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Featured Andrea Solario Italian Renaissance of the Milanese School Paintings

Andrea Solario,painting,Renaissance

Featured Andrea Solario Italian Renaissance of the Milanese School Paintings

Today, I wanted to feature a talented painter. All you need to know about him is summarized in the long title of this blog. Hehehe...Lets just get started. The first featured painting by Andrea Solario is the Lute Player. It looks simple enough. The maiden is idealized. Her attire is fine and rich. Its a classical Renaissance portrait. 5 stars worthy.

Ecce Homo,Italian Renaissance,Andrea Solario

This painting is called Ecce Homo. Its from the scene were Jesus is presented to the angry mob after his first tortures. Andrea Solario's painting focuses on his face. The hair is idealized, but realistic. His face has a few tears rolling out his eyes. This lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating.

 Salome with the head of John the Baptist 1520, Andrea Solario,paintings

In this painting, we see Salome with the head of John the Baptist. What I liked best is Salome's dress. Both Salome and the guard are wearing the best Italian clothing of the Renaissance period. During this period, some churches started to commission paintings that got closer to commoners. Thus, these Biblical characters are dressed like Italians. Everything in this painting is idealized. From the clothing, the hair, the cup and the sword. In any case, Andrea Solario's lovely painting is 5 stars worthy.

The Virgin of the Green Cushion, 1510,Andrea Solario

In this painting, the Virgin Mary is feeding her Baby Jesus. She is resting her baby on a Green cushion. This scene takes place in the middle of a forest. Both are looking at each other in the eye. Other than a religious painting, this painting celebrates the bond between a mother and child. This wonderful painting is 5 stars worthy.

Mary Magdalene ,Andrea Solario,Italian Renaissance

This last featured painting shows Mary Magdalene. She is preparing the oils to anoint Jesus' dead body. The Textures and the see through sleeves are really pretty. Truly, this pretty darling is 5 stars worthy. Well, I hope that you liked this small feature. Frankly, from all his paintings I only liked 5. His other works are peachy, but not so 5 stars worthy. 

Frans Hals Amassing Baroque Dutch Golden Age Paintings

Frans Hals, Banquet,portrait painting

 Frans Hals Amassing Baroque Dutch Golden Age Paintings

Frans Hals was a talented Dutch Baroque artist. In his days, Dutchland was a Protestant country. The only source of work for artist were wealthy patrons and government officials. Like many baroque artist, Frans Hals died poor, in the year of the beast. Hehehehehahaha!! Anyhow, Frans Hals is mostly known for his portraits. He revolutionized the depiction of weirdoes. For the most part, his brushstrokes are loose and quite painterly. The eye takes care to make the figures realistic. In a strange way, Frans Hals was Proto Impressionistic. Anyhow, the first painting is a group portrait. It shows a lot of members of the army. They are having a banquet. Each historical personage has the symbols of their rank. Also, their poses shows you their personalities. This motley crew of Frans Hals deserves 5 stars rating.

Frans Hals, children portrait,children painting

This next painting is called "The Red List". It is a unique portrait featuring three children. They are happy and smiling. The are playing with a goat cart. The baby girl is ridding it. For a background, we have the forest and a church. Truly, you can believe that these are children. Before, Frans Hals kids looked as stiff as their parents in their portraits. Frans Hals had a more emotional way of depicting children. For being rich children, you get the feel of both their rank and their personalities. In any case, Frans Hals deserves 5 stars for this lovely baroque painting.

Boy Playing A Violin ,Frans Hals, genre painting

Above, we have a genre painting featuring a Boy Playing A Violin. The boy has quite the happy expression. He is really enjoying the music that he is playing. Another 5 stars for Frans Hals.

De Magere Compagnie, Baroque Portrait,Frans Hals

Above, we see the De Magere Compagnie. Its another one of those army portraits. Well, its more like the civil guard.  They are all posing. The types of lances and sashes represent their ranks. On the far left, we have a guy holding up the Company's flag. Anyhow, Frans Hals deserves 5 stars rating.

De officieren van de Sint-Adriaansdoelen, group portrait,Frans Hals

Above, we have the group portrait of De officieren van de Sint-Adriaansdoelen. In this portrait, we have two separate groupings. The main guys are on the left, surrounding the general. The general is the guy sitting down. He is the guy holding the rod of power. The guy with the books on the far right is the accountant. He is the second most important guy in this painting. In any case, Frans Hals' deserves 5 stars for this awesome painting.

Luitspelende, Baroque painting, Frans Hals

This next painting is called Luitspelende. It features a guy playing a lute. His dress is made of spiky red and black lines. He seems to be a traveling minstrel. His face is quite cheerful looking. Here we have yet another 5 stars worthy painting.

Portret van Catharina Hooft en haar min,Frans Hals,Baroque Painting

Above, we see Portret van Catharina Hooft en haar min by Frans Hals. Its one of those noble portraits. It features a darling little baby and her nana. The patterns on her golden dress are quite fine. She deserves 5 stars rating.

boy with a skull , Baroque Portrait,Frans Hals

Above, we see a boy with a skull painted by Frans Hals. The boy represents youth. As for the skull, Hals wants us to be aware of our mortality. For now the kid is young, however, he will eventually become worm food. This grim depiction of a kid is 5 stars rating.

Frans Hals, Married Couple in the Garden,Self Portraits

This painting features Frans Hals and his Lysbeth Reyniers. He portrayed himself and his wife as a Married Couple in the Garden. Both are wearing black, fashionable Dutch attires. Hals has his hand to his heart to show that he loves his wife. As for Lysbeth, she seems to be in a good mood as well. In the background, we see other couples around a Greek looking garden. This lovely couple deserves 5 stars rating.

Frans Hals, the gypsy girl,portrait

This cute portrait shows a cute gypsy girl. She is smiling coyly. Her chest is quite exposed. Her eyes are naughty and inviting. Truly, she is one pretty little lady. 5 stars worthy.

Frans Hals,Mabell Babbe,Baroque

This next painting is called Mabell Babbe . Needless to say, this lady is drunk. The owl is a symbol of madness. Her sanity has been drowned by the booze. In any case, Frans Hals' drunken lady deserves 5 stars rating.

the ramp and his sweetheart,Frans Hals, Baroque Painting

In this painting, two lovers are about to get into a bedroom to have some fun. The background scenery is like a bar. The lady's face looks flushed because she is drunk. The way the guy is petting the dog is a reference to carnal desires. The expressions of the couple is quite lively. Frans Hals is one of the few artist of those days that painted people with their mouth opened. Most artist avoided painting teeth because all Europeans did not have proper dental hygiene. The issue of always having people with the mouth closed is that the mouth is a big part of expressing facial emotions. Frans Hals had the courage to paint people with their mouth open, despite the ugly fangs of his sitters. In any case, this lovely painting deserves 5 stars rating. Well, I hope that you liked these featured paintings of Frans Hals.

Anime Valentines Day Hearts Wallpapers

Vocaloid, Rin Kagamine, anime valentine

Anime Valentines Day Hearts Wallpapers

The first anime wallpaper shows Rin Kagamine. She is eating a chocolate heart that was meant to be a present. Her heart is broken. I feel really bad for this poor anime girl. A broken heart on valentine's Day. On this note, we begin this new St. Valentine's Day blog. I hope you like these 5 stars worthy St. Valentine's Day Wallpapers.

St. Valentine's Day,anime school girl,anime wallpaper

This pretty anime wallpaper features a cute red head. She has a St. Valentine's Day chocolate heart present for her honey. This cute anime wallpaper is the handiwork of eisuu mangaka. 5 stars worthy.

St. Valentine's Day, anime valentines,anime wallpapers

This St. Valentine's Day anime wallpaper is from Idolmaster. Here we see the cute anime couple of Minase Iori x Takatsuki Yayoiu. Both are having a grand time under the snow. This lovely anime wallpaper deserves 5 stars rating.

lucky star,hiiragi kagami,anime wallpaper

Above, we have a lucky star anime valentines wallpaper. Here we see Hiiragi Kagami offering us a St. Valentine's Day present. This cutie is 5 star worthy.

anime girl,anime valentines,valentine's day

Above, we have another cute St. Valentine's Day cutie. She too is offering us a St. Valentine's Day heart. The cute snowflakes are a nice effect. 5 stars for this cutie.

Mgumi Luka,vocaloid valentine,st. Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day anime wallpaper is simply enough. We simply see Megumi Luka with a St. Valentine's Day heart. In any case, this lovely anime wallpaper is 5 stars worthy.

valentine's day,anime valentines,anime artist

This cute anime girl is from Baka to Test. She was made zhuo mi mangaka. Basically, we have this cute maid anime girl with a Valentine's Day heart. She came out looking very cute. 5 stars worthy.

anime girl,anime valentine,valentines

This next St. Valentine's Day cutie was made by  dasoku sentarou mangaka. She is looking back at you. In her hands, she has a chocolate box. 5 stars for this cutie under the sunset.

anime dress, valentines day, anime valentines

Here is the next Valentine's Day anime wallpaper. Basically, we have a cutie with a cake for hair and a heart. Her Victorian dress is really pretty. 5 stars for this cutie.

Chocolate Heart, Valentine's day,valentines day

Above, we see a lovely St. Valentine's day anime wallpaper. We simply have an anime school girl with a heart. She is in her bedroom waiting for her lover. 5 stars for this cutie.

Anime School Girls,anime valentines,valentines day

In this anime wallpaper, two cute anime girls are making a valentines day heart. Both are also offering you chocolate hearts. 5 stars.

Gumi, Lily,anime vocaloid

Here is the last Valentine's day anime wallpaper. Both Vocaloid cuties are offering you a heart. 5 stars. I hope that you like this cute post.

Last Valentines Day Anime Wallpapers

anime valentines,love letter, valentines day

Last St. Valentine's Day Anime Wallpapers

Well, these are the last featured St. Valentine's Day anime wallpapers. I hope you like these anime wallpapers a lot. After I finish this blog, I will begin my series of generic St. Valentine's day blogs. You know, the usual valentines day ideas and cards. Anyhow, this first anime wallpaper is pretty cute. It shows an anime girl sending a Valentine's day letter into the sky. This pretty anime wallpaper was made by Valerka mangaka. 5 stars for this lovely anime picture.

vocaloid valentines,hatsune miku,anime valentines

In this Vocaloid anime wallpaper, Hatsune Miku is sitting on a pile of valentines day gifts. She is beloved by all her fans. This pretty Vocaloid Anime valentines day wallpaper deserves 5 stars rating.

anime chocolate,chocolate cake,valentines day

In this cute anime wallpaper, an anime girl is making a chocolate cake. Around her, cherubs chibi are ridding hearts. This lovely anime wallpaper was made by hanpen mangaka. Truly, this artist deserves 5 stars rating. 

anime sweets,anime candy,valentines day

This cute blondy was made by jin young mangaka. She is surrounded by Valentine's Day gifts. Her blushing face is really pretty. This darling deserves 5 stars rating. 

anime girls, cute girls,valentines day

Above, we have three cute anime girls. They each have a St. Valentine's Day present for you. They all look really pretty. These valentines day cuties deserves 5 stars rating. 

izuma eleven chibi,anime valentines,valentines day

In this cute chibi anime wallpaper, we see several Valentines Day scenes from Izuma eleven. They are all doing a lot of cute romantic things. 5 stars for these cuties.

touhou love,anime yuri,valentines day

Above, we have a touhou anime valentines day wallpaper. Both yuri anime girls are having a fine quality time together making dinner. For a background, we have lots of sweets. These cuties deserve 5 stars rating.

cherrypin, anime valentines,valentines day

This cute anime wallpaper was made by cherrypin mangaka. This artist drew a cute anime goth girl resting on a heart bed. Around her, we see lots of cute valentines day present. This original valentines day anime wallpaper is 5 stars worthy.

anime pink,valentines day,anime valentines

This cute anime wallpaper was made by sakurano miya mangaka. This artist featured an anime girl riding a shortcake. She has a lot of sweets all about. What a cutie. She makes a perfect Valentine's day cutie. 5 stars. 

halloween anime,valentines day,anime valentines

This cute anime picture serves as both a Halloween and a Valentines day wallpaper. Here a little pumpkin elf, witch girl is preparing a cute Valentines day present. She is such a little cute. 5 stars.

vocaloid valentines,anime valentines,valentines day

Here, is another Vocaloid Valentines day anime wallpaper. This one features all the vocaloid anime characters. On the foreground, we see Hastsune Miku making a cake. This Miku in a maid's dress is 5 stars worthy.

Tales of Vesperia,anime couple,valentines day

Above, we have a cute Valentines day anime couple. Both are around lovely valentines day chocolate sweets. I think they are from Tales of Vesperia. This lovely couple is 5 stars worthy. 

bakemonogatari ,anime valentines,valentines day

This cool anime valentines day wallpaper is from bakemonogatari. Here we see all the anime characters with their valentines day presents. 5 stars. 

valentines day,anime cook,anime maids

 In this cool anime wallpaper, we see two anime cook girls. They are making a chocolate valentines day cake. 5 stars.

vocaloid valentines,valentines day,anime love

This is the last vocaloid Valentines Day anime wallpaper. This one features the cuties Miku and Rin. They have lots of wonderful valentines day chocolates. 5 stars for these cuties.

anime heart,anime valentines,valentines

This is the last Valentines Day anime Wallpaper. It features three different anime maids offering you Valentines Day gift. They are surrounded by a heart of roses. Truly, this is one pretty anime wallpaper. 5 stars. Well, lets wrap things up. I wish you an early happy valentines day.

Constantine Horror Movie Review

Constantine Horror Movie Review

Constantine is the last horror movie I plan on reviewing. The movie begins 

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has died, his vice-president has announced.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has died, his vice-president has announced. Mr Chavez had been seriously ill with cancer for more than a year, undergoing several operations in Cuba, and had not been seen in public for several months. Nicolas Maduro made the announcement on Tuesday evening, flanked by political and military leaders. Earlier, he said the 58-year-old Venezuelan leader had a new, severe respiratory infection and had entered "his most difficult hours".

 In Tuesday evening's emotional address, a tearful Mr Maduro said Mr Chavez had died at 16:25 (17:55 GMT) "after battling a tough illness for nearly two years". Military loyal "We have received the toughest and tragic information that... Comandante President Hugo Chavez died today at 4:25 pm," said Mr Maduro in a nationally televised address. Continue reading the main story Analysis Will Grant BBC News, Central America correspondent The death of Hugo Chavez, the vanguard of what he called "21st Century Socialism", sends ripples not just through the Venezuelan people, but across Latin America and beyond. In particular, the impact of his loss will be felt most keenly in Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador, his closest allies in the region. The updates on his health in recent days had seemingly been aimed at preparing the Venezuelan people for the worst, with each bulletin more serious than the last. Now Mr Chavez will take on iconic status as his revolution looks for a route forward without him, the man it was designed by and constructed around. But his millions of followers in Venezuela will take some comfort from the fact that it wasn't the failed coup in 2002, nor the repeated efforts at the ballot box, but rather ill health - or for many of his devotees, the hand of God - that took Chavez away from them. He spoke of a plot against Venezuela, saying he had no doubt that Mr Chavez's cancer, first diagnosed in 2011, had been induced by foul play by Venezuela's enemies - the US promptly rejected the accusations as "absurd". He said a scientific commission could one day investigate whether Mr Chavez's illness was brought about by what he called an enemy attack. Struggling to hold back tears, Mr Maduro called on the nation to close ranks after their leader's demise. He said the government had deployed the armed forces and police nationwide "to accompany and protect our people and guarantee the peace." Earlier, he said he had expelled two US diplomats from the country for spying on Venezuela's military. A statement by the military said it would protect the sovereignty, integrity and security of the country. It would remain loyal to the vice-president and to parliament, it added, urging people to remain calm. Under the constitution, the head of Venezuela's Congress, Diosdado Cabello, will assume the interim presidency before an election is held. Political shift The US described the death as a "challenging time", reaffirming what it described as its support for the Venezuelan people and its interest in developing a constructive relationship with Caracas. Continue reading the main story Timeline: Hugo Chavez Hugo Chavez (file image) 1954: Born 28 July in Sabaneta, Barinas state, the son of schoolteachers 1975: Graduated from Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences 1977: Becomes involved in revolutionary movements within the armed forces 1981: Returns to the military academy as a teacher 1992: Leads doomed attempt to overthrow government of President Carlos Andres Perez, jailed for two years 1994: Relaunches his party as the Movement of the Fifth Republic 1999: Takes office after winning 1998 election 2002: Abortive coup. Returns to power after two days 2011: Reveals he is being treated for cancer 2012 (October): Re-elected for another six-year term 2012 (December): Has fourth cancer operation in Cuba 2013 (February): Returns to Venezuela to continue treatment Obituary: Hugo Chavez Praise for 'tough' BBC interviewer "As Venezuela begins a new chapter in its history, the United States remains committed to policies that promote democratic principles, the rule of law, and respect for human rights," said a statement from the White House. In Argentina, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner suspended all activities after the death was announced. Both she and her late husband, Nestor Kirchner, were close friends of the firebrand Venezuelan leader. In Peru, Congress held a minute of silence in his honour. Bolivia's President Evo Morales said he was leaving immediately for Caracas. The governments of Chile and Ecuador also released official notes of condolence to Venezuela. The Ecuadorian government said it felt the loss as its own, and hoped its neighbours could carry on Mr Chavez's revolution. Analysts say Mr Chavez's death could alter the political balance in Latin America - dealing a blow to leftist states while favouring more centrist countries. There could also be an economic impact given that Venezuela sells oil at below market prices to some neighbouring countries, especially in the Caribbean. UK Foreign Minister William Hague said he was "saddened" to learn of the death, saying Mr Chavez had left a "lasting impression" on Venezuela. One of the most visible, vocal and controversial leaders in Latin America, Hugo Chavez won the presidency in 1998 and had most recently won another six-year presidential term in October 2012. His government has implemented a number of "missions" or social programmes, including education and health services for all. But poverty and unemployment are still widespread, despite the country's oil wealth. Mr Chavez was renowned for his flamboyant public speaking style, which he has put to use in his weekly live TV programme, Alo Presidente (Hello President), in which he talked about his political ideas, interviews guests and sings and dances. Last May, the former army paratrooper said he had recovered from an unspecified cancer, after undergoing surgery and chemotherapy in 2011 and a further operation in February 2012. However, in December, he announced he needed further cancer surgery in Cuba, and named Mr Maduro as his preferred successor should the need arise. Mr Chavez remained out of public view, finally returning to Venezuela in February. Hugo Chavez

Article 18


This is a collection of 3D modeling of Neon genesis evangelion artist, The artist who made these is called Naoto Ikeban and he's part of The Sankaku Complex network similar to pivix but for bigshots.


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Three New Amassing Poems: Criminal, Name Your Game! , Oblivion by Teresita Blanco


digital art,digital art girl,serene beauty

by Teresita Blanco
I reach out to you
And embrace nothing.
I see you laughing
While my face
Lies in the dirt. 


Your disdain knows no bounds,
I hear her hounds;
Revenge is slow but certain.
Lift the curtain,
Look beyond the world
Laid before you!

You must choose,
Or else soon loose.
Take a path,
Raise your ax,
Take the final step.

There is nothing left
To slow you down.
There are no sounds,
No shrieking sirens.
Now go forth, fight them! 

digital art skull,poems,adorable

Name Your Game! 
by Teresita Blanco
“For once, I won’t say your name!
For once, I won’t play your game!”

The dice is cast,
The curse, now lifted,
Purgation brings no salvation.
Guilt leads to damnation.

Show your eyes,
There’s no shame,
Alas, there’s no pain!
Submit to them, again.

Bend low, go with the flower,
The tides are turning,
Your heart is burning;
Again, you grow hollow.
Again, you must follow.

Forget this pain,
Again, you must say their name!
Again, you must play their game!

“Name your game!”

little red ridding hood, big bad wolf,digital art girl

by Teresita Blanco
Oblivion is but a song,
It’s part of a woeful melody
That all must sing.
The pain of yesterday
Creeps forth, with time!

The things I done
No one will know!
They take my muse
To the pyre!

Never again to hear her song!

Fly low, hide your woe!
Only then you’ll survive.
I see timid flames
Burning anew, fresh young, full of youth.
They lie tamed by winter’s might.

This cold soul
Knows no woes.
Life has extinguished
Her first anguish.
All that remains
Is , but a one!

Copyright Teresita Blanco

You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

New Fragments and Deather Poems by Teresita Blanco


still life,digital art death,digital art cool

I was Here Poem Fragment 
by Teresita Blanco
“I was here”, it is clear,
Sings the boy’s fear.
Death creeps again,
With no more pains!

Oh! Death , you lair!
Life’s pain is known by none.
Death for now, be gone.
I wish to rise, higher.
Do not extinguish, this fire.

digital art dragon,sleeping dragon,still life

by Teresita Blanco
Surrender, your ember
This December!
Your cold fears
Are now here!
Let us cheer;
No more tears.
Your true hunger
Was laid asunder
By his scythe,
Yes, end your fight!
Now embrace…
No more chase!
digital art desert,ice cream,digital art original

by Teresita Blanco
Shatter this mirror,
Make it a prism.

I cannot see
Beyond this prison.
Once again
Departs reason.

This is all a game,
Do not feel shame.
Become stronger
End your hunger. 

digital art wallpaper,still life,digital art portrait

Fragments or Grave
by Teresita Blanco
Life is full of bliss,
Life is, but a kiss.
Hide the furnace,
Give us assurance.

We wish to sleep,
Make this grave deep!

Erase all hopes,
Shatter all illusions.
Strengthen your resolution,
Prepare to cope!
Digital Art potion,potions,digital art flowers

Short Fragment
by Teresita Blanco
Hide the fact
That your all insane.
Sign this pact,
With your true name. 

Copyright Teresita Blanco

You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

Forget, I am and Death Before Revenge Poems by Teresita Blanco


digital art grapes,digital art fruits,digital art landscape

by Teresita Blanco
I cannot find
The will to forget,
My only regret
Is this cold bind. 

Soon these chains
Will be broken.
You are mistaken
Nothing remains
Of that old ember.
Do you remember?

My first kiss,
Your last kiss.
Please, help me forget.
Remove this sword
Stuck in my chest.
Maybe then, I could rest
Away from this world!

digital art vampire,digital art girl,digital art dog

I am 
by Teresita Blanco
In the darkest interlude,
I listen to your tune.
What is the truth
That will set me free?

All are lies
And foolish curses.
Look, they fill their purses
With the blood
Of the lamb.

Are we all to be damned
For your ambition?

In my stillest hour,
My thoughts grow fouler.
I hear you scream, louder,
The lies that bind me.

Walk forth, raise the veil!
Look onward, sinner!
No need to shiver.
You washed your hands in his blood!
Oh! Cruel, merciless Adam!
You may scream, “I am!”

art digital girl,digital art magic,fancy

Death Before Revenge
by Teresita Blanco
Do you remember
Your old ember?
The one that shone
Its timid glow?

So vague, so full of life,
It rises, not once, but twice.
Fueling up old strife.

No chains may hold them,
This bloody river travels far!

Return to December!
Seal this bloody well,
Call back your hell,
You cannot defend her.

In this marble hill,
She sleeps, with chill,
Go, now, join her,
Die now and surrender!

Copyright Teresita Blanco

You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

Seven Brothers Poem by Teresita Blanco


digital art zombie,zombies,digital art children

Seven Brothers
by Teresita Blanco
Seven sons, of seven fathers.
Seven brothers, one mother.
Their legend travels far. 

Their youngest bears scars.
His kindness lies hardened.
He sings to the moon,
He brings only doom!

Now, the second, “wait a second!”
He’s the sharpest,
He’s the smartest.
He’s the fastest.
Trigger happy of the lot.

The third son,
He is known by none.
Like a mist
He brings bliss,
Like a serpent, here he comes!

Now the fourth!
He is a force!
Not so witty, very icky,
The most greedy
Brother and son!

As for the fifth,
He never gets hitched!
His ill grimace
Is a hindrance.
His heart shivers
Whenever a ,he, quivers!

The sixth son, the strong son!
Bears a deadly duty
To a lost cause,
His burning heart
Withers all tempests.
Always in a hurry!
Only for she does he pause.

And the final son,
The uncarved block.
The angel of death.
No one is left
With sufficient daring
To refuse his darling.
Her cold whims
Are his beck and calling.

Hardly ever do they gather!
The sons of seven fathers!
Seven killers
Poured their elixir
Into the same
Tainted cauldron.

Seven fathers, seven sons,
Bounded by her shame!

Copyright Teresita Blanco

You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

My Meditations on Ice Cream

vanilla, ice cream, french vanilla

My Meditations on Ice Cream

It has been a month since I wrote in phi stars. My brother needed to jump start his website. Now, that I am back, I wanted to write a bit about something or other. I thought to myself, I could write about Chavez, Korea, the new Pope, ect. In the end, the trivial won over serious business. Why must everything be so serious in the world? Sometimes its best, to kick back and enjoy some ice cream. In this post, I will speak about some of my favorite ice creams.

The first ice cream I ever tasted was back in Cuba. My dad used to buy a truck load of ice cream for me. It was one of the few foods I could stomach back them. I used to eat it plain during those days. I would eat it in either vanilla or in strawberry. I used to like strawberry ice cream the best. These days I prefer vanilla. Strawberry has too strong of a taste. It opaques the taste of the toppings.

copa lolita,ice cream,sweet deserts

Now back to Vanilla. My favorite kind of vanilla is french vanilla. I used to like a lot the one from the Blue Bunny mark. When I was a teenager I used to eat a whole box of those ice creams. I never got too fat, I had a great metabolism during those years. Plus, my gym teacher was quite draconian. Those were the days...

Now, onto vanilla. A place that has good vanilla ice cream is Macdonald. When they are not watering down the ice cream, it comes out pretty yummy. I used to eat that one with caramel. Another good vanilla ice cream was sold in the North Pole. There the penguins used to serve it well in the form of a Copa Lolita. That one came with two scoops and a flan. You could adorn it in any way you liked.

Carvel ice cream,carvel cake,carvel

My favorite toppings for the Copa Lolita are caramel, whip cream, sprinkles, cinnamon and crushed cookies. That combination is to die for... seriously. Why must all yummy things make you turn into a blimp? Are we doomed never to enjoy our taste buds blissfully? Ah, but I digress. Here you came to read about ice cream and instead you have me rambling nonsense.

Lets see, another yummy ice cream comes in the form of an ice cream sandwich. All marks are pretty decent. I like best the one with the polar bear painted on it. I think its from the carvel mark. Speaking of Carvel, that company makes the best ice cream cakes. I always enjoyed eating them from time to time.

Frozen Yogurt,ice cream, ice cream wallpaper

Another good ice cream place is chick berry. They serve the best yogurt based ice cream. Its yummy and its healthy. The tragedy is that the prices are far too high. Anyhow, there you simply get a cup and fill it with as much ice cream you want. After the toppings, the guys charge you for the weight of your ice cream. Of this ice cream, I like best the caramel ice cream. I put cheese cake bites, gummy bears and sprinkles on my ice cream. 

Lets see, what other ice cream forms do I like? In Denys, they sell a wonderful ice cream sundae.  It comes with three cinnamon puppies, whip cream and caramel. They vary this recipe depending on the season. Overall, it stays the same. Now, the creme de a la creme of all ice creams is the maple butter Blondy served on a hot skillet. That one is truly 5 stars worthy. I hope you like this ice cream post.

Ice Cream, maple butter blondie, deserts

Sweet Revenge, The Beating Heart and The Ballad of Exada Poems by Teresita Blanco


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Sweet Revenge 
by Teresita Blanco
Lost in thoughts I dare not mention!
Trapped inside this machination!
Forget those that bound you!
Break the chains, that bind you!

You are free, can’t you see?
They’re the ones that want me.
You escaped, but they caught me…
You felt no shame, when you left me.


I am not dead, you must know.
I’ll put an end to your show.
You have them dancing to your tune.
On the seventh moon,
You’ll cry out, “ I am doomed”.

My sweet revenge is but a whisper!
I’ll sing the day I hear you whimper. 

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The Beating Heart
by Teresita Blanco
The beating heart is laughing,
Do you know what’s coming?

Smile again, anew!
For your morning dew,
They cannot escape,
They are for you to shape!

The must adore crimson,
They can’t escape your prison.

The beating heart is crying,
There is no one coming!

Whom will you choose?
They must wear your shoes.

The beating heart is dying,
The truth you’re always hiding.
The children are the lumber,
To fuel your dying ember. 

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The Ballad of Exada
by Teresita Blanco
Behind those black eyes,
Your sorrow, hides,
Oh, Exada, my blessing in disguise.

My father doesn’t love me!
My nana doesn’t know me!
Oh! Exada, behind those scales
Hides true hell.

Always an empty shell,
I am a doll for them to play with,
I cannot recognize
My own face in the mirror…
Why does that girl laugh
When I wish to cry?

Oh, Exada, my dear Exada!
Help me, save me,
Inside these walls
Lies my true prison.
Behind your black eyes,
Hides my pitiful sign.
Beneath your scales
Hides my true wail.

I cannot cry again,
I am a prisoner
In my own home.
Oh, Exada, save me,
My home, my all!!
Oh, Exada, tear down
This marble wall. 

Copyright Teresita Blanco

You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

Short Poems: Prisoner, Mellow Yellow and Paranoid by Teresita Blanco


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by Teresita Blanco
Peace is, but a distant memory,
We all now dance to his memory,
He sings such a grim song!

For how long
Must we toil?
Him, we cannot foil.
His will moves mountains.

Lift the curtains,
Behind it, you will see
The one true peace.

We can never live,
At most, we can only be.


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Mellow, Yellow
 by Teresita Blanco
Oh, so tender,
Your warm ember.
I remember
A life beyond December.

This gripping cold
Makes us grow old.
You can never behold:

A face distorted by pain,
A Soul wishing to live again.
What is there to gain
From your stupid game?
You’re the one to blame!

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by Teresita Blanco
Behind each shadow
Lurks a face,
For every whisper,
100 ears listen.

We all must bear
The same burden.
The sloth eating the just. 

 Copyright Teresita Blanco

You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

Destiny's Hand, Human Experience, and Blend Poems by Teresita Blanco


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Destiny’s Hand 
by Teresita Blanco
Destiny’s hand is hollow
Her vague promises
Makes us follow
To a pit, to a grave,
Bearing our true name.

In this marble plate
I read my shame.
Who’s to blame
For my mistakes?

The path was laid bare
By our ancestors.
The wheel keeps on
Forever turning,
Look, she once again
Beckons us to relive
Our ancestral pain.

What is there to gain
From our struggles?
Her only words of comfort
are “human experience.”

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Human Experience
by Teresita Blanco
“ Human Experience”
Is their only consolation,
Such vague words
describe our own damnation.

We all must join
The same parade,
We all must enjoy
Being part of their charade.

The dices are weighted,
The outcome, fated,
Those who are full
Intone the same cold tune.

It’s “human experience”
Our pain, our torture.
We must kiss the ax
Of our executioner.

Erase all delusions,
Prepare your contribution
To this hellish
Human experience.

digital art witch,magician,ritual

by Teresita Blanco
Return to a time
When life had no sorrows,
A time when you desired
To see tomorrow.

Those days are gone;
They slipped by, so quickly,
Now in the present
You look back
And wish for your old blindness.

This true foresight
Makes you wonder,
Makes you hunger.

The pain in your bleeding chest,
Must be laid to rest.
It is best to forget
All your regrets.

Blind yourself anew
To enjoy the morning dew!

Copyright Teresita Blanco

You do not have permission to use my poems without my express written consent.

Electric Avenue Review

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Electric Avenue Review

Today, while looking for the lyrics of the Electric Avenue song (for reasons that allude me), I ran into an interesting website. In turns out, that in Miami there is an actual electric avenue. Interesting enough ,there is a store that bears the same name as that avenue. This interesting anachronism led me to the store. There they mostly sell all sorts of cameras. These days everyone thinks themselves a photographer. This fact is most noted in Miami, a great family tourist spot. Thus, the physical location of the store is a great location. A lot of tourist pass by who physically purchase their cameras at the store. The online store is meant to compliment their store in the real world.

The kinds of cameras that Electric Avenue sells range from the cheepos 20 bucks camera to professional cameras. Other than cameras, they have the usual electronics. You know, like games,  cellphones, computers, TVs, ect. The thing that I liked best is that they always have a costumer service guy on the website 24/7 on the chat. He will answer any, and all questions about the merchandise. In all the other online websites I visited, none had that special feature. Therefore, costumer service wise, Electric Avenue is pretty peachy.

Another thing that humored me, was hearing something interesting from the chat guy. He told me how, all the costumers that enter the place in the physical world, sing to themselves the Electric Avenue song. Publicity wise, the name works wonders for them. Plus, its a perfect name for an electronic store. I also read up their shipping options. Its free in the US and pretty cheap in the rest of the world. They accept paypal. In any case, if you stop by Miami visit the Electric Avenue, and the store there too. The Electric Avenue Store is truly 5 stars worthy.

Here is the link to the Place: http://www.electricavenue.net

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The Woman in Black Scary Movie Reviews

Daniel Radcliffe,arthur kipp,the woman in black

The Woman in Black Scary Movie Reviews

Last night, I watched the Woman in Black with my family. My mother recommended it, after she tried seeing the movie alone. It was so scary that it nearly gave her a heart attack. It is not so much the spooks, but the tension built around the film. The woman in black keeps you at the edge of your seat. It also gives you a little something to think about after the movie is over. It certainly gave me a lot to think about. Now, let us begin with the review. The movie begins in a very eerie fashion. Three little girls are playing with their dolls. Out of the blue, they seem to see someone.

They then turn their gaze toward the window. Simultaneously, these girls jump out the window, to their death. Outside, we hear a wailing mother yelling, “My Babies!!”. From this scene, we jump to Harry Potter. In this movie, he plays Arthur Kipp, a widowed lawyer, who has a four year old son. He has been suffering a terrible depression, ever since his wife died. This is quite noted in the detail of the drawings of his little boy. You see, he drew his daddy as a sad stick figure with a traveling bag. His son always sees his father depressed. To make matters worst, he is on the verge of loosing his job. This is his final chance to prove himself, else they kick him out of the firm.

the woman in black,horror movie,scary movie

His assignment is to get the paper work necessary to sell the Eel Marsh House. Needless to say, they sent him on an almost impossible assignment. That house is haunted by the Woman in Black. At first, the movie does not shed too much light into the superstition about the Woman in Black. Like in most superstitious films, the towns people are reluctant to talk about it with outsiders. They fear to be taken as mad. Some even try, to convince Arthur not to go to the Eel Marsh House. However, he has to go there to look through all the papers. He is determined to do his job, for the sake of his son. Ah, the things one does for one’s kid.

The irony of the film is that his determination to sell the house led to his ruin. I am not going spoil the ending. Now, onto the woman in black. The woman in black is a personification of death.
 I noticed that all the “woman in black” related deaths occurred when the kids where left unsupervised. Those kinds of tragedies happen very often. A good example is the girl that drank lye. I looked information on Lye. Lye was a very common household item. It was used to preserve food and to make soap. Many lye pellets looked like candy, at a first glance. It was easy for children to swallow them, mistaking them for candy.

the woman in black movie,movie,arthur kipp

In other lye related kids death, it would happen as thus. In the old days, the lye in its liquid form would be stored in everyday kinds of bottles. The kids would mistake them for water and drink it. In no time, their stomachs would explode. I know this from experience. In Cuba, a lot of kids died of lye. Mother used to see hundreds of lye related cases at the hospital she worked at.
As for the first balcony scene, there have been hundreds of cases of kids jumping out off windows. Its never good to leave kids unsupervised. Specially, when they are playing in the top floor.

One never knows what they will feel like doing. Kids ,at a young age, do not have a good grasp on their mortality. Therefore, it is explainable that the three girls would think they would not die from jumping out the window. As for the drowned kid, well... just about anyone can drown in the beach. There is nothing supernatural about his death. Although, for the movie purposes, his death was blamed on the woman in black. If you think about it, she was a being created for the sole purpose of blaming parent’s neglectfulness on her. The girl who caused the fire, was obviously a pyromaniac. One gets those kinds of brats from time to time.

daniel radcliffe,janet mcteer, the woman in black

Lastly, the one who was ran over in the train was also a common death. Even if your kids is right next to you, you should not assume that they will not do something stupid. The minute that his father let go of his hand, that made him the next victim of the woman in black. Another thing I liked about the woman in black was the use of animals. The crow taking care of its chicks inside the Eel Marsh House represented the ideal mother. She was always watchful of her chicks. Think about it, Arthur left the window open for her, yet she did not abandoned her chicks. Another interesting bird brain, was the little bird that imitated sounds. In one of them, he mimicked the sound of a sobbing lady.

Now onto the dogs. The dogs are a traditional symbol of death. There where also the interesting twins of the old seer hag. When she started feeding her doggies with a spoon, we had a good guess of her state of mind. As for Arthur’s temporary pet dog, he warmed Arthur whenever the Woman in Black approached. That way she could not take him by surprise. The little doggie had more balls than all the guys in the film. He truly did not fear the ghost woman. In any case, the Woman in Black is a 5 stars worthy horror movie. I recommend it to all neglectful parents.

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My Favorite Songs from the Beatles

The Beatles, The Beatles song, The Beatles Music

My Favorite Songs from the Beatles

Today, I wanted to write about my favorite songs from the Beatles. These songs are all 5 stars worthy. Now, let us get this show on the road. The first song that I like is " Helker Skelter". I first heard it in the Rock Band: The Beatles edition. I heard that this song is about a famous British amusement park ride. I liked the song a lot because it sounded a lot like the 80s hard rock. You could say, that the "Helker Skelter" song was ahead of its time. Lyric wise, it was as nonsensical as regular rock and roll songs. I liked best the " I got blisters on my fingers" end. Truly, the "Helker Skelter" song is 5 stars worthy.

The next song that I like is "While My guitar Gentle Weeps". That song is really beautiful. From what I can tell, the song is about a very sad musician. His music reacts to the sad sights the guitarist sees. The guitar does sound like it is weeping. The solo is truly the best. The lyrics do make sense. The " I don't know why" chorus parts are the best. Overall, the song is really depressing in all ways. The Beatles efficiently made a 5 stars worthy depressing song.

The Beatles photo, The Beatles wallpaper, The Beatles

The next song that I liked is "I me mine". The song itself is kinda weird. The chorus is a bit annoying as well. Still, what drew me to that song was how self centered it was. I sing it to annoy my brother from time to time. Its great to pass the time, and easy to memorize. Truly, " I me mine " by the Beatles deserves 5 stars rating.

Another one that I like is  "Within you without you". I like to play it often in the Rock Band game. Its nice, breezy and mellowed out. When I first heard it, I said to myself " They must have been high when they wrote this song". It really captures well the mellowness of Mary Jane (not like I ever tried it). The love theme is also quite vivid in this song. "With our love, with our love, we can save the world..."Yeah, that is the hippie mantra, in a nutshell. In any case, " Within you, Without you" by the Beatles deserves 5 stars rating.

The Beatles, Cirque du Soleil, The Beatles wallpaper

Another one that I liked was "I am the Walrus". I saw the HBO Cirque du Suleil special on this song. When Paul heard the song, he started playing an air violin. Truly, this song has the best fusion of classical and rock. The lyrics are completely insane. Overall, the song just describes a lot of random hallucinations of sorts. My favorite part is when the penguins singing hare krishna beaten up Edgar Allen Poe. The ending Hoopa, Hoopa part was also bizarre.

I remember ,in the HBO special, the expression of an African dancer when he heard this part of the song. He had knew of the reputation of the Beatles, but had never listened to their music. He was also familiar with the reputation of Cirque du Soleil. When he saw the Cirque the Soleil practicing the "Hoopa Hoopa" lines, he had the expression of a man who had just stumbled into a madhouse. His expression still cracks me up. I think that is everything worth mentioning about  this Beatles songs, in particular. In any case, " I am the Walrus" deserves 5 stars rating.

The Beatles photo, the beatles review,the beatles song

The next song that I like is "Eleanor Rigby". That song is more of a narrative. Its about an old woman who died in an earthquake. If I remember correctly, the Cirque du Soleil folks had some lovely imagery built around this song. They showed a widower old lady walking among the ruins of a church. That song , though short, is really pretty. Truly, "Eleanor Rigby" is also 5 stars worthy.

The last 5 stars worthy Beatles song is "Because". I like "Because" because it's so dreamy. I thought of it yesterday when I was at Miami Beach. That day, the sky was so blue. There was not a cloud in the sky. The blue sky, made me think of "Because". I think that is everything worth mentioning. I am not certain if I should put the lyrics to these featured songs. On second though, you can find them anywhere. I hope that you like these songs and good night.

Cirque du Soleil wallpaper, Cirque du Soleil photo, cirque du soleil
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