit of creative freedom with the relationship between Moses and Ramses. As far as educated guesses work, this one was not too far off the mark.  After all, no Pharaoh would have putted up with slave, unless if they had some emotional attachment.

    Music wise, it was pretty amassing. I liked best the Plague song. Yeah, the plagues were pretty interesting. It showed that the Jewish God was not a one trick pony, like the Egyptian Gods. The song sang by Egyptian Priests was pretty cool. It showcased rather well the war between monotheism and polytheism. The Egyptian priest was not taking Moses seriously because he only had the protection of an unknown God.  


    In the end, God’s albino serpent ate the snakes called by the Egyptians. This snake thing alludes to a snake cult that was popular during the day. Everyone had to have their own snake. The Jews, the Babylonians, the Egyptians and the Greeks all had awesome Godly snakes.  It was only late that the snake became associated with the devil. For those that do not know, Exodus was written before Genesis.

    For movie purposes, they fixed Moses’s stuttered. The original Moses said he could not speak to the Pharaoh, because he had problems speaking. To fix the problem, God had Miriam speak on Moses’s behalf. She would be his voice, while he performed miracles. In the Bible too, the Egyptian priest were able to replicate the Nile turning to Blood miracle. The other plagues were a little harder to conquer. Even if you are not a Bible person, the Prince of Egypt is a pretty interesting movie. 


    moses parting the red sea,genzoman,anime wallpaper

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    a monster in paris,animated musical,kids movie

    A Monster in Paris French Animated Musical 
    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Two nights ago, I watched A Monster in Paris. The movie was a musical of sorts. It was like a mixture of the Phantom of the Opera and Metamorphosis. The movie starts with a news report that will become relevant. In the 1910s, Paris was mostly flooded. The canals had not been properly treated and were causing the flood. On top of that, the river Seine flooded that year because of the rain.

    Afterward the movie within the movie starts. The two main characters are Raoul and Emile. Emile works at the movies, his friend delivers goods. Raoul lives in his truck.  Anyhow, one day the pair go together to deliver something at a professor’s lab. They were received by a monkey. Since the professor was away, Raoul decided to look at the professor’s inventions.

     While messing with the vials, the pair accidentally spilled two vials which caused a flea belonging to the monkey to mutate. This made the flea larger and it gave it the ability to sing. Yes, you heard it, the movie is about a giant, singing flea. Kudos for originality, if you ask me. The movie was actually not half bad.  I really enjoyed watching it. I recommend it to those who aren't squeamish about tuxedo wearing, singing bugs. Still, it deserves 5 stars rating.  



    a monster in paris, animated musical, rated G

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    jodi foster, taxi driver,taxi driver movie

    Taxi Driver Strange Suspense Movie Review
    by Teresita Blanco

    A few nights ago, I watched a seriously old movie called Taxi Driver. The movie is from the 1970s or something. It showcases Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster back when they were young and cute. The movie takes place in New York. Even back then, the city was pretty depressing and lonely. The movie is about the loneliness of the city.

    The Taxi Driver, played by young De Niro, meets a lot of people in the city. However, he never makes a personal connection with them. This Taxi Driver in particular has been driven insane by loneliness, which follows him like a plague. Day by day, the city seems to sicken him a little more.  The only thing which helped him retain some of his humanity was his crush on a blondy.

    taxi driver, robert de niro,taxi driver movie

    The Taxi Driver loves a blonde lady who works for a Presidential candidate of the day. He likes her because he thinks she is different from other people in the city. The overall theme of the movie is how loneliness eats away at a person’s character. At a certain point, that person goes insane. Now, as for Jodie Foster she acts a young prostitute whom the taxi driver meets one day.

    He felt sorry for because she is too young for that horrible she lives in the city. I was surprised at how young and pretty Jodie used to be. I almost did not recognize her. I recognized De Niro because of the mole on his face. It was a lot smaller 30 something years ago. Hahaha! In any case, the Taxi Driver movie deserves 5 stars rating. All the actors were sublime.  

    taxi driver movie, jodi foster wallpaper, cool movies

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    frozen ground,movie review,5 stars worthy

    Frozen Ground Crime Movie Review

    Frozen Ground is a crime movie based on true events. Like any true event kind of movie, things do not go smoothly from beginning to end. The movie starts with a cop rescuing a girl who was handcuffed. When they bring her to the station, the cops find out the girl was a prostitute. They chose not to believe her because of her profession.

    It turns out she escaped from a serial killer. She is the only witness to his method and his identity. It took the insistence of the cop who saved her to get her case pushed up the bureau. The rest of the movie focuses on the cops trying to gather enough evidence to get a warrant against the serial killer.  In any case, this movie deserves 5 stars rating. 

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    mr nobody,movies review,movie wallpaper

    Mr. Nobody is a movie a very strange movie of sorts. The film starts in the future of sorts. The main character does not even remember his name. Based on the movie, Mr. Nobody is the last mortal man. He has lived to the ripe old age of 100 and something. Now they are televising his final moments for pageview purposes.

    For that reason, he calls himself Mr. Nobody. His doctor decides to try to hypnotize him in order to trigger his memory. The first thing he remembers was his name, Nemo. The scene changes to the time before he was born, and how he chose his parents from the other world.

    mr nobody,three girls,movie review

    Nemo claims to remember the past, present and the future. He knows all this because the angel of memory forgot to erase his memory before sending him to earth. It’s funny how the angel of memory forgot something. Based on this knowledge Nemo overanalyzes all the possibilities in his life.

    The romance part comes in the form of three little girls, who become his future romantic interest. The way the movie works is as strange as memory. The visual elements of the movie work pretty well. It sorta makes you question all the stupid decisions you made in your life. In any case, this movie deserves 5 stars rating. 

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    donnie dark,horror movie,movies review

    Donnie Darko Psychotic Movie Review

    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    A few weeks ago I watched Donnie Darko. The movie is about a teenager with Psychological problems. He is currently taking pills to deal with the problem. We find out about this later. The movie begins with Donnie waking up in his pajamas in the middle of the road.

    He returns home on his bike. Apparently, he sleeps walks from time to time. One day, he starts having a new hallucination of sorts. He starts seeing a heavy metal bunny, named Frank. Indeed the bunny seemed the work of a madman.  Well, more of a bunny it was a guy dressed up like a bunny.

    Anyhow… this movie is about how the mind degrades. It also critiques the puritan family values. In Donnie’s school, they followed the belief of a puritan guy who turned out to like taking photos of little girls. It was hilarious how he was found out. Overall, the movie was the work of a madman. Truly, Donnie Darko deserves 5 stars rating. The ending was a bit depressing. 

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    pain and gain,movie review,funny movie

    Pain and Gain Crime Movie Review

    Pain and Gain is one of those crime movies based on true events. Nothing beats reality, when it comes to evil deeds. Anyhow, the movie was about a bodybuilder criminal. He had just gotten out of jail for armed robbery. He claimed to have learned his lesson, but was denied an early release.

    The whole Pain and Gain thing refers to the body builder’s mantra while he exercises. He must endure great pains in order to gain great strength. We all know building muscles, or exercising in general, is very painful. People do it for the benefits, not out of love for feeling pain. Though some masochist, do love feeling pain.

    pain and gain,based on true events,movie review

    The movie takes place in the 90s or late 80s. I forget. I do remember it took place in Florida. A lot of strange and bizarre crimes have occurred in Florida.

    When he got out of jail, he applied for the job he knew best, bodybuilding. He followed the rulebook for a couple of years. It was cute how he told the manager of his crime in a nonchalant fashion.  He promised his boss to increase his profit and he stayed true to his promise.

    pain and gain,hot girl,cute girl

    I found it hilarious how he did manage this. He gave free gym membership to strippers. This increased the paid membership of male gym goers tenfold, since they wanted to see the pretty ladies swimming in the pool.

    As it usually happens, the bodybuilder got hungry for more. Since he wanted more money, he came up with several hair brain schemes to steal money. He got two more body builder friends involved. The logic behind his plans was that since they were body builders they could pull heists faster and better than any wimpy criminals.

    micheal bay film,pain and gain,movie review

    Part of the reason he returned to crime was because of a Chinese guy’s motivational speech. Needless to say, China man motivated the body builder into doing what he did best.

    The movie chronicles from their first, bizarre success to how they were finally caught. Needless to say, the movie is pretty long, about 2 hours long to be exact. When the scenes became too weird, I found hilarious when the movie reminded you this was based on true events. Truly, Pain and Gain is a 5 stars worthy, hilarious crime movie based on true bizarre events.

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    the house at the end of the street,movie review,movie wallpaper

    The house at the end of the street Movie Review by Teresita Blanco

    This movie is one of those scary teenager movies. The movie starts in the middle of a lightning storm. Most scary movie feature bad weather. Anyhow, the parents wake up in the middle of the night because their little girl was sleepwalking. More like the got out of her room to be creepy.

    The creepy blond girl ended up stabbing her parents to death. The movie starts some years later. A girl and her mother move near the murder house. No one has wanted to move near the murder house. For that reason, this family of two got the house at a cheaper price.

    The issue in the movie is that no one found the killer. The townspeople think she still haunts the woods. Some even go as far claiming to have half seen her. The main character too thinks she did see something in the woods. Overall, the movie is a pretty interesting scary movie. It warns women against the danger of trying to fix a bird with a broken wind. 

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  • 10/25/14--21:14: Love Ranch Movie Review
  • love ranch,movie review,happy birthday

    Love Ranch Movie Review by Teresita Blanco

    Love Ranch is a strange movie based on true events. The name is derived from a legal brothel in Nevada.  The main character is Grace, she manages the prostitutes. Her husband is Charlie. They had been together as husband and wife for many years, running the business.

    Things change when Grace finds out she has cancer. That diagnostic made her rethink all the decisions she had ever made in her life. She also began to realize that her husband did not care about her. Each time she would try to tell him about her problem, he would hassle her with his own problems.

    His latest problem was a felony charge. He wanted to be the manager of a boxer, but he could not because of the felony. His solution was to make his wife manager. So now, on top of cancer, Grace has to deal with a muscle head. Yep, marriage life is not easy. 

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    movie,wallpaper,white lightning

    White Lightning Movie Review by Teresita Blanco

    White Lightning is one of those independent movies. The movie is made in black and white colors to make the movie look more realistic. It also adds a strange air of surrealism to the movie. Anyhow, the main character is a boy who lived in the 40s or 30s, Deep South.

    The kid has a lot of problems. He keeps doing drugs and getting into fights. He spent a good portion of his life in Juvie. This movie shows the dark nature of jail for kids. It almost seemed like slave labor. This movie also showed many other evil things here and there. 

    white lightning movie,movie review,horror movie

    Life was hard back then, and there were a lot of temptations for little kid. The side stories too were pretty messed up. To help his troubled son, the father of the main kid gave him dancing shoes. He wanted his kid to use his free time in a more constructive fashion. The dancing worked. 

    Now the only time when the child is not doing the devil’s work is when he dances. The movie is not half bad for being an independent film. I recommend it for those who like to watch movies about crazy people. 

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    daimon's awakened form,game review, dragon's dogma wallpaper

    Dragon’s Dogma Daimon’s Awakened Form Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Today, I finally got around to killing Daimon’s awakened form. The first time I fought the guy, he got me completely by surprise. The bastard was flying all the time and using magic. The worst parts were his invisible dragon arms. They could get you anywhere in the field. Anyhow, the first time I came I was a ranger of sorts. The boss man gave me a royal beating.

    A few weeks passed, I changed forms and started training as a mystic knight. The last time I played Dragon’s Dogma I could not make the mystic knight form work for me. After playing with it a while, I was able to master the form more or less. I knew how to use the shield thanks to Dark Souls.

    daimon, game review,dragon's dogma

    Anyhow, while doing a second round of Bitterblack Isle I was able to get like 11 wakestones. They were useful in the battle. In the end, I decided to fight the guy. The first time I fought him as a mystic knight, I fought as coward. After losing once, I tried again. This time, I got in there. According to my bro, I have to keep climbing the guy to strike his belly mouth.

    Sometimes, he would blow up and I along with it. It was a close call, but I managed to kill it. It was one hell of a 2 hour battle. Dragon’s Dogma offers a unique thrill you can only get in a one sided battles. The boss man can kill you easily, but someone you manage to pull through. And that was the high point of my night. Pity all the helpers did not survive the battle. 

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    muv-luv anime,anime girls,Christmas girls

    Muv Luv Alternative: Total eclipse Anime Show Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    A week ago, I started watching Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. The anime show was adapted from a light graphic novel. The plug suits of the girls are the subjects of many fanarts, some of good taste, others not so much. Anyhow, the anime show is about giant robots fighting monsters. One day, the earth got attack by aliens. The humans where overwhelmed by the massive onslaught. 

    Most of Europe and Russia have been taken over. The anime show starts with the aliens making their way to Japan. The main girl is Yui. She is studying to pilot giant robots.Though in a school setting, she is training to kill the evil aliens. She has her own rival as well. Like it always happens, everything goes wrong at a certain point. Yui is forced to fight off the evil aliens with her friends, using only training units. The first battle was pretty cool.

    anime show,anime review,anime wallpaper

    It gives you a good idea of the problems going on with the world. After the first intro scene, the anime show switches to America. The main character ends up being Yuuya, a half breed test pilot. He has been having problems in the US for having Japanese blood. He also hates his father for abandoning his mother. On top of that he has to deal with his surly superior Yui.

    The most interesting weirdoes were the twins Cryska and Inia. They are the Scarlet Twins from Russia. Like any Russians, when they are acting up it was the Cold War all over again. The moral of the story is that human cooperation is almost impossible. The world may be overrun by aliens but they will continue with their foolish bickering. 

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    eternal sailor moon,usagi,anime wallpaper

    New Sailor Moon Anime Show Review by Teresita Blanco

    Today, I watched the remake of the totally awesome Sailor Moon. The first thing I totally adored about the show was the way it was draw. It was indeed drawn by hand. The scenery was pretty water color and Usagi was even cuter than the original. The first episode ran along the lines as the first episode of Sailor moon. The only difference was that it looked prettier. 

    The presentation was even more hyped at. It was nice to see it again. It brought back a lot of fond memories. It works pretty well that they introduced Usagi’s love interest since the first episode. Scene wise, they removed a lot of the chibi expressions. It followed a more naturalistic approach. Truly, the new Sailor Moon was quite entertaining. 

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    akame ga kill, anime show,hot anime girl

    Akame ga kill Anime Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Akame ga Kill is a pretty new anime show. The anime show takes place in a fantasy like world. It has an odd mixture of futuristic and classical China stuff. It also mixes in some European fashion just for kicks. Anyhow, the main character is Tatsumi. He wanted to travel to the capital to save his village or something. He was traveling with two of his friends before they got separated. 

    The first thing he killed was a monster or something. The traveler he helped warned him about the people in the capital. Despite the time oddities, the show was about ancient China. In the old days, the ministers used to kill off emperors who were not convenient. The ideal king for them was a young manipulative kid. The show also gives you a good idea of the fighting within the factions of the palace.

    kurome anime wallpaper,akame ga kill wallpaper,anime wallpaper

    In ancient China, the officials were pretty corrupted. They still kind of are. This show makes references to outsiders or the frontier generals. Via the Mandate of Heaven, they had the right to kill morally corrupt government. Empires started morally just and then they got corrupted to die away. Anyhow, Tatsumi wanted to work for the corrupt government. Being a country boy, he had no idea that his village was being over taxed by the capital. 

    Long story short, he ended up getting recruited by a group of Assassins who wanted to kill all the evil people in the capital. You know an old fashion revolution or regime change. In ancient China, transition of rulers was rarely smooth. Everyone wants a piece of pie, as the saying goes. What I like best about the show are the battles. They are intense in an assassin battle sort of way. Even if you don’t get the historical facts you can still find the battles pretty interesting. I recommend it. 

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    Samurai x,anime wallpaper,anime couples

    Samurai X Anime Show Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Samurai X is a pretty good anime show. I finished watching it about a few weeks ago. The show is about a ronin named Kenshin.  He became a wanderer after the war. Now he must learn to live in the Meijin Era. This show gives you a good idea about how veterans adapt to peace time.

    Aside from the awesome battles, Kenshin has to deal with all his war traumas and his lack of skills. Other than killing, Kenshin has no other abilities. He is always maintained by Miss Kaoru. It is really depressing around the edges.

    samurai x,anime wallpaper,cool anime wallpaper

    The best season was the one in Kyoto. There Kenshin fought Shishio and his group. Shishio was quite the anarchist.  There were a few exaggerations here and there. Most of them involved Kenshin and the enemies he fought. The final battle with Lord Shishio was something else. I liked Shishio’s exploding gloves. They were something else.

    I found it odd when Shishio bit Kenshin. It was quite the strange battle scene. Whoever watches this show will be delighted by the awesome battles. There is one in just about all episodes. Despite the depressing theme, Kenshin tries to keep a positive outlook. Truly, this show is great for anyone who likes awesome sword battles. 

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    gurren lagann, anime girl wallpaper,cute anime girl

    Gurren Lagann Anime Show Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    I recently stated watching Gurren Lagann. The anime show is kinda like a parody of Planet of the Apes and Maxingkeizer.  The main bad guys are animal people and the Spiral King. The evil king acts more like a god than anything else. The main character is Simon.  He has lived in one of many underground cities. He has no knowledge of the outside world.

    One day, Simon digs up a small drill and the head of a tiny robot. He shows this discovery to his Bro, Kamina. For quite some time, Kamina has been trying to go to the outside. He wants to be with his father, who lives in the outside world. One day, the outside world comes crashing down, in the form of a giant Mecha.

    gurren lagann,anime girl,anime wallpaper

    A hot girl named Yoko was fighting it and the battle dragged down below. Those things were the ones responsible for killing Simon’s parents. Together with his friends Kamina and Yoko, Simon manages to kill the mecha. From then on, Simon must live in the outside world.

    However, the outside world is a scary place. Beast men prowl the grounds hunting all humans. I find it interesting how the beastmen are ruled by instinct. When the night falls, they go home to sleep. They simply cannot get rid of the beast lurking within.  

    simon and kamina,gurren lagann,anime wallpaper

    The fighting in the anime show is all pretty cool. It is quite the interesting mecha show. I wondered why I had never gotten around to watching it. Kamina too is quite the interesting leader. He never backs down and has a few lose screws. 

    He is the mirror opposite of the timid Simon. Both are in love with Yoko. This love triangle causes problems later on in the anime show.  The show also has some yaoi overtones between Simon and Kamina, but oh well. 

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    riku and sora,riku x sora,anime wallpaper

    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Disney Game Review

    My brother bought me a Nintendo 3DS for my birthday. It was quite the lovely gift. He also got me 4 games. I will start by reviewing the first one I played. This is a continuation of Kingdom Hearts 2. It is sorta like Kingdom Hearts 2.5 or something. They are working their way to the 3rdpart. This one takes place in a dream world of sorts. It seems like they are taking the Keyblade junin exam or something. 

    Anyhow, I started the new game in proud mode. Meaning the monsters, pack a punch. Now, we are fighting instead of heartless nightmare. From time to time, Sora drops dead for some reason. I like the new element of randomness. Each time Sora drops, new nightmares appear. The nightmares are very cute. Their pieces can be used to make dreams. 

    The dreams are kinda like a mixture of pokemon and that little pet game. If you pet them they get stronger. I give Disney Kudos for cuteness. This time Sora is clearing the worlds with Riku. You complete each world when both Sora and Riku find the keyhole.I only played the first world and part of the second one, which was a softer version of the Hunchback of Notredame. Overall, I am quite enjoying the game. 

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    Polina Edmunds 2014,olympics 2014,winter olympics

    Sochi Women Single Figure Skating Short Program Olympics 2014
    Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

    Last night, I watched the Women's Single Figure Skating event with my family. There where a lot of ups and downs and some pretty bizarre events, here and there. Overall, the short program was awesome. In the long one, about 80% of all the skaters fell. I think it had something to do with the ice. The Russian ice has been terrible these past few weeks. In all the events, there has been at least 5 people who suffered terrible falls. And, these people had a history of never failing. I suppose I should start in a chronological fashion.

    The short program was started by Polina Edmunds. She was an American figure skater. She had been taking ballet since she was 4 years  old. This gave her a sleek, gentle body. In addition to the mannerism that pertain to the art of ballet. In this respect, she was trained in a traditional Russian fashion. Performance wise, she did pretty amassing in her short program.

    Yuna Kim, olympics, figure skating

    She did a lot of jumps here and there. She did managed to land triple jumps. Around the middle of the performance, the beat of her music picked up. She did managed the transition well, from serene to happy. I forget what song she danced to. By now, it slipped from my mind. In any case, the ended up with a pretty decent score.

    The next cutie was Yuna Kim. She was the final boss for all the ladies in this competition. Based on her name, one would believe that her parents where final fantasy fans. Methinks, it was just a coincidence... The maiden was dancing for South Korea. However, based on her name, Yuna might have Japanese ancestry. At least someone in her family is Japanese.

    Yuna Kim, sochi 2014,figure skating

    Anyhow...the song she chose was rather intimate and full of emotion. She seemed to vibrate over the ice. The cold Russian crowd responded well to her motions. She did a wonderful triple lux and triple toe move. Frankly, I can never tell the difference between a lux and a toe move. To me, they are all twirly jumps.

    Dress wise, the yellow did her well. When she finished her performance, she was surprised she did so well. Apparently, during her practice she kept falling and having a hard time. Overall, her performance was both strong and tender. For her short program she got a pretty high score.

    Gracie Gold,olympics 2014,figure skating

    The next cutie worth mentioning is Gracie Gold. The Americans did a lot of commercials for her. They imagined that just because her last name was Gold, that she would get a gold medal. Indeed, making such a parallel was a foolish thing. Performance wise, she was a bit mundane. It did not inspire me much confidence.

    Yulia Lipnitskaya, don't give up on love,sochi 2014

    The next performer worth mentioning was Yulia Lipnitskaya. She had helped the Russians win the gold in the team competition. Like Plushenko, she had a hard time the second time around. The song that she chose to dance to was called "Don't Give up on love". As usual, it started with her playing in the ice, and then a lightning fell.

    The lightning had a symbolical significance because in that performance, she fell. Everything was going peachy and then she fell. She tried really hard not to. That was a terrible fall, and it seemed as if she struck her leg badly. Yulia Lipnitskaya was crying when she finished her performance. Indeed, she moved my poor mother to tears.

    Yulia Lipnitskaya, Sochi Olympics, figure skating

    It was so depressing. I think her coach was no help at all. Instead of comforting the poor girl, she said something like "Did the nerves get to you?" Had she had a gringo coach, she would have said, "Don't worry baby, you can make up the points in the Free Style" or "Its not the end of the world" or "Don't give up on love". Sometimes instead of critiquing, you need to give comforting words to someone.

    I mean, poor Yulia is still just a little kid. So small, so fragile. Like you may have guessed, this performance got to me. I found it very depressing that Yulia fell. I guess her young boy or her mind could not handle the pressure of such a prolonged performance. If you ask me, it was either the ice or the evil eye that caused her to fail.

    Carolina Kostner 2014, winter olympics,figure skating

    The next cutie was Carolina Kostner, of the Italian team. Taking what she learned from the team event helped her step up her game. Like in the team event, she did her short program with the Ave Maria song. She did her dance gracefully. She also added a few more jumps for point purposes. Her gamble helped her better the last score she got for that dance. What I liked best was one of her weird little turns. She does make some interesting shapes on the snow.

    Ashley Wagner, figure skating, 5 stars worthy

    Following came, Ashley Wagner, from the American team. There is a meme going around of her expression when she saw Yulia doing her fancy little spin. Even she could not stomach the flexibility of that Russian little girl. Performance wise, she was anything but ordinary. Her mediocre performance helped my family see something that no one had yet noticed.

    Ashley is a vampire. We kept commenting on that as she performed. This was further reinforced by her statement that she was best when she had her claws out. Overall, she has the perfect face for an evil vampire chick. Movie vampire people should keep that in mind for the next vampire movie to be produced.

    Mae Meite, french figure skater,figure skating

    The next cutie on the list was Mae Meite, for the French team. She was the only black chick in the entire to perform in this event. For her dance, she chose an amassing song by Prince. The electric guitar really suited her performance. Something about her dancing reminded me of a chocolate fountain. It was funny cause, my brother was thinking the same thing. Our thoughts tend to synchronize a lot.

    I thought she deserved a higher score than the one she got. I think the Russia Judges where a bit racist in their scoring of her performance. Heck, even the TV people did not bother to show an overview of her performance. I suppose some things cannot be helped. Racist jerks will be jerks, as the saying goes. Which is a pity...

    sotnikova adelina,figure skating,winter olympics

    The next artist to perform was Sotnikova Adelina. According to the TV people, Adelina went berserk when she did not get elected to skate in the Team event. She was annoyed that a young upstart was taking away her shine. She had a gleeful face when she performed that day, because of Yulia's epic fail. Now the Russians where paying attention to her and not little Yulia.

    For her dance, she chose La Boheme by Carmen. She did her dance wonderfully. She almost fell, but not quite. I think there was something fishy about the ice back then. Those who saw the trap, did not fall. Those who did not, fell. Like Yulia, Adelina had some signature turn poses. She could do a move with one hand and form a perfect circle in another turn. She almost got first place, however, Kim Yuna got ahead of her.

    mao asada, sochi 2014,olympics funny face

    The last performer was Mao Asada. Mao had a lot ridding in that performance. That was going to be her last Short program. For her music, she chose a Nocturne by Chopin. It was a very beautiful performance. Somewhere along the middle she fell. By now, things where getting ridiculous. By the end of her performance, the grief of her mistake had made her age like 50 years.

    She was just that depressed. Still, not all hope was lost since she scored enough to make it to the free skating program. Overall, these ice skaters where peachy. They all deserve 5 stars rating. What was horrible was the Russian Iceberg. They really need to do something about the cooling system there. Later, I will review the long programs of these cuties.

    sotnikova adelina, winter olympics, sochi 2014
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  • 12/03/14--11:40: The Family Movie Review
  • the family movie,mafia movie,husband and wife

    The Family Movie Review

    by Teresita Blanco

    A few months ago, I watched The Family movie. The movie starred Robert De Niro. He played a gangster on witness protection. He has recently moved his family, again. The movie is narrated by Giovanni, played by de Niro.

    While talking with the neighbors, he claims to be a novelist. In the end, he decides to become a novel writer. He had nothing better to do. His children too are having a hard time adapting.  And the wife wants to return to church and confess EVERYTHING to the priest.

    As the story progresses, the family starts falling back into their mob habits. On top of everything, the Feds are always watching them. Overall, it is a pretty cool family comedy, in a mobster sort of way. 

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