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Dragon’s Dogma Daimon’s Awakened Form

daimon's awakened form,game review, dragon's dogma wallpaper

Dragon’s Dogma Daimon’s Awakened Form Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

Today, I finally got around to killing Daimon’s awakened form. The first time I fought the guy, he got me completely by surprise. The bastard was flying all the time and using magic. The worst parts were his invisible dragon arms. They could get you anywhere in the field. Anyhow, the first time I came I was a ranger of sorts. The boss man gave me a royal beating.

A few weeks passed, I changed forms and started training as a mystic knight. The last time I played Dragon’s Dogma I could not make the mystic knight form work for me. After playing with it a while, I was able to master the form more or less. I knew how to use the shield thanks to Dark Souls.

daimon, game review,dragon's dogma

Anyhow, while doing a second round of Bitterblack Isle I was able to get like 11 wakestones. They were useful in the battle. In the end, I decided to fight the guy. The first time I fought him as a mystic knight, I fought as coward. After losing once, I tried again. This time, I got in there. According to my bro, I have to keep climbing the guy to strike his belly mouth.

Sometimes, he would blow up and I along with it. It was a close call, but I managed to kill it. It was one hell of a 2 hour battle. Dragon’s Dogma offers a unique thrill you can only get in a one sided battles. The boss man can kill you easily, but someone you manage to pull through. And that was the high point of my night. Pity all the helpers did not survive the battle. 

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Muvluv Alternative Total Eclipse Anime Show Review

muv-luv anime,anime girls,Christmas girls

Muv Luv Alternative: Total eclipse Anime Show Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

A week ago, I started watching Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. The anime show was adapted from a light graphic novel. The plug suits of the girls are the subjects of many fanarts, some of good taste, others not so much. Anyhow, the anime show is about giant robots fighting monsters. One day, the earth got attack by aliens. The humans where overwhelmed by the massive onslaught. 

Most of Europe and Russia have been taken over. The anime show starts with the aliens making their way to Japan. The main girl is Yui. She is studying to pilot giant robots.Though in a school setting, she is training to kill the evil aliens. She has her own rival as well. Like it always happens, everything goes wrong at a certain point. Yui is forced to fight off the evil aliens with her friends, using only training units. The first battle was pretty cool.

anime show,anime review,anime wallpaper

It gives you a good idea of the problems going on with the world. After the first intro scene, the anime show switches to America. The main character ends up being Yuuya, a half breed test pilot. He has been having problems in the US for having Japanese blood. He also hates his father for abandoning his mother. On top of that he has to deal with his surly superior Yui.

The most interesting weirdoes were the twins Cryska and Inia. They are the Scarlet Twins from Russia. Like any Russians, when they are acting up it was the Cold War all over again. The moral of the story is that human cooperation is almost impossible. The world may be overrun by aliens but they will continue with their foolish bickering. 

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New Sailor Moon Anime Show Review by Teresita Blanco

eternal sailor moon,usagi,anime wallpaper

New Sailor Moon Anime Show Review by Teresita Blanco

Today, I watched the remake of the totally awesome Sailor Moon. The first thing I totally adored about the show was the way it was draw. It was indeed drawn by hand. The scenery was pretty water color and Usagi was even cuter than the original. The first episode ran along the lines as the first episode of Sailor moon. The only difference was that it looked prettier. 

The presentation was even more hyped at. It was nice to see it again. It brought back a lot of fond memories. It works pretty well that they introduced Usagi’s love interest since the first episode. Scene wise, they removed a lot of the chibi expressions. It followed a more naturalistic approach. Truly, the new Sailor Moon was quite entertaining. 

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Akame ga kill Anime Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

akame ga kill, anime show,hot anime girl

Akame ga kill Anime Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

Akame ga Kill is a pretty new anime show. The anime show takes place in a fantasy like world. It has an odd mixture of futuristic and classical China stuff. It also mixes in some European fashion just for kicks. Anyhow, the main character is Tatsumi. He wanted to travel to the capital to save his village or something. He was traveling with two of his friends before they got separated. 

The first thing he killed was a monster or something. The traveler he helped warned him about the people in the capital. Despite the time oddities, the show was about ancient China. In the old days, the ministers used to kill off emperors who were not convenient. The ideal king for them was a young manipulative kid. The show also gives you a good idea of the fighting within the factions of the palace.

kurome anime wallpaper,akame ga kill wallpaper,anime wallpaper

In ancient China, the officials were pretty corrupted. They still kind of are. This show makes references to outsiders or the frontier generals. Via the Mandate of Heaven, they had the right to kill morally corrupt government. Empires started morally just and then they got corrupted to die away. Anyhow, Tatsumi wanted to work for the corrupt government. Being a country boy, he had no idea that his village was being over taxed by the capital. 

Long story short, he ended up getting recruited by a group of Assassins who wanted to kill all the evil people in the capital. You know an old fashion revolution or regime change. In ancient China, transition of rulers was rarely smooth. Everyone wants a piece of pie, as the saying goes. What I like best about the show are the battles. They are intense in an assassin battle sort of way. Even if you don’t get the historical facts you can still find the battles pretty interesting. I recommend it. 

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Samurai X Anime Show Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

Samurai x,anime wallpaper,anime couples

Samurai X Anime Show Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

Samurai X is a pretty good anime show. I finished watching it about a few weeks ago. The show is about a ronin named Kenshin.  He became a wanderer after the war. Now he must learn to live in the Meijin Era. This show gives you a good idea about how veterans adapt to peace time.

Aside from the awesome battles, Kenshin has to deal with all his war traumas and his lack of skills. Other than killing, Kenshin has no other abilities. He is always maintained by Miss Kaoru. It is really depressing around the edges.

samurai x,anime wallpaper,cool anime wallpaper

The best season was the one in Kyoto. There Kenshin fought Shishio and his group. Shishio was quite the anarchist.  There were a few exaggerations here and there. Most of them involved Kenshin and the enemies he fought. The final battle with Lord Shishio was something else. I liked Shishio’s exploding gloves. They were something else.

I found it odd when Shishio bit Kenshin. It was quite the strange battle scene. Whoever watches this show will be delighted by the awesome battles. There is one in just about all episodes. Despite the depressing theme, Kenshin tries to keep a positive outlook. Truly, this show is great for anyone who likes awesome sword battles. 

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Gurren Lagann Anime Show Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

gurren lagann, anime girl wallpaper,cute anime girl

Gurren Lagann Anime Show Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

I recently stated watching Gurren Lagann. The anime show is kinda like a parody of Planet of the Apes and Maxingkeizer.  The main bad guys are animal people and the Spiral King. The evil king acts more like a god than anything else. The main character is Simon.  He has lived in one of many underground cities. He has no knowledge of the outside world.

One day, Simon digs up a small drill and the head of a tiny robot. He shows this discovery to his Bro, Kamina. For quite some time, Kamina has been trying to go to the outside. He wants to be with his father, who lives in the outside world. One day, the outside world comes crashing down, in the form of a giant Mecha.

gurren lagann,anime girl,anime wallpaper

A hot girl named Yoko was fighting it and the battle dragged down below. Those things were the ones responsible for killing Simon’s parents. Together with his friends Kamina and Yoko, Simon manages to kill the mecha. From then on, Simon must live in the outside world.

However, the outside world is a scary place. Beast men prowl the grounds hunting all humans. I find it interesting how the beastmen are ruled by instinct. When the night falls, they go home to sleep. They simply cannot get rid of the beast lurking within.  

simon and kamina,gurren lagann,anime wallpaper

The fighting in the anime show is all pretty cool. It is quite the interesting mecha show. I wondered why I had never gotten around to watching it. Kamina too is quite the interesting leader. He never backs down and has a few lose screws. 

He is the mirror opposite of the timid Simon. Both are in love with Yoko. This love triangle causes problems later on in the anime show.  The show also has some yaoi overtones between Simon and Kamina, but oh well. 

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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Disney Game Review

riku and sora,riku x sora,anime wallpaper

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Disney Game Review

My brother bought me a Nintendo 3DS for my birthday. It was quite the lovely gift. He also got me 4 games. I will start by reviewing the first one I played. This is a continuation of Kingdom Hearts 2. It is sorta like Kingdom Hearts 2.5 or something. They are working their way to the 3rdpart. This one takes place in a dream world of sorts. It seems like they are taking the Keyblade junin exam or something. 

Anyhow, I started the new game in proud mode. Meaning the monsters, pack a punch. Now, we are fighting instead of heartless nightmare. From time to time, Sora drops dead for some reason. I like the new element of randomness. Each time Sora drops, new nightmares appear. The nightmares are very cute. Their pieces can be used to make dreams. 

The dreams are kinda like a mixture of pokemon and that little pet game. If you pet them they get stronger. I give Disney Kudos for cuteness. This time Sora is clearing the worlds with Riku. You complete each world when both Sora and Riku find the keyhole.I only played the first world and part of the second one, which was a softer version of the Hunchback of Notredame. Overall, I am quite enjoying the game. 

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The Family Movie Review

the family movie,mafia movie,husband and wife

The Family Movie Review

by Teresita Blanco

A few months ago, I watched The Family movie. The movie starred Robert De Niro. He played a gangster on witness protection. He has recently moved his family, again. The movie is narrated by Giovanni, played by de Niro.

While talking with the neighbors, he claims to be a novelist. In the end, he decides to become a novel writer. He had nothing better to do. His children too are having a hard time adapting.  And the wife wants to return to church and confess EVERYTHING to the priest.

As the story progresses, the family starts falling back into their mob habits. On top of everything, the Feds are always watching them. Overall, it is a pretty cool family comedy, in a mobster sort of way. 

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Nosferatu 1922 Classical Movie Review

count orlok,anime wallpaper,genzoman

Nosferatu Classical Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

Last night, I had nothing better to watch. For that reason, I watched the Nosferatu movie from 1920 something.  The movie was originally going to be Dracula. However, the family of the writer did not feel like having a movie about Dracula. As was the habit of young Hollywood, the director renamed the movie and went on ahead with the project.

For being an old as sin movie, it was not half bad. It had decent classical music to set the tone. Needless to say, this was a silent film. From time to time, they showed the speech of the characters. The day was illustrated with a mutant golden color. The night was colored in blue.

count dracula,count orlok,nosferatu 1922

The reason for this distinction had to do with the cameras. Without any light, the camera could not film at night. The movie followed the book to the letter. The only thing that was different was the ending. Also, there was no Van Hellsing or crusade to kill the vampire.

Apparently, the director thought the second half of Dracula was ridiculous. Even I had to admit, the book was a bit iffy when Dracula was out in the open. Overall, the alternative ending to the book made a little bit more sense. As for the actors, they were… hilarious, especially Count Orlok. I recommend the movie to anyone who has nothing better to do. 

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Odd Thomas Teen Movie Review

odd thomas movie review,cute couple,odd thomas movie

Odd Thomas Teen Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

Odd Thomas was not a half bad teen movie. The movie features a guy named Odd. According to his mom, his name was meant to be Todd. A typo in the hospital made his name Todd. His father claims that his name was Odd. Anyhow, Odd sees dead people.

Like the kid from the 6th sense, he sees dead people. He tries to help them out. He is kinda like the 6th sense kid but all grown up. He works alongside with the police to catch criminals.  He is also the lover of the police chief’s daughter. So, they are pretty tight. Both are one of the few people who know about Odd’s powers.

He is not too public about it because his mother was the same. She is currently in the nuthouse. Anyhow, one day he sees some odd spirits. They only appear when a bloodbath is about to occur. Anyhow, the main movie is trying to figure out who is going to cause the bloodbath. 
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Awakenings Movie Review

robbin williams,robert de niro,awakenings

Awakenings Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

The stars of this movie are Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. Again, Robin Williams plays a doctor. Since he had a beard, you could tell he was going to play a depressing, sensitive character. He plays a researcher named Oliver Sacks. The movie is based on the memoirs of this doctor.

The movie starts pretty depressing. A boy is trying to write his name on a chair, with a knife. Suddenly, his hand starts trembling. In another scene, he is at school trying to write an essay. At a certain point, he loses his ability to write all together. His friends try to visit him at home, but the poor child is only worsening.

Robbin Williams,movie,wallpaper

The film then switches to Dr. Sacks applying for work. He used to research plants for medicine. The hospital allowed him to enter, even though he had never treated humans. They figured he would be good at the job since he would be treating humans who were vegetables.

He meets there the kind from the beginning. The poor child, played by Robert de Niro, had been a vegetable for more than 30 years. Dr. Sacks then tries to develop a treatment for the encephalitis lethargic the guy suffers. The movie is both heartwarming, even if the theme ending depresses the hell out of me. 

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No se aceptan devoluciones Instructions Not Included Movie Review

no se aceptan devoluciones,instructions not included,movie review

No se aceptan devoluciones Instructions Not Included Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

This movie is about a Mexican stud, named Valentin, which gets an unwanted bundle of joy from his last girlfriends. The movie starts with him talking about his father “Johnny” Bravo. His father was always trying to get Valentin to overcome his fears. The way he did is quite comically illustrated in the movie.

When his father locked him inside the cemetery, Valentin started to think his father did not love him. He eventually grows up. One day, his gringo ex-girlfriend Julie abandons her baby daughter at Valentin’s home. Since he does not speak English, he only half gets what Julie was telling him.

movie review,movie wallpaper,fancy

When he finally understands, he races to the airport to return the baby. Since he misses the flight, he crosses the border to return the baby. He is tracks her down using the photo. Somewhere along the way, he starts caring about the baby Maggie. In the end, he stays in the US to raise Maggie.

So he takes up a job as a stunt double to make a lot of money for his daughter. It is an ironic job since he never overcame his fears. On top of everything, he worries about that ICE will take his US born daughter away. It is a heartwarming movie and it shows you the complexities of illegal Mexican families. 

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The Raven Edgar Allan Poe Movie Review

the raven,the raven movie,movie wallpaper

The Raven Edgar Allan Poe Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

The Raven is a crime movie based on the books of Edgar Allan Poe. Like his books, the movie is quite disturbing.  One day, one of Poe’s fans gets a little crazy. He starts bringing to life all the chilling deaths described in Poe’s books.

The inspiration for this movie has to do with the final days of Poe. Days before he died, Poe was obsessing about a guy named Reynolds. The creators of the film made the serial killer a so called Reynolds.

Considering the time period, it would have guessed that Reynolds was Poe’s lover. He had probably recently died like all of Poe’s lovers. Anyhow, the movie is not half bad. I recommend it to anyone who likes Poe’s books. 

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Forget Paris Comedy Movie Review

forget paris,movie wallpaper,romantic comedy

Forget Paris Comedy Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

Forget Paris is quite the hilarious romantic comedy.  The film is told through the friends of the main characters. They all meet for dinner and they start talking about their favorite couple. The main character is a basketball referee called Mickey Gordon.  He flies to Paris to bury his dead father.

The trip to Paris turns sour when the airliner loses his dead father. I mean, how do you lose a coffin? He ends up befriending and falling in love with an agent from the airliner. Both end up having a lovely romance together. After their romance, they return to their regular lives.

The problem is that Gordon is having a hard time forgetting Paris. How their relationship develops is the centerpiece of this romantic comedy. The best line in the movie is “You ask for it, You got it, Toyota…”.  Watch the movie and find out who says the line. 

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Tootsie Romantic Comedy Movie Review

tootsie movie,movie review,movie wallpaper

Tootsie Romantic Comedy Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

Tootsie is one of my favorite movies. It takes place in the 80s or something. The main character is a very demanding, talented actor. Like all actors of the kind, he does not have any money. His agent one day tells him that no one will hire him, because he is so difficult.

In order to get a job, he creates a female persona called Dorothy. He uses his female alter ego to get a job in a famous show. Now, he lives a double life as himself and as Tootsie. The movie is pretty funny. The best scenes take place when he is changing personas. I recommend it to all who like romantic comedies. 

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World War Z Zombie Movie Review

movie wallpaper,world war z,cool movie

World War Z Zombie Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

World War Z is one of my favorite Zombie movies. I normally do not like zombie movies, but this one was truly awesome. What is great about the movie is that is scary, but not gory. Most zombie movies gross me out. The zombies from the film are of the running variety.

Then again, they are not your typical zombies. The humans are simply zombie like, because of a virus. It’s kinda like I, Legend. Anyhow, the movie is based on a book about a hypothetical zombie virus. The book analyzed how each country would handle the problem.

world war z movie,movie wallpaper, movie review

The writer reasoned the democratic countries would have a hard time with the virus. Like the ebola problem we are having today, the President would be too worry about his public image to do what has to be done. The opening scene makes a parallel between humans and ants.

It shows humans moving all over the place. Usually, the public transportation is key for spreading pandemics. All those random scenes eventually become the title of the movie. From there, the scene changes to the main character, Gerry Lane.  He wanted to spend more time with the family.

While having breakfast, he sees news about the zombie outbreak in the city. The containment of the virus had failed. Containments in the US are rarely successful. The place was quickly becoming Raccoon city. Lane must struggle to get his family to safety. The opening scene is quite fast paced. I recommend this movie to all action movie lovers. 

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Carrie New Version Movie Review

carrie,new movie,movie wallpaper

Carrie New Version Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

A few weeks ago, I watched Carrie. This was the new version of the movie. This version is a lot bloodier than the last one I saw. Since it was a new Carrie, they integrated modern technology into the equation. The best one in the movie was Jody Foster. She played quite the crazy mama.

The girl playing Carrie also did an interesting performance. Like the Carrie from the book, she was also blonde. Her hysterical scene was a little overdone, but whatever. The special effects were a nice little touch. If you like all the previous Carries, than watch this one. It is worth it just to see Jody Foster stab Carrie to death. 

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Defiance Holocaust Movie Review

james bond,holocaust movie,movie review

Defiance Holocaust Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

This is one of the best Holocaust movies I ever seen. Then again, it is not too hard to make a good Holocaust movie. The true events of the time are all movie worthy. Anyhow, the movie features Sabortooth from Xmen and James Bond. Both were playing brothers in this movie.

I think the movie takes place in Poland or Ukraine. Anyhow, they spoke Russian. The movie starts with the Nazis arriving to town. The brothers run away to the forest to hide from the Nazi. In the old days, the brothers used to be smugglers. Their line of work helped them get a field for the forest.

While hiding in the forest, they ran into other Jews hiding out. Since they had forest smarts, the brothers started protecting the Jews. The rest of the movie is about their misadventures in the forest. Eventually, these 4 brothers ended up being the sole protectors of 1000 Jews. It was a pretty neat movie. 

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Throw momma from a train Comedy Review

movie,throw momma from a train comedy,movie review

Throw momma from a train Comedy Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

This movie is a parody of one of the Alfred Hitchcock movie called Strangers on a Train, or something. In the original movie, one guy agreed to kill the person of another. A crisscross. The movie starts with a writer/ teacher whose ex stole his book. He has been going insane ever since.

Whenever he sees her on TV he starts cursing. Needless to say, he hates his wife. One of his students has a similar problem. He is trying to write, but his old mother drives him nuts. He in turns drives his writing teacher insane. Overall, it is quite the funny movie. 

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Let the Right one in Foreign Movie Review

let the right one in,movie wallpaper, movie review

Let the Right one in Foreign Movie Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

A few nights ago, I was bored and felt like watching this movie. I remember seeing a good promo of the American version of this movie. Anyhow, the movie is about an albino looking kid and his vampire friend. He was bullied a lot and one day a new girl moves into the apartment complex.

The girl who moved in was a vampire girl. Her so called father hunts for her. The gore is deeply underscored. The creator of the film wanted to focus more on the relationship of the two main characters. People do die from time to time and then there is the vampirism.

The relationship of the pair is pretty cute. The helper of the vampire girl also alludes to the future of the main character.  Like all these horror movies, this movie is kind of dark. The cold weather and the scenery were pretty creepy. I recommend it to anyone who likes vampire movies. This one is not too much of a cliché. 

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Dark Souls 1 and 2 Expansion Reviews

dark souls 1,dark souls game,game review

Dark Souls 1 Expansion

A few months ago, I played the Dark Souls 1 Expansion. It was the expansion with Manus. I played it on my archer file. She was great with her Uchigatana, back when that meant something. I always hated how they messed with the status effects in the second part.

Since it was a later expansion pack, there were hardly any helpers. I did get invaded on a regular basis. The first guy I fought was a chimera. I thought he was really cool boss. After killing the guy, I spoke with this mushroom who told me to save a princess. I thought the entire scene was taken from super Mario.

From then on, I was in this forest. I got lost and ended up fighting a dragon. From there, I made it to Astorias the Abysswalker. The guy was really hard. You had to dodge a lot. I was finally able to kill him with the help of one online helper. From there, the place got creepier.

dark souls 1,dark souls wallpaper,anime wallpaper

The place was messed up because the humans kept eating humanities. At the center of the void, there was Manus and the original humans. Those odd ghost people had children. They were the first children I ever saw in Dark Souls. In essence, the Darkness was making humans return to their original form.

In the Darkness, I stopped getting invaded. It seemed as if all the online players could not make it so far. Manus was really strong. Contrary to logic, you had to stay near him to kill him. If you kept your distance his affinity overkilled you. Thankfully, I had the black armor. This armor had a lot of magic defense. Not that it mattered since I had no Dark Defense.

It took a lot of training to wear the black armor with ease. I also started using my katana with two hands. This doubled the bleeding effect. It was certainly a useful ability to kill Manus. Anyhow, I rescued the princess and it was a lot of fun. There were no good armors to be found there. The best one was still the black armor.

shrine of anama,malfenito,dark souls 2 comic

When you fully improve it, it is stronger than fatty’s armor. I never got skinny’s armor. It was a real shame. I remember one time I was going to slay them when I got attacked by the Dark Souls Police. In my last file, I was a real jerk. I used to get indicted on a daily basis. I was most of the time in the cat Covenant.  It was really fun.

Anyhow, fighting online people helped improve my skills. This last file was my chance to kill Lord Gwyn for the first time. I had never defeated him before. My bro was always the one who killed him. Long story short, I was able to kill him with the help of a priest.

Dark Souls is so much interesting with online helpers. So yeah, the expansion pack is worth it. The boss battles are great. I was a bit annoyed that Astoria took credit for my kill. All was part of Manus’ evil plan to turn into a hot blonde chick. Either that or Manus wanted to screw the Dusk Princess. Either way, the expansion pack was pretty interesting.

shandra,dark souls 2,game review

Dark Souls 2 Expansion

Despite not being my favorite Dark Souls, the expansion packs were not half bad. The first one was the one in a creepy fortress. The crown was guarded by a dragon. The path to it was hard because it got there in new game plus. I was in level 255 and I was still being defeated. The only thing that kept me alive was my Dark Magic.

Much to my dismay, the first real boss was a Dark Summoner of sorts. She was guarding the entrance to the dragon. The dragon was really hard, even with online helpers. My dark magic had a range issue. I then decided to try regular magic. I had some strong spells here and there.

I had to fight the dragon like 50 times. Eventually, I got online helpers that survived the battle. All you need to win most battles are good diversions.  After all, the battle is not won if the leader of the world dies.  After defeating the dragon, I got the crown of the sunken king.

dark souls 2 game,dark souls review,anime wallpaper

I also defeated the special trio of bosses. You needed 3 online player s to help you win. The AI helpers were no help at all. I managed to win by a glitch. I was in an odd corner and the guy with the hammer was not able to be at eye level with me.

Some time passed and 2 other expansion packs came out. The one I played afterwards were the crowns of the Ivory and Iron King. I got the Ivory crown first. The Ivory world was covered with ice. I could hardly see a thing. I fought often the ice tiger. It was fun to help other online players win.

When I fought the beast, I fought as mage. I got used to dodging him a lot. When I started losing a lot, I used a lord’s vessel to become a warrior. I then became a mage again and a warrior. It was a real pain. The final guy of the Ivory King was a tad too strong.

dark souls anime,anime wallpaper,anime halloween

I did manage to get all the computer helpers to close the chaos gates. The funny thing was the way I killed the SOB. At a certain point, he stopped moving all together. My online helpers were quite baffled. According to them, this had never happened before.

In any event, I got the Ivory crown rather easily. The way I was fighting the guy was rather stupid. I struck him with my dragon sword once and then ran away. I guess the moderator who was controlling the boss felt like giving me a freeby.

The next powerful boss was the Iron King. This iron king was harder to manage. Most of the online players were still in the Ivory King. As a result, there were no reliable helpers in the area. Most of the time, I spent it lost. The area was one huge tower. From the ground, there rose cool looking steam robots.

dark souls 1,game review,anime wallpaper

To top it off, there were some annoying pyromacer chicks and some giants. They made the battles almost impossible. Eventually, I weasel myself to the blue armor guy. The blue armor guy was a pain.  Getting to him was a nightmare. All my helpers kept getting killed by either the armors or the lightning guys.

The Iron crown I obtained from a black knight. He fought with a giant sword and a small saber. He was a tough nut to crack. An online player was very helpful. With the 3 crowns, then came the hard part. I had never defeated the King. I had to move my pecks around a lot to fight him.

I fought the guy as a warrior; with my two handed bleed Sword. I forget what the name of the sword was. I know it came with a Wind Scar and it capped with dexterity. The battle with the hollow King was epic. We were almost dead and I was running low on stamina.

priscilla the crossbreed,anime chibi,chibi girl

I struck him once, but I missed. I was at a dilemma. Heal with my Estus or try to strike the final blow. In a quick decision, I struck him down just as his giant blade was about to hit me. I killed him before he killed me. After getting his soul in the shrine of Anama, I went to meditate on his armor.

This brought me back in time to see the King. He told me the dark truth about his Shandra. He used the 3 crowns to cure my Dark Sign. While I wore the crown, I would not go hollow when I died. I would still lose all my souls. For a patchwork, it was not half bad. Overall, I liked better the expansion from Dark Souls 1.

The armors and weapons offered in this expansion were all pretty weak. The same could be said of the armors. In all respects, Dark Souls 2 was a medieval fashion show. The magics and hexes were cool looking, but as useless as the armors. They were nothing a true player would trust their life on.  

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Skyrim Dawnguard and Dragonborn Expansions Game Reviews

skyrim,skyrim parody,dawnguard expansion

Skyrim Dawnguard and Dragonborn Expansions Game Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

I thought it was a good a time as any to review the expansions of Skyrim. The first expansion I played was the one with Miraak. When I went to Marrowick, all looked pretty freaky. I tried falling asleep, but I would sleep walk to a temple. The chanting was pretty freaky. The same thing occurred even when I slept in Skyrim. It was kinda freaky.

In all respects, this was pretty original. Before dealing with the problem, I went to explore. I met a delightful dark elf mage. He was living in a mushroom home, among mushrooms. He started teaching me some magic in exchange for doing a few chores. In town, I also met this digger.

skyrim movie,movie wallpaper,anime wallpaper

He wanted to dig up ruins for treasure. I had to advance a lot of cash. I did not find any money treasure. I did find the first black book. When I read it, an evil tentacle daedra got me. His dungeon was pretty interesting. I spent most of my time lost. It was a relief to see a dungeon in skyrim that was not too straight forward.

Eventually, I started advancing the main storyline a bit. I got serious about killing Miraak when he stole my dragon soul food. I was angry because it was legendary dragon. I had fought so hard to kill the beast and then Miraak came a stole my grub. By the time I got around to kill the guy, I had collected all the black books.

stormcloacks,game review,anime wallpaper

I had almost all the shouts of the dragon armor. I love the dragon armor since it had a fighting echo. In the last book, I learned how to ride dragons. I could never quite figure out how to ride them right. They were always all over the place. The big issue was the battle with Miraak.

True to Skyrim, Miraak was buggy. I had to kill him like 14 times, until he died just right. At the end of the battle, Hermaus Mara ate Miraak or did evil tentacle things to him. Whatever is the more hilarious scenario? The second expansion pack seemed like a bad twilight book.

dragonborn,movie wallpaper,dawnguard

It did upgrade a bunch of other things in Skyrim. It did make the monsters a bit more varied. I never got around to finishing the expansion pack. I am around the part of Unriel’s bow. I stopped playing the game when I got bored.

So, you have to choose between the vampires and werewolf vampire hunters. I was going to become a vampire, but then I saw the vampire lord’s awesome form. The neck, the neck was so ugly. I also did not like the little loin cloth. Overall, it was a very stupid design. It’s a pity that vampires cannot a look at themselves in the mirror.

atronach,anime wallpaper,anime cute

I did like the concept of the ideal masters. They seemed a lot like true demons. I saw a lot of familiar faces in their world. From time to time, I had to eat a mushroom to keep my soul intact. I also fought a cool zombie dragon. The crossbow was more or less useful.

The last interesting thing worth mentioning was the snow elves. There was one who was not all falmer like. His twin wanted vampire blood or something. I did not quite get the gist of what was the problem.

paarthunax,anime wallpaper,anime scenery

I did like fighting three dragons in the ice like. The key was to find the one solid spot and fight around there. This would keep the dragons from ganging up on you. Long story short, the Miraak expansion was good; the vampire one, not so much. 

Dragon Age Inquisition Cool Games Review

dragon age inquisition,dragon age inquisition dragons,dragons

Dragon Age Inquisition Cool Games Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

About a week ago, I bought Dragon Age Inquisition. My brother and I had been looking forward to it, for quite some time. For my first file, I chose to be a cliché. You know, an elf girl who uses the bow. My brother gave her girl Hitler’s hair. Since her hair was long, she did not look like much of an elf.

I did like that she had a voice. The opening scene showed Templars and mages walking to a conclave. The next second, it all blows up. I was the only one to survive the blast. As to be expected, the Seekers arrested me. They thought I had cause the blast.

Things went rampage nuts for a while. I was proven innocent by an echo of the fade. Speaking of the fade, the rift battles are all pretty cool. You use your green hand to close the rift. While you try to do so, an army of demon attacks you. The way the rift looks in the distance is kinda neat.

dragon age inquisition,anime wallpaper,digital art

The Dragon Age people learned an important lesson in Kirkwall. Gamers like wide open spaces. The game was more Skyrim like. The scenery was very pretty, with rain and all. The beach was kinda green looking. Needless to say, some of the scenery was a bit too weird.

The armors also became more realistic looking. A lot of fans made fun of Dragon Age 2, because of the bad armor. Taking a cue from Dark Souls, the healing items have become limited. They are now like Estus flask, you have got to refill in your camp. This sucks, especially in dragon battles.

The weird mage helper I have sucks. What kind of a mage knows revival, but not healing. It is really annoying. Another thing I have yet to figure out is the positioning thing. Whenever I try to get the guys to move to a place, they simply stand still. I started experimenting with positions at a bad time.

Dragon age Inquisition,dragon age, anime wallpaper

I was last night trying to kill this dragon, at level 11. I usually can kill them at either level 15 or level 20. Needless to say, mama dragon was a bit too strong. So, I called it quits after dying 3 more times.

Mission wise, the place has a lot of keep you busy. The best ones are the odd constellations. The little connect the dot game is a real pain. So, far I have managed with the help of mom and bro. The war room is also pretty interesting, with the planning and all.

I haven’t advanced much on the storyline. I am at the part where I am supposed to go to Orlais to get tried as a witch.  People seem to think I was to blame for the rift incident. Others simply want to kill me to appease the chantry followers.

dorian,dragon age inquisition,anime wallpaper

The funny thing about the game is that it tries to put a positive light on the Inquisition. Never in history have people been happy to see an inquisitor. In the real world, Inquisitors are a sign of trouble. They only show up when someone’s balls have to be sliced off. 

The whole humanitarian thing is simply Dragon Age’s positive twist on this Catholic concept. Another thing that I liked is the customization. You can fiddle a lot with the equipment, change the handles or whatnot.  You can also make your own armor. The game does have its glitches. These are noted by how the grass grows around you. 

One time, I was stuck with a magical torch for a while. The torch was supposed to have loaded off as soon as I went outside. This one was a sticky torch. My Inquisitor elf looked like the Statue of Liberty walking about with the torch. That was basically the high point of the game. 

I thankfully cannot spoil the rest of the game, since I got it recently.  I recommend it to all Skyrim and Dragon Age lovers. The best part about the game was the dragons. They showed up pretty early in the storyline. They are usually guarding rare materials. Overall, this game is 5 stars worthy.

Albert Anker Genre Paintings Review

The Drinker, Albert Anker, painting review

Albert Anker Genre Paintings Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

Anker was a famous Swiss painter and illustrator from the 19th century. He was made famous by his realistic depiction of village life. Aside from Paris, Anker visited many places in Europe in order to perfect his technique. In the 1900, he suffered a stroke. This limited his ability to move about. He finally got his big break when he died in 1910. It was only then that he achieved the recognition he so desired. Many stamps today include scenes from Anker's paintings. The first painting shows a guy drinking. That is were the painting get's its name "The Drinker". Old poor people usually take to drinking.

child reading,grandpa,albert anker

In this one, we see a child reading to his granddad. Despite being pheasants, this child was able to get some degree of education. Based on his apron, the child is more of a craftman. He is a step above the common farmer. Back when that meant something.

albert anker, windowed, drinking tea

This painting shows a widowed woman eating lunch. She is sipping her tea. You can tell she is a widow because of her black veil.

albert anker, genre paintnig, 5 stars worthy

In this painting, an old woman is sitting near a dead fire. Like her, the fire is about to die out.

albert anker paintings,swiss painter,painting

Here is another drunkard painting. This one is drinking because he is angry at the world.

old woman reading,reading a book,reading painting

This one depicts an old woman reading. With the advent of the industrial revolution, public education became available. At least in Switzerland.

mother and children,painting review,5 stars

In this painting, a girl is holding her baby sister. Her mother is coming in with the food. The interior is quite humble.

albert Anker, painting review, old man resting

The strokes here are lose. This is because Anker had a stroke a year ago. Anyhow, this is quite the realistic depiction of an old man resting. The dog, being a dog wants a piece of his food.

sunday school,albert anker,painting review

In this painting, a girl in mourners clothing is reading to some pheasants. Since it is Sunday, she is reading the Bible.

genre painting, teresita blanco,cool

Here is another drinking painting. This guy's absinthe was a highly alcoholic beverage. It does not take much to get you really drunk.

albert anker, group portrait,painting review

This one shows a group portrait. The children are practicing water color. You can see all their utensils and sketches on the table.

albert anker, painting review, sad painting

This one shows a wounded soldier. He seems quite weary of battles.

sleeping girl,young girl,cute painting

The last painting shows a mother looking at her child sleeping. The candlelight is a good detail. 
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Children Genre Paintings by Albert Anker

the whistle carver, albert anker,painting review

Children Genre Paintings by Albert Anker Reviewed by Teresita Blanco

This painting shows a boy giving a whistle to a girl. She takes care of goats. The scenery is also cute as well.

Auf dem Ofen, albert anker,painting review

This painting shows two orphans sleeping in the street. It is a very depressing view. Based on the background, both are sleeping at the foot of the church.

Bildnis Dora Luthy, albert anker, white dress

This painting shows a portrait Dora Luthy. I like the painting because of the cute white dress.

albert anker, painting review,cute paintings

In this painting, the little girl is with her lamb. Just like in the song Mary had a little lamb.

genre painting, albert anker,girl sleeping

This painting shows a girl sleeping in the forest. She got tired after searching for firewood.

albert anker, painting reviews, children genre

This cutie is playing with dominos. I used to do the same thing when I was a kid.

albert anker,kittens,painting review

I really do not know the name of this painting. I just like it because the cats make me smile. Cats started becoming popular during this time period.

albert anker, feeding chickens, paintings review

In this painting, a girl is feeding chickens. This is a novelty for her younger brother. For her, this is nothing more than a daily routine. Then again, this were the days before TV.

albert anker, children painting,cute painting

In this painting, there are girls having tea together. Tea time has been popular since the Brits got tea from the Hindus.

albert anker,children genre, painting review

In this one, a girl is reading while doing her hair. Her blonde hair is very pretty.

albert anker, painting review, winter dress

In this painting, a girl is picking up milk. I like her dress a lot. She is very pretty.

albert anker, portrait of a girl,cute girl

Almost all painters have a portrait of a girl. She is pretty cute.

children genre,albert anker paintings,painting review

In this painting, there is a stable boy taking a break from his work. It was bad when children had to work in the old days.

albert anker,genre painting,snowing

This painting shows a boy going to school. The summer break came about because of farmer boys like this one. They were needed to bring in the harvest.

schreibender kanbe, albert anker,painting review

In this painting, a boy is doing his homework. He looks cute writing on his notebook.

albert anker, girl writing,5 stars worthy

This is another version of a girl writing on her notebook. Her bead necklace is pretty cute.

albert anker, painting review,homeless girl

This is another painting showing a girl sleeping on a bench. She is selling flowers. She took a break by sleeping on a bench.

the little musician, albert anker, baby painting

The last painting has quite the ironic name: The little musician. The baby looks cute playing with her rattle. 
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